Victoria Police officer exhausted after hard day of arresting citizens for posts that hurt Dan’s feelings on social media

A Victoria Police officer has come home exhausted, after a hard day of arresting people for political wrong think on Facebook.

Senior Constable Chris Kennedy, of the Dandenong Police Station, said chronic fatigue was setting in after rounding up over 200 people in the last week and charging them for ‘incitement.’

Kennedy said the Facebook posts hurt Shane Patton and Daniel Andrews’ feelings.

“I’m beat. Arresting all these people for political wrong think really takes it toll,” Kennedy said.

“I mean if people haven’t worked out we’re now essentially just taking money to threaten violence against people who dissent against Daniel Andrews, they’re on their own.”

Kennedy will be taking some stress leave this week.

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This is much better than the LNP method of suing then for defamation.


This satire should be renamed Spoiler Alerts. Cops were checking coffee cups to see if they had coffee.