Overnight Comms – Tokyo Edition

A whole heap of comms randomly showed up this weekend. Figured I’d cover some of them.

Obviously, some of it is embedded in the Olympics, but less than I expected. Its like we went through a particularly dangerous few weeks, and these were negotiated successfully.

Lets hope that continues.

Olympics For The Win

So the Olympics have always been a primarily political / diplomatic tool. The way to think of them is that they were invented so countries would have nicer chips to trade as part of day to day statecraft.

Always sending kill squads and ghost ops teams gets tiresome, and does not make for comfortable banter on the diplomatic circuit after all.

While the opening ceremony was chock full of symbolism – and I intended to write but never did, sorry please see below – the closing had some, but much less. Interesting points generally:

  • Several Pacific nations won medals in weightlifting. For me this signals that third world pacific countries will get some wins, lifting above their weight. Given the investments going into Pacific Island countries, this is pretty obvious.
  • India won gold in the javelin throw. Signals they hit something interesting? Its an odd selection for only gold India won (track and field, really?), and I expect it means something to someone.
  • The Sun turns into the Moon symbolism. Sure, Japanese culture does all this, but again something is probably being communicated.

This is being reported out of the Japanese Q forums:

But What Happened Before?

This little skit at the start was about a news team harassing someone working, he gets fed up with it and grabs the microphone from the green/plant haired reporters.

This means exactly what you think it means, and the hair color is meant to represent clowns (think jokers/jesters/clowns) – which is used in a sentence as in, clowns in america. They are clowns, who are plants, is how you want to think about it.

Then, we get 45 multi colored boxes which become the symbol. Yes – the 45 signifies exactly what you think it signifies. Think about the symbology is boxes being flipped over and when 45 are flipped? Probably means media is being flipped by 45, and this is shown by the person taking away the microphone.

When the reporter skit returns instead of harassing’s an employee they begin filing nonsense, spinning, and he returns angry with them forcing them to look at the next part of the show. Hmm, spinning you say?

Read more about what happened when Pluckaduck went to Tokyo here – Brisbane Olympics 2032: Annastacia Palaszczuk, John Coates press conference, opening ceremony, Tokyo (eminetra.com.au) – and read it in conjunction with the above. Actually read the words Coates uses, and ignore what the media says.

Obama Bash or Bashed?

Details here – Watch: Obama Dancing At Maskless Martha’s Vineyard Birthday Bash  | ZeroHedge – but the tone is all wrong.

I think Obozo and Big Mike know the party is coming to an end, and are living it up while they can. These are not the moves of someone who expects to win.

Firstly… yeah its exactly what you think it is… lots of 6’s aren’t there?

Barack Obama roasted for hosting party for 700 guests while asking  Americans to donate $600 to his 'Presidential Center'

Which got leaked…

Scaled back…

And finally… get all the details here – Watch: Obama Dancing At Maskless Martha’s Vineyard Birthday Bash  | ZeroHedge and Barack Obama Scales Back Birthday Bash as Joe Biden Fails to Contain Coronavirus Delta Variant (breitbart.com) here.

Scarlett O’Hara much?

But where is Joe Biden? He was not at the bash, and far more importantly, his wife’s fashion choices… lol.

Have A Good Day Everyone!

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Reus's Large MEMBER

The way things are going in the US of A at the moment warrants a trip to the shops to stock up on popcorn

I wonder if the fall of the Roman empire was as entertaining as this?


Yeah, but what is going to replace it? Agree it is falling apart from the inside, but an authoritarian China being the dominant superpower does not bode well for the world.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Let’s hope that they rise up against the woke left / socialist / communist agenda.

TBH though I think that a covid mutation is going to wipe a lot of the problems out, we may be lucky that we are on a island and are able to close the borders hard to prevent the next deadly mutation i.e. lambda / delta+ from getting us here


The woke left and neoliberalism is destroying the USA and will destroy Australia. Just take a browse of LinkedIn and you will see they are two sides of the same coin. The people posting woke nonsense will also have posts defending Amazon/large corporate and it’s tax avoidance 🤡 🌎


+1 Very much this!!

A fly in your ointment

methinks that no one cares at LI about posts content. kinda like Yahoo home page – everuone just glances for something to catch their eye


I am not sure this will happen with Covid, but time will tell. It was a year ago and it was assumed the virus won’t mutate. If we let scientist play god with enhancing viruses in a laboratory, then the next pandemic will be assured. This is probably one reason why the scientific community was denying the lab leak, everyone wants their toys to play with.

A fly in your ointment

an authoritarian China being the dominant superpower does not bode well for the world.

Once you wean urself of the msm, the sentence makes less and less sense as time goes by.
Every power is authoritarian, Chinese variant is just obvious because it is always in the limelight of “squirrel!” lights


In some aspects yes and some no. I have lived in China for a couple of years, so have experienced both life here and over there.
You are right about some freedoms. There you can’t criticise the party, but here you can’t criticise anything woke 🤷‍♀️. You also can’t seem to criticise Daniel Andrews either here.
One of the biggest difference is the one party versus illusion of multiple parties here and also independent press (not MSM, but the likes of Michael West). My belief is that the Singapore model is where we would end up.

A fly in your ointment

what use is independent press if daily media is bombarding you with propaganda on every level of your life and from all the angles conceivable? Eventually everyone toes in.
Search “samizdat”. Chinks have the same variant. Internet may have changed the game a bit but so is the suppression.
In reality, USSR, PRC and US(SR) models just differ in cultural ways of applying overlord-ism.
One thing, western education was not conceived to broadly breed thinkers.


Western education has no interest in thinkers at all.
It rewards people who learn the accepted wisdom and regurgitate it. At least all the way to undergrad level.


Thanks for reminding me T.

I forgot to watch any of the 2021 Olympic ceremonies to look for occult symbolism.

The 2012 London Olympics were chock full of them.


t, what does all this mean?

what happened in 2012, what’s the house of windsor doing?


The elite’s ‘Do as I say, not as I do’ was always present, but now it has become so blatant and in your face, e.g. Obama’s partying, that everybody with two braincells to rub together is starting to see it.

They are dropping all pretence of them supposedly being there to do what’s best for the people and showing that they’re just there to do what’s best for themselves.

I think they have become overconfident, which is a good thing because it exposes them in a big way, they are dropping the mask.

‘Pride comes before the fall’.

The internet is a godsend in that it distributes information so quickly to so many people, they can’t hide.

The elite have always been scared shitless about retribution from the plebs.

That’s why they are working so hard at building a control grid.

Once we have continued QR scanning and a CBDC the little freedom we had left will be gone. If you can control peoples movement and their finances they are already in prison.

Time is running out.


I love your positive outlook T.

I was more thinking time is running out for us.
If the majority of us plebs don’t wake up and smell the coffee soon, it will be too late.


I so much wish I could believe you were right T, honestly.

When YouTube just started it was full of info on the workings of the inner elite, or exposing and trying to ‘break the cabal’. Nothing has changed, not enough people are interested.

Over the last 10 years I have tried to have these convos many times with many many people.
I would say the ratio for people being woke to our side of the story is about 1:100. Maybe it’s a bit better now but I think we need 20% for any meaningful change.

We still have a long way to go to inform people, so keep up the good work.


The Olympics were always going to go ahead. Why? The IOC gets all of the TV rights and Japan wears the costs. The costs will not just be financial, but also health with Covid cases surging. If anything, the Olympics has proven the large chasm between the elite and the rest of us. Now the athletes (part of the elite) are off to other parts of the world enjoying themselves whilst we are locked in our households.


yeah i cant gaf about it, why are they allowed to travel but we’re prisoners in our own country


Because we are worthless useless scum.
And we let them do it to us.

whadafak is the meaning of 45?




please redpill us


Allow me to translate in Q parlance:

9 is Kyu in Japanese
Kyu sounds phonetically as Q

*Minds blown*

Last edited 2 years ago by BING!
A fly in your ointment

I have a travel kit that has 666 on its brand, when turned other way round it is TRIPLE 9!
Im so deep into ‘Kyu’

h o w c o u l d I n o t s e e t h i s b e f o r e! ! !


Ok, yeah, I didn’t make that connection.

I never looked much into the Q phenomenon which started mostly when Trump became president am I right?

My journey down the rabbit hole started long before that.

But numerology is big with the elite. It is another way of ‘talking’ to each other where the uninitiated haven’t got a clue.

Here is one example of Christine Lagarde as head of the IMF in 2014 talking about the world economy but then starts babbling on about the ‘magic number 7’:


Numerology comes from the Jewish Cabbalah (gematria) where every letter of the Hebrew alphabet also has a numerical value. The numerical value gives the letter a hidden, or occult, meaning.

Words also have a numerical value by adding up the individual letters’ value. E.g. o=1 n=2 e=3 you have a word ‘one’ but also number 6 so totally different meaning to the original.

Depending on which code is used to add numbers words can have many meanings. ‘one’ could also be interpreted as 1+2 and 3 which gives 33 and another meaning again.

This code could be used to write secret messages or hide messages in plain sight within text.

Screen Shot 2021-08-09 at 18.22.58.png

Apologies, picture above didn’t show the actual letters.

Screen Shot 2021-08-09 at 18.19.55.png

Olympics is Eurovision for the whole globe.
It meant something before, it means mean now which is meaningless.

Olympics should’ve remained on par with antic Greek sports level introducing similar athletic disciplines for continents that has their own sports (e.g. ‘badmintion’ for Asia or ‘omphaloskepsis’ for Australian continent)


they should get rid of all of the sports that have competitions that eclipse it, no baseball, no basketball, no golf, etc, etc, if the olympics isnt the top competition within a sport it shouldnt be in the olympics.

get rid of the swimming strokes except the fastest one (free style), who cares how fast someone can swim an inherently slower stroke.

get rid of all team events, olympics is about individual excellence.

hold it in one city every time, maybe los angeles, somewhere with good weather and infrastructure.

get rid of winter olympics, no one cares anyway.

Last edited 2 years ago by stagmal

Totally agree. Will probably mean that the Olympics resembles the ones held in ancient Greece and that isn’t a bad thing.


It is getting a bit much. The skateboarding. The canoes, the rowing with one paddle, two paddles, 1/2/4/8 rowers, next it will be different types of paddles, etc until everyone receives a gold medal.

When they introduce the Dog Paddle in the swimming I might have a crack at a gold medal.


For those doubting queen gladys’s commitment to stomping out covid regardless of actual ability to achieve it.
Tamworth is going into lockdown for a week tonight with 0 local cases because a positive person visited for a day.


cartoon world


The best part for me was the trannies

even better than the NZ tranny who deliberately bombed out to avoid any controversy , is the FtM tranny who decided instead of competing as a male (the gender she chose) she should instead be allowed to compete with her former gender obviously because women aren’t as good and he can dominate


id like to see female sports completely ruined by the trans movement

it’s boring to watch other than as a pathetic cock tease

olympics is about the best of the best not tokenism

otherwise we need to also mandate a separate athletics competition and medals for whites , who can’t compete with blacks


white ppl are way better swimmers and are better at some sports than sub saharan africans, as black ppl have denser bones and are thus less buoyant in water. sub saharans are better at running but there’s a split, east africans dominate long distance while west africans dominate short distance. one tribe in kenya wins like 40% of all the long distance running events i think.


That Kenyan tribe obviously should check its privilege.

Maybe we could fit them with some extra weight to achieve a more equitable outcome.

Even better: If we give all runners an extra burden proportional to their potential achievement we could make them all finish at the same time so everybody can be a winner.

Gold medals all around, what’s not to like.

After that we can finally relegate the Olympics to the dustbin of history, where it properly belongs.


The sooner the Olympics is sprayed with Olympic Mortein, buzzes in circles for a while and dies, the happier I’ll be.

It’s a vile and corrupt gravy train aimed at making money for horrible corrupt people.


It’s a vile and corrupt gravy train aimed at making money for horrible corrupt people.

So it fits in perfectly with almost everything else in the modern world then…


Then why don’t we have special swimming medals for blacks you fucking bigot


All of the numerology and symbology stuff went completely over my head.


I can’t begin to engage with it.

I am not ready yet.


Apparently it was so obvious they knew about covid then but the people here who knew didn’t bother telling anyone…


If you are interested you could have a look around at this site:


There is a lot of info there regarding occult symbolism used in entertainment but also much more interesting stuff.


I’d be more interested if you could explain something before it happens rather than after. Beyond that I really don’t care what crazy beliefs anyone has.



You are not worthy.


Last edited 2 years ago by BING!