Election Campaign: #putlaberallast

I’m with the MB commenter formerly known as Gunnamatta: the best way forward for us is to campaign to reduce the liberal and labor parties’ primary votes down.

Their mutual connivance around property and migration has gone on so long and is now so deeply embedded it is now no longer unreasonable to suggest that organised crime is pulling the strings.

The pandora papers are bring more of the detail to light and highlight how inexcusable it is that the anti money laundering legislation first promised in 2006 is still not law. To that end I propose to spread this hashtag far and wide. I hope you will consider joining me.

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Trend is your friend Robert. Graph is a bit old, but other has been rapidly increasing.


”a bit old”?

let’s translate it to the only currency that matters: at the time that represents end of the graph you could get a Sydney house for $800,000!


You are right, there is a correlation with Sydney house prices there.


The problem is the outcomes delivered probably won’t change. Politics attracts people seeking power or wealth, who are willing to do far more to achieve it than anyone seeking to better the country altruistically. The reason all the people at the top are pigs is because anyone decent has either quit in disgust or been backstabbed or outmanoeuvred long before reaching a position of visibility to the public.
Any new party will attract these same people as soon as it gets a sniff of power.
Don’t believe me? All I have to say to that is GREENS.

The outcome is a result of the system, a new rebranded political party will produce similar outcomes, none of the politicians have strong convictions on anything, merely seek advantage for themselves and anyone who can help them. You want change you need to change the system, not the banner of convenience the pollies are flying.


You are 100% on the money. You are 100% right above the Greens. I recall that Greg Barber who was a Victorian Greens MP stayed the exact numbers of days to get his fat pension and left the next day.
Other than some vocal retards on Twitter no one gives a crap about politicians and know they are all the same. I don’t stand with Dan or other politicians for that matter.


Any educated environmentalist knows immigration is by far Australia’s greatest environmental problem.

Greens are dishonest, scum. The whole lot of them.


You’ll notice the career pollies are all in “safe” seats. And for them to be scared of not getting re-elected you need a credible opponent with the potential to get elected. This is what is missing from your plan and most electorates.

If people don’t believe this is possible and worthwhile we might as well become a dictatorship and be done with it.

Some might argue that westminster elective democracy is effectively 2 party dictatorship in practice anyway. China certainly has elections just like us, just one party in control instead of 2 taking turns.
Westminster was always about the illusion of choice because people are much happier if they think they have chosen their fate rather than had it forced upon them, even if it is exactly the same fate.

Watch this video on indoctrination and maybe think about why you think our democracy represents the peoples views so well and it will somehow produce an outcome it hasn’t yet. Is it because the evidence suggests that OR because you have been told that it does continually from a very young age?

Evidence seems to suggest the pollies are all pigs at the trough, corrupt and self serving and don’t care a bit what happens to the people. And it is the same across the democratic world.

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In a democracy the pollies get their power and money from votes. 

Just wanted to add that this is again not really true. The politicians with power are in “safe seats” and predominantly get their power by being preselected for those seats by their party, and as such get their power from the preselection votes and the party and it’s donors not the voting public.


You can’t change the political system. There’s nothing wrong with it. What’s wrong is how poorly informed voters are.

Stop MSM denigrating good people, while favouring coverage of scum. That’s the system we can change.


preaching to the choir with me…fuck I’ll vote for a bucket of sunstruck prawns over any legacy party


bucket of sunstruck prawns



Robert, I have two questions:

  1. what does it actually mean to spread the hashtag? How is this done?
  2. under EZFKA voting system (which I don’t purport to understand), would putting these parties last and second-last actually have any effect, if the parties that are third-last are all widely dispersed (let’s say randomly distributed)?

it means hashtagging it on twitter in the hopes other people see it and start hash tagging too


Is it just Twitter?

Reus's Large MEMBER

No you can see #hastags on FB and insta and search them on goog’s, for example search


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under EZFKA voting system (which I don’t purport to understand), would putting these parties last and second-last actually have any effect, if the parties that are third-last are all widely dispersed (let’s say randomly distributed)?

For the house of reps, pretty much no change unless there is an obvious alternate candidate that somehow attracts a whole heap of votes in the seat.
And the odd candidate that makes it in can only have an effect if neither side gets a majority and only on anything without both lib and lab support and I guess they also get to pick which side is the figurehead for the next few years.
The senate allows for minor parties to get in a bit easier but the rules have been changed multiple times to make it harder and I’m not current on the fine details, but ultimately the senate doesn’t have a huge amount of power compared to the house of reps anyway.

Ultimately it’s like old mate on emmbee;s plan to get independents elected he was always going on about, it just won’t work. You need a party big enough and organised enough to take power in it’s own right, and then you have to convince enough people to actually vote for them, while somehow stopping the opportunist pollies and potential pollies from getting into the party and ruining it like they have the existing main parties.


Yer, sounds like in the lower house it will still be Lib/lab, as long as they are consistently second-last and dead-last, so long as the other candidates get a small share each.

Chinese Astroturfer

I’ve put a curse on Dan Andrews. He might fall down stairs again, he might get a bad case of COVID or sick from one of his booster shots, we don’t know how the universe will punish him but it will. It hasn’t worked out well for other people I have placed curses on.

Also, putting individual curses on anyone who wants to take away the livelihood and almost all rights of a person not wanting or ready to get a leaky COVID vaccine. I hope each and every person develops long term complications from the vaccines.


This is an interesting approach, CA. 😁

did you consult with bcnich to confirm that the star alignment is ok for a curse to be placed?

or is it one of those things that works rain hail or shine?


I imagine like bc’s predictions it works as long as you don’t actually check if it works or not.

Chinese Astroturfer

It can’t hurt and more chance of happening than any of sun boy’s predictions which are close to zero.


whos sun boy


bcnich(?) and his famous predictions of crashes due to sunspots or whatever garbage he was spewing.


Yeah – its a plan. But it has been tried quite a bit right.

The normal approach of the order is to have people on both sides, so someone in Lib and someone in Lab, and then do the whole thesis anti-thesis synthesis thing.

My understanding of why this works so well, it that normal people see that others are doing stuff, and so don’t bother to get involved.

The buy both sides tactic works really really well, especially when paired with other cabal/order tactics such as kompromat, control over criminal entities, general lies about history etc.

This is how we end up with KK being pushed to the top, or other politicians stepping aside for trivial stuff, and we end up with the same retards on top.


Yeah that is fair I was just ranting.


I said destroying LNP and Labor is the only way forward for 10 years on MB, and all I got was grief from that leftist wanker defending filthy Labor. What a nob.

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certainly lots of nobs out there.

but also the fakechoice between LibLab is a very effective technique for misleading the public and keeping them hoodwinked. So it’s not 100% the average nobs fault.

but those that portray (sell!) themselves as intellectuals or thought leaders should be capable of understanding and seeing through this trick. Alas.