McGowan brags about WA’s COVID response while glancing nervously at iron ore price

WA Premier Mark McGowan has bragged about WA’s COVID response, despite being kept awake at night by the fluctuating iron ore price.

The WA Premier made remarks on the ABC last night to a swooning Barrie Cassidy.

“I’ve only got one trick and that’s to keep the borders closed while the iron ore price is high. After that, fuck knows. I’ll call Kerry Stokes and get the West Australian to write some glowing, sycophantic bullshit to get more support,” McGowan said.

“Our state is an economic backwater that relies on one industry, so while I act all decisive during the press conferences, I haven’t slept soundly in months when the updates to the iron ore price come through my phone.”

McGowan is scheduled to meet President Xi in the coming weeks to discuss WA’s long-term future, with a possible Chinese merger underway.

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I am pretty sure this is not satire.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Seems more like a mission statement !

Agent 47

Paging DLS!