Lancet: SARS-CoV-2 neutralised by reflected light spectra

In a vindication to Victoria’s and NSW strategy of allowing high-rise construction to continue in the midst of some of the strictest lockdowns in the developed world, a study due to be published in an upcoming Lancet demonstrates that wavelengths of light reflected from orange and yellow textile vests is between 98.62% and 98.68% effective at shattering the virus at a molecular level. 

The remaining 1.32%-1.38% of virus particles are insufficient to create a viral load sufficient to create infection and disease in human subjects. 

The work, lead by Dr Chunt and funded by a grant from Merriton, also found that fragments of the shattered virus are harmless to health and have been found to improve the structural  rigidity of concrete on which they settle, potentially improving property value.  

The study was due to be published in the last issue, but the release has been delayed due to a rigorous peer-review process.  A peer reviewer noted that pink textile vests had not been tested, in what was a typical queer-phobic gap in experimental methodology.  

Top-up field work, which will conclude that reflected pink light is 98.8% or more effective at virus destruction, is currently underway.

NSW and Victorian governments have welcomed the findings noting that this was precisely the experimental data that was specified in their brief to the research team.

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Reus's Large MEMBER

It must also be noted that the only two genders affected by covid are male and female, Whuflu respects all others by not infecting and killing other genders.

comment image

wrong spectrum, though…. I’ll let them know


It also has the minor problem of destroying human cells as well as viruses.

A fly in your ointment

It was mote at sarcastic response that the hyper light is actually ineffective as it does not follow the spectrum as per article.
On a serious note, the UVC light kills all known single cell organisms within ~15min or so. It can kill coronavirus (the earlier one). Probably the novel one too. This is used in hospitals (humans removed) for near sterilisation