Shrine protester hospitalised with Covid- skull and vertebrae fractures added to covid-19 symptoms list

A protester who attended Wednesday’s protest at the Shrine of Remembrance has been rushed to hospital with COVID-19. The protester was taken to the Alfred hospital after falling into a coma believed due to low blood oxygen levels caused by covid infection. X-rays of the man’s skull revealed covid had caused the right side of his skull to fracture along with his C5 vertebrae.

The man’s attending physician, Dr Hoodwink, said “It’s really lucky this man was treated in time, if he waited any longer he may have become a paraplegic.” Asked to describe the man’s symptoms, Dr Hoodwink said “Well his symptoms are very unusual for a respiratory virus, if I didn’t know better I would say that he was lifted off the ground from behind and his head piledriven into tiles. Of course we now know that head injuries are a common symptom of the Delta strain. Just last weekend we had a 74 year old woman come in with covid injuries to the back of her skull, gravel rash to her back and chemical burns to her eyes and throat.”

A woman who also suffered head injuries from COVID-19 earlier in the week

A friend of the man, identified only as Davo told reporters “I don’t understand how this could happen so quickly, he seems so fit and healthy. On Monday we must have walked and jogged 20km around the CBD and West Gate Bridge. On Tuesday we covered another 15km or so. He was in the prime of his life and now he may not be able to walk again due to covid.”

At today’s press briefing, CHO Brett Sutton stated “We know that this virus is a beast and continues to evolve new symptoms and spread rapidly outdoors. What we don’t want to see is any more cracked skulls simply because people are being selfish wanting to earn an income instead of following The Science™.”

At the press briefing Shane Patton interjected “Look we want everyone to get vaccinated ASAP. If people are worried about vaccine side effects like bruising then we can put a phone book over their injection site to stop that.”

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another protest broke out in the northern suburbs (?) but it didnt last long enough to gather any momentum, the riot police got them super fast

melbourne is a prison city at this point, they can suppress these anywhere as fast as the guards in a jail can stomp out a riot


I saw the footage of that guy being surprised from behind and smashed onto the deck. And that poor old woman too.

The Victorian cops would have to be the biggest pack of cunts in uniform. They deserve everything they get, and if they keep this shit up, they’re going to get a lot. I say that as a lifelong supporter of the police, who have a very tough job most days.

Something is profoundly wrong when a fit you cop thinks its ok to mace a little old lady who’s lying on the ground. Shame on the lot of them.


that footage is remarkable.

it also boggles my mind how they do that even though they know that their excessive force will likely be caught on film.

They must have instructions from high up in the hierarchy that arrangements have been made such that nothing will stick. And, at worst, they offenders will be given an honourable discharge (eg for fake medical issues) with a fat lifetime pension.


Six coppers beat up a disability pensioner in 2018. All they got was a fine, a good behaviour bond and no criminal record.
Last year, a copper stomp on a mentally ill man’s head putting him in a coma. He got no punishment.

The coppers know they can bash the crap out of protesters and not have any issues. The state is so divided that the most comment is they shouldn’t have been protesting.


I can see the joke from The Sopranos being adapted to gender fluidity:

Guy: I can remember my first blow job…
Friend: How long did she take to come?


Wrong thread duh

A fly in the ointment

I see no link to the video as per title…