Men of Faith: Morrison, Perrottet helping Australia realise Revelation 13:17

EZFKA Prime Minister Scott Morrison and NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet are not only bonded by political affiliation, but also by their respective faith.

The two LNP leaders have revealed this past weekend that the inspiration for Australia’s vaccine passport apartheid system, which debuts in NSW this week, has come from their shared favourite book – the Bible.

“We’re proud to announce that no man may buy or sell, save he who have the mark of the vaccine passport,” Morrison said.

“Australia may be a secular country, but the trumpets will sound and the seal of the permanent QR code will be broken.”

The vaccine passport system begins in NSW and regional Victoria on Monday

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Agent 47


David M Albert

Morrison the paedophile has to go we need change to minor parties that when they get power they will gaol or execute this evil cunt


Wouldn’t surprised me given that Morrison’s mentor Brian Houston was accused of being a paedophile protector.


this new guy has turned out to be a real fizzler, the fact that he hasnt pulled all these bullshit mandates day one shows you how hollow his belief system is.

Agent 47

Standard normie appeasement bullshit. Sack the old one, promise the world, backflip on day one.

The o oh two things that will reverse course as history is shown, is civil disobedience and violence. That’s it, voting doesn’t do shit.


Hehe, pretty much.

that’s why things have to get worse, if they are ever to get better.


He’s already got the weird photos going, perfect for a future EZFKA satire piece.


is he doing a skinny donkey kong impersonation here lmao



Agent 47

Planned long ago.


Does anyone have a pro-forma submission I can put my name on & submit?
Will it make any difference?


No, a pro format certainly won’t make a difference, so don’t bother.

the apparatchiks would just file your submission along with the other identical ones in the “crazies” pile.

but you could write your own and send it – it still won’t achieve jack, but it might be personally cathartic.


Thaks for your candor..




so what exactly are we in nsw allowed to do, esp if we’re not vaccinated

basically nothing, im still not allowed to leave my LGA (the govt is recommending you ‘holiday within your LGA’ LMAO)

im going to go test the waters later today and see if i can walk into a store w/o any vax id at all


You have you remember your phone and mask and then show a vaccination passport -What a pain the cluckin Arse


exactly, its just inconvenience stacked on top of inconvenience, like the banning of plastic bags a year or two ago


Ah, but we don’t really hear anyone complaining about that now.

In due course concerns about the rigmarole of check-ins and passports will likely similarly pass as EZFKA units turn to the next distraction to get outraged about.


right, do you know how many disposable masks i find absolutely everywhere, way worse than plastic bags ever were (and a hell of a lot less useful)


If you tie enough of the masks together (the paper ones with elastic ear straps) you can perhaps try using it as a bungee-cord?


I don’t disagree. There are so many practical uses for plastic bags – indispensable to any home.


One could wank into them.