Daniel Andrews unveils new Mandarin-speaking, Blue-helmet wearing division of Victoria Police to assist with lockdowns and protests

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has unveiled a new division of Victoria Police, brought in to enforce lockdowns and crackdown on protests.

Officially named the “June 4 Unit”, the officers who are all fluent in Mandarin and noted for their distinctive blue helmets, will be rolled out across Victoria to assist Victoria Police in enforcing lockdown.

“These brand new multicultural officers will operate here indefinitely and be part of our SOG and PORT units,” Andrews said.

“Some of these officers have experience with protestors dating all the way back to 1989 and we welcome them here.”

Andrews denied criticism that it was controversial in the current climate.

“We’re only implementing the reforms to the Defence Act that Minister Peter Dutton signed last year.”

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very easy to get into a war…. how easy is it to get out of it?


We the people need to stand up and help fight for Victoria calling on all truckies construction nursing police firebregade anyone and everyone let’s Unite stand up and break these boarders and corrupt government and go to Victoria they need our HELP FIGHT FOR FREEDOM AMEN 🙏


Agreed.. all Aussies ALL the people .. NEED to STAND Up to Fight for FREEDOM .. WAKE UP.. cant you see what is Happening


OMG. Someone needs to take that f’n criminal out. He needs to be gone ASAP.




You people are so stupid, you and all the other are the one`s that are spreading the virus, shit for brains


This how labour and liberal nationals have sold us out to foreign companies Take over will be with out a fight they have disarmed us all This is war on Australia with in and still we are all sleeping Trans gender means no human rights no freedoms The jab has trans formed humans you have no rights That’s Why the big push for the jab Wake up Australia


Don’t forget China sent in the blue helmet troops


10 stages to genocide:
Step 5 organisation: a new group of law enforcement is incorporated to help control the newly created policies….


Clever.. we need some black humour to get through this

Lesley Smith

I dont think this is black humour. I think this just might be real. I could be wrong, but it feels real to me.

tra is

So sad and so.scary. This could be the usa before we know it. Please Trump is needed so bad

Shell Han

C c p.

myriam huard

Words are that plane of blue Elmer’s just reached Newfounland Canada. Guys, get ready. Either we become robots like these blue elmets. Orwe fight for our freedome.


Can you please tell me where you heard this from? I live in US near canada.


Man vs. Chinese tank Tiananmen square – June 5, 1989. Article states new unit is called June 4th Unit and some have experience with protesters going back to 1989!

Dave Jordan

this is absolute bullshit. An invasion of international terroist occupying Australia. Its a take over and Patriots you better stand up to this NOW. Common courts against this tyranny and linking with Drs, Lawyers and global patriots is a must. Unbelievable, people!!

Margaret Geddes

Viewing this from the UK; its a take over of your police; a militarised company from China – its against the people – easier to gets you into the camps – fight back Australia – your in our prayers – don’t think the World has deserted you – we are Watching, praying and walking with you in our hearts❤️

Lynda Hayes

(UK too). Its coming here too! Johnson says we need military help re this fake car fuel issue. There isn’t one. Tank drivers say so. Say we’ve loads of fuel. Tanks full, just got people to panic buy to make it appear there’s a problem. So…who will this military be?


Maybe they can use some middle-eastern troops. Surely those are the guys benefitting from the fuel shenanigans?!

Dave Jordan

Why would you call global soldiers to control the rightful people of the land? Takeover is what it is. Daniels needs hanging.


100% right you are!! We need a plan that works!!


Only way I knew this was satire was from the satire tag.

John Smith

That’s an indicator of your own stupidity and inability to read blatant satire.


I think what you meant to say is Dan Andrews brought in the RUSSIAN CHEKA of the communist jews… after all they gifted communism to china in the first place


Says this is catagorised as satire, humor is great but we do not need any more misinformation or fear at this point.

Some one

Well done police now grab all the artillery and issue to the public and lead them to victory

Gerald Rogers

When they hit the streets take their weapons away from them. This is wrong fight back


The people will always win. Yes there will be casualties the public are weakly armed but I’m sure not many fell for the Howard gun buy back hoax. We are 6mil theybare a few thousand. Justice will come swift and hard for Comrade Dan

Troy Geri

It says “satire” at end of article


How dare you bring Communist military into Australian land, You have no idea what there capable of, they have been conditioned to think nothing, there hearts are numb. If one Australian citizen is harmed in any way, hit, beaten, shot, I will make it my duty to Australia, I will not stop till your placed in Jail and the Chinese military is returned back to there communist country

Do you not know, we are not a Communist country, We are freedom of Speech, As it will stay like this for another 500 years
God Bless Australia


Resilient cities force, no way we can cooperate with these foreign soldiers mate

Debra Nisbet

Dan Andrews has already made it very clear he works for ccp…our so called pm can’t even make him toe the Aussie line…our other mp’s can’t seem to even put pressure on him as a ccp brother to toe the Aussie line….makes one wonder how many others of our so called govt are in the ccp brotherhood….I’m just mad now that I was taught French at school and not mandarin, as this will be the language of our govt in the not too distant future


over reaching quite a bit here. a common thing which turned me off quayle. reaching and preaching conflict with others especially when talking outside his own country. if you dont actually know, shouldnt preach nonsense. thats how you get people turning away.

Dave T

“Fluent in mandarin”, like he brought in a bunch of Chinese soldiers?


maybe focus on what you know seem to know more than most about. giants. too bad that has been made unaccessable.


shows how much you lads know. covid is an american virus released on china. the anglo saxon mission made it public 15 years ago. from the flu like virus being released on china and then spreading to the reast of the world, to the different strains and the lockdown, deaths and financial strains and economic meltdowns. Now its out that faucci funded it with the company and got the hong kong sympathetic lady to acciddentally leak it out. too bad this probably wont get approved and people are just too ignorant to accept the truth prefering to hate people whom dont look like them. it was once russia, now russia and china. yet it always ends up being an american cause and effect then just gets swept under the rug. never held accountable.. only ones who can kill americans freely is isreal like on the uss liberty and iraq and afghan war when netenyahu played them like a flute and boasts his power over america and still no shame. still netenyahu’s little puppy.


Hey man, like the thinking there. If not already you’d like The Last American Vagabond stream on Rokfin,Odysee,Super U to name a few . Host Ryan, strips it all back bare & big,big,big on research & always has links to ” research for yourselves & come to your own conclusions “. Sadly, far too little of that goes on as here shows.


How much will & has cost the Australian people’s taxes & why wasn’t it implemented to have Australians do this job first so as the spending here remains mainly here to help the economy grow.Or is it because many Australian police workers have declined to attack their own people.The premier will stop at nothing to get his own way even at hurting his countrymen with violence,lockdowns,lies,threats & the list goes on.Who Danny boy do really work for?


Anyone thinking Trump is the answer needs to wake up Trump Is ZOG!!! If you want to know who is pulling the strings of the world watch the greatest story never told or Europa the last battle enjoy revelations folks its time to wake up.

Misty Gamblin

The bible said.God will come wilh “his Trump” and the loud voice of the angles..
So what ever Trump is God is using him.

Kerry Anne Spoelma

Good Lord justdont believe this far out!!! This is Australia!!!

Wayne Bell

They look more like Chinese paramilitary to me


I bet you they are all CHINESE MILITARY


Many a true word is spoken in jest.


A former colleague was telling of a huge spike in 457 type visas at his workplace, which he never gets to meet. Our guess was they must be working elsewhere.