AFL Grand Final to be played over six weeks after McGowan demands 14 days hotel quarantine between quarters

The first EZFKAFL Grand Final in Perth will be played over a six-week period, after Premier Mark McGowan ruled players will be required to quarantine for 14 days between quarters.

McGowan is also demanding that players wear masks on the field at all times and that he reserved the right to cancel the game at any time if a sneeze was detected anywhere in the state.

The Premier was unapologetic about one quarter being played every two weeks and the abnormally late conclusion to the season.

“It’s to ensure the safety of the event and that we have something else to bring in money to the state over a period of time as the iron ore price craters,” McGowan said.

“Of course, I’m acting on the best health advice that I won’t make public.”

WA Police are also under orders to fire upon anyone touching the football in the crowd and CCP President Xi Jinping will toss the ceremonial renminbi at the start of the first quarter.

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You know the AFL would milk it like this if they thought it would make more money.

Chinese Astroturfer

Funny stuff