Pfizer seizes HMAS Stirling Naval Base after Morrison fails to meet vaccination targets

Pfizer has taken control of HMAS Stirling Naval Base in Western Australia, after EZFKA Prime Minister Scott Morrison failed to meet vaccination targets for the third month in a row.

Pfizer stated that the deal, signed under the terms of the Trans Pacific Partnership, allowed the pharmaceutical corporation to claim the military base similar to deals signed around the world, including with many South American nations.

“It’s specifically stated in the contract that Morrison signed with us that he put up Garden Island and Kapooka as two assets we can seize as collateral,” Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said.

“We wanted the Port of Darwin but that’s already been taken.”

PLAN ships are due to arrive in Rockingham next week to complete the seizure.

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The fact that the agreements to purchase the vaccines were kept secret means the population is getting screwed over somehow.

Here is an article from a current academic at Cardiff University that I thought was pretty brave considering the groupthink in those institutions.


Thanks LS.

It’s a long read and overall quite interesting and cogent.

For mine, it is a little bit heavier on the conspiracy angle than I would have it, but I think that the exercise of charting out the landscape asssuming that malice (rather than stupidity) is at play is a useful tool in any case.

…It is also a bit heavier on Marxist thinking than seems socially acceptable these days… not to say that it is incorrect, though….

Agent 47

This is actually closer to reality that one thinks. I suspect Pfizer has strong armed Scomo somehow hence why all the focus on AZ and not Pfizer.


Pfizer had better lawyers and got clauses preventing criticism put into the contracts, allegedly. I saw a leaked one somewhere last week but can’t be bothered chasing it up.


And better marketing too. Convinced Australia that Pfizer was the good stuff and AZ was no good. It had convinced DLS.


DLS is busy saying that gladys let it out deliberately today while victoria has worse case numbers for the same time, as per his own site. He is an idiot.


He absolutely is an idiot. A lot of the commenters are too.
I actually wanted to post something there for a ginger idiot who called me an LNP troll and said that transmission was not possible with construction work:

But alas I have been banned from EmBee.


wanted to post something there for a ginger idiot who called me an LNP troll and said that transmission was not possible with construction work

’es not a ginger idiot. Trust the science, man!


I’ll wait until tomorrow’s press conference to find out that 120 cases from a Box Hill construction site are false positives.

Dr Glen Campbell

In the US people did PCR tests on Oranges and Apples and they returned positive tests. If you cycle the testing > 2 or 3 times they are meaningless. In Australia all PCR tests are capped at 40 cycles (heating and cooling). The person who created the test (Kary Mullis) and won the Nobel Prize (Chemistry in 1993) for it has stated repeatedly that the tests are meaningless and are not accurate at all for Covid detection and analysis.


He’s dead. Died in Aug 2019 pre covid. But he did say that the test was not fit to be used as a diagnostic tool.


Conveniently died in Aug 2019, Not accusing Fauci or anyone, just saying how convenient…


My thoughts exactly.


Being honest is what killed him. Fuck this backwards world.. damn Satanic pedos and politicians..


That is exactly why they have chosen it for testing.

Aunty Bob



Probably because the person who invented the tests has been screaming from day 1 that that’s not even the purpose if his test at all and it’s being misused… they Deleted him from day1. Evidence also links to Bob Lazars Biological ebe samples S4 wanted him to integrate to human DNA! Meaning… Are they Injecting the world with Real Extraterrestrial biology and why they say you will never be recognised by God as a human?


There is no “deadly new v@#%$. Have you been living under a rock? Even if there were, viruses are dead. They are not living. You cannot “catch” a virus. It has never been proven you can. Pasteur was a liar and a fraud.


Indian news channel WION dropped this info months ago. Video is still up on YouTube, titled something like “Pfizer wants military bases”.

Corien Douglas

This puts everything into perspective as far as out PM Jacinda Adern is concerned.
She and her band of Treasonist Cabinett Ministers are St break neck speed trying to pump this Trial Drug into our population.
Now I’m envisaging she has got herself into a similar scenario and can’t afford for us “we the People” finding out..

Bob - Enough

We really need to see those supply agreements


They have specific clauses preventing that…


Albanians contract with Pfizer was leaked, try searching on your alternative search engines, or the Gab.


There’s a heap of evidence Morrison been working with gates on a new world crypto system.. I have video of these machines becoming active when a vaxxed person approaches it! They brag all through 2018 to prepare for the coming pandemic and Dan Andrew openly saying about resets etc… to much evidence we are heading to civil war AGENDA 21

Frances Mahy

WION reported on what Pfiser were doing back in feb 21,,,,what would a business ike Pfiser want with military bases right


Where did you get the ancient pic from? The ANZACs shown are all pre ASMD upgrade.


This can’t be for real ?
if it is sack the government


I think you’ll find that it’s only Pfizer that has the power to sack the government!

Wes Covert

Tell me this is not a war and I will say ur a fool




Is the punishment a lucrative board position for a Chinese or a multinational company?


The Public in any of the countries that signed the TPPA had no say whatsoever.
NEW ZEALAND signed the TPPA as well.


I’d love to see the research behind this article as it sounds too outlandish


The problem with parody in this day and age is that truth is stranger than fiction:

Pfizer reportedly asked governments in Argentina and Brazil to put up sovereign assets, including military bases and federal bank reserves, as collateral for potential future legal costs.


I actually agree this sounds bs. How can they have an agreement like this?


Based on some of the comments in this thread I checked out the WION YT channel and came across this beauty. It seems you guys were right about India using Ivermectin for treatment.

“now being declared useless”… bwahaha

Gravitas: India dumps Favipiravir, Ivermectin, Vitamins from treatment plan – YouTube


Because there is big vax money dummy.


Treatment for what?


Well it appears as though the new world economic order which was signed by our parliament in 1980 is coming to fruition
The document basically covers the dismantling of australia to be colonised buy a foreign power and all Australian governments since the signing of this document have been influential in its overall outcome which I don’t think I need to point out that the governments have done a bloody good job in selling us out and trying to destroy our culture in the lead up to our ultimate betrayal


Which probably explains why Trump pulled USA out of theTPPA Deal. Does anyone see the Implication of this? Who does Pfizer intend to man those bases..what the hell is going on in Govt. ? The majority of the public didn’t give toss when they were warned about the TPPA. What else has Morrison done.?


Pfizer doesn’t man the bases because it would have been garden island in sydney pfizer would have chosen as collateral.
You can work out for yourself what they would do with a huge chunk of harbourfront land worth billions for yourself.


I think that the seizure of the naval base is just the first move in the chess game.

it’s a warning shot across the bows…

Garden Island NSW will probably be next, if Morrison continues to dither and delay.

John R. Nolan

This is absolute insanity, that one of the most dangerous companies in the world could take control of our naval bases, and our government is now enemies of the nation, the ministers involved should be charged with high treason, and whatever sane politicians we have left must destroy these fraudulent agreements.
We need call an election now, to replace these traitors immediately.


Why wait for an election ??
We have not had a valid government since Queen Victoria died on 22nd January, 1901. No Letters Patent means no laws to obey. Freemasons took us over then.
Kill them all.




No surprises people can’t tell it is satire. Just a matter of time before someone links one of those o/s articles back on here as a factual news article.

Ann Fuller

PLAN ships are due to arrive in Rockingham next week to complete the seizure. WOW have they looked at a map – Rocky is in Qld which is NO where near WA. I don’t think this is true…..someone has got a lot of free time to waste.


Rockingham is a suburb located south west of Perth Western Australia.


Sorry Pfizer but you can go Fu** Yourself. You won’t be taking anything, The people are the Commonwealth and the Commonwealth owns all military bases not Morrison. You are welcome to take Morrison anytime you like but his agreement/Signature means absolutely nothing. You don’t have any agreement with the commonwealth…


Yes please for the love of god take Morrison!!

Beverley Holman

You have spoken the Truth!! And all Australians need to. Wake the hell up right now!!!


NWO global sociopath predators are working with the CCP easily coopted western “laptop” governments with their plandemic. NWO foolish adolescent idea they can run the world. The CCP will ultimately devour them..Not all countries have fallen prey. The strength of humanity will prevail.

Leighton King

In 1975 Gough Whitlam signed the LIMA Agreement. He sold Australia to the United Nations – but wait Australia & Pfizer are listed on the NYSE.
Donald J Trump’s Executive Order 13818 has seized the NYSE.
Therefore by default he is the owner of Australia. Chapter 11 – City Of London, Vatican & Washington DC are bankrupted (Filed & Actioned) 
The Act Of England 1871 has been reversed. The Secondary Judiciary Act 1869 is no longer. This also overturns the Balfour Declaration of 1917.
Now we wait Justice Thomas to open a can of WHOOP ASS [1776] Style.
The Whole World goes to 1776 in law.
The Whole World goes to A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD – Think Revaluation of All Currencies. 
The Whole World goes to 1950’s Prices. 1955 the Chosen Year. Post [CRASH]

The 3 Most Important Executive Orders of our lifetimes. 
13818, 13848, 13959.
Think Crimes Against Humanity, Foreign Election Interference Globally, Think Chinese Military Companies, Think EVERGRANDE.


Have mRNA tech in you, now