TIMBO Shoots, Timbo Scores…

This worked so well, it got nuked from orbit. As far as I can tell, someone stole the main bit from his satire earlier in the week, without attribution.

This person – pretty sure its a bot – tagged CraigKellyMP and the AEC. Then this happened…

I can’t find it anymore, so someone deleted it etc.

But importantly, it looks like the AEC also lied. This is not persistent misinformation – its clearly not persistent because Timbo made it up last week.

Unless he pinched it from somewhere else, which is likely so hey ho…

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So far, the bits of satire that have drawn the most but-in and reaction (judging by the comments from visitors) have been
Blue Helmet Squad (by Minister Sinister)
Pfizer’s Port Seizure (by Timbo)

so Timbo and MS had been neck and neck. With the Dominion piece prompting AEC reaction, I think that Timbo has pulled ahead by a whisker!

what will MS counter with??


We’re actually called the Sinister Syndicate, I’ll have you know. 😑

There is also the up and coming PumpIt Pimps. They’re still building steam.

Agent 47

It’s fucking gold watching some of the reactions on Twitter. Andrew Bogut and a few of the Sky News crowd are also retweeting or posting them.

EZFKA’s influence is underrated. Can here DLS teeth grinding from here.


Odds on when he is forced to publically acknowledge our existence


He did pinch it (or someone else came up with it too)

if I could upload photos I would share it here but here is an imgur upload instead



hes been getting linked by some twitter notables– david ljelorn or w/e his name is

Agent 47

We allegedly got UN MRAP’s spotted in NSW. Unless LSWCHP can confirm or dispel.

Not painted in Aus colours which is odd.


They are just jumbo-sized ambulances, I’m sure!


obviously just designed to keep us safe


They look like Australian made Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicles (PMV) to me. Australian equivalents of the MRAP, though fsr superior. I’ve been to the factory where they’re made.

The far one has a red cross on it. They may well be intended for medevac on a UN mission somewhere.