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do You know if this will be on the same conditions as Sydney?

and for how long?


Yah, this is getting surreal.


Yeah – there is a lot of that at all levels of society.


its interesting because does dubbo have its own public health official?

Or it takes advice from NSW health?

So presumably its some inbred bogan mayor who has made this decision or what?


State government has made the decision. Gladys still thinks she can contain it.


She didn’t for doing it to the rest of us?


politician says it all for me.
Do you blame a snake if it bites you?


Armenian whore

edit: shit, you’re right.

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A fly in your ointment

It is for your own good mate.
Can’t you see people becoming sick and tired of the virus and we are just a lock down and 2 jabs away from freedom in 18 months???

Do your duty, complain all you like but roll up the sleeve, and stay at home. Wear a mask and a double condom, just in case

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what do you do in dubbo anyway except smoke ice and rape your kids


so exercise isn’t allowed even?

that’s bleak

sorry mate


Welcome to the last year and a half for some of us.


We all have to sacrifice for high house prices.


It’s going to get weird though. At this point my prediction is lockdowns are possibly going till christmas including at least some regional areas.
At least dubbo had local cases, tamworth(?) didn’t even have that.


It might be weird, for sure, but with an 18months track record, lockdowns are now everyone’s “comfort zone”.

thr fed and state governments now know that they can reliably keep the house prices “ticking over” in this mode of operation (sometimes more or less open, sometimes short lockdowns, sometimes longer lockdowns).

so I think that they are far more likely to keep at it, rather than change anything.

changing anything* carries the risk of some kind of non-linear change that might run away from them in an unpredictable direction.

unless the change has proven itself to be a slam dunk/nobrainer, of which there aren’t many examples, yet.


For those of us in Melbourne it’s just normal now. The only way it could get any worse is if the secret police started going around welding peoples doors shut. So hardly much worse than already is.


They will let you walk within 10km of home for exercise purposes.


except smoke ice and rape your kids

Funny how this doesn’t prompt any outrage …or even raised eyebrows!


It’s just a saturday night, allegedly.

It’s almost like people can not get offended by ridiculous claims

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look on the bright side mate

plenty of spare time for you to write a few ezfka articles for us


“what do people who live in cities do for fun?”

Attend auctions to buy their next IP on the weekend for one, whilst driving their expensive euro car financed by the last IPs capital growth around the place.

But seriously rhetorical question right…?



Australia is BECOMING a police state. Jordies misses the mark here. Having travelled extensively Australia has been a fucking police state for a while now. The problem is the furthest the average bogan has been is Bali and have no idea just how tight this country is.

Fuck even when in China I had more freedoms to do shit without fear of being fined for the most mundane shit. Albeit I was aware that I was that tabs were kept on me while there but Australia is going that way now. Vaccine passports and facial recognition will be rolled out under the guise of keeping us covid safe. Nobody will bother to try stop it and it will be the end of what little freedom we have in Australia.


No, he is so pro labor he wouldn’t even think about it.
It was a pure hit piece on federal libs.
Besides, he’s pro lockdown(the irony).


Shhh, you will ruin the narrative about China. Other than freedom of speech, etc. and loyalty to the party, you are pretty free to do as you please.


Suck a fat wang you bin scabbing retard lol


Gtta pull it out of stewies wife first. Give me a bit, she’s a huge bitch and I may be stuck in the folds…. it would remind me of those times my mum use to come in when I was sleeping and wake me up for special hugs and massages.

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And the triggered faggit edited lol


Cry louder W@ffle


Ok that was pretty good


Dubbo wasn’t the only place.

From 7pm on Wednesday 11 August 2021 until the beginning of 19 August 2021, stay at home rules apply to the Bogan, Bourke, Brewarrina, Coonamble, Gilgandra, Narromine, Walgett and Warren local government areas.

Soon it’s going to be easier to list the areas not locked down.


Oh, no. Not Bogan!


The bogan LGAs… So half the country then?