Chant, Sutton, Wiemar to headline 2022 Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Chief Health Officers in respective EZFKA states have been announced as headline acts for the 2022 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

The 2022 event, sponsored by Pfizer, will feature the best of Australia’s material from daily press conferences performed live.

“It’s been non-stop comedy gold every day at 11am, so we thought why don’t we ask them to put that in a 90-minute slot?” MICF President John Simpleton said.

“It can’t be any worse than the insufferably mediocre, centre-left comedians we have every year making the same ScottyFromMarketing jokes.”

Jeanette Young and Nicola Spurrier have also announced a series of dates, with Spurrier’s standing-room only show alleged to have an “don’t touch the seats or you’ll get COVID” mandate.

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Lmao DLS told me to fuck off on MB

September 3, 2021 at 11:24 am
Oh what mighty oak trees from little acorns grow. Wonder how that Eastern Suburbs “limo driver” is feeling now. He copped a fine the other day for not wearing a mask, surprise he isn’t going into hiding.
September 3, 2021 at 11:42 am
lols at you trying to demonise someone for the horrible crime of ~getting sick~ and trying to live their life, what a twisted country this has become
Houses and HolesMEMBER
September 3, 2021 at 11:44 am
Fuck off Stag.

he deleted all my posts and banned me

lucky i saved the exchange w a print screen + copypasta before i did

Agent 47

LOL what an absolute manchild.


covid is just driving a lot of aussies up the wall imo, the insane opinions theyve been forced to take on board and how contradictory all of this shit is to basic human functioning and nature is worse than marxist-leninist socialism

communist utopia is probably easier to achieve than zero covid

Last edited 2 years ago by stagmal

There’s this public service guy who joined an agency I deal with at the start of the year. Seems like a nice bloke, but the last 6 weeks he’s turned into a fucking spaz. Constant tone and agro and aggresiveness and all round unpleasantness.

Maybe his dog died or his wife left him for another woman or something, but I reckon its just the times. I feel the same myself…getting short tempered, and I’m normally the world’s Calmest Man. Two weeks quarantine locked in my house didn’t help.

Dog help us all.


You made me look at EmBee, it looks like a doomsday prophecy site. DLS is trying to make his end of world cult, there are so many crazies commenting.


Welcome to this exclusive club


I don’t really see what was so offensive about your comment. DLS getting a bit too sensitive as the years go on?


i wrote some pretty bad stuff about a week ago so maybe it was in retaliation to that


also why do my posts need to be approved now? wut


I think that the filter has gone a bit spastic since the flamewars a few weeks ago… 😞


id be fine with getting rid of it but it aint my call, let chad thundercock and the maggot back in with the rest of the boys they were funny anyway