Australian vows to fight increasing tyranny by continually complying with increasing tyranny

A Melbourne man outraged about Melbourne’s 6th lockdown, has vowed to fight it by continuing to comply with all restrictions imposed.

Small business owner John Harris, 34, said he was over the lockdowns and Dictator Dan, but he’d continue to comply in the hope that one day he’d get his freedoms back and the goalposts would stop continually moving.

“This is fucking bullshit mate, but I’ll be closing my business again, wearing a mask, taking an experimental jab and waiting for some nameless bureaucrat on a guaranteed income to tell me if my life is essential or not,” Harris said.

“If they make being legitimately sodomised mandatory, well I’ll be outraged, but I’m prepared to spread my cheeks in the name of freedom. At least they could spit on it for some courtesy before they stick it in.”

Harris couldn’t be contacted for further comment, after being in a critical but stable condition after his first Pfizer jab from an ‘unrelated health condition.’

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timely. i am done with this country. we deserve everything we get


people with PhDs have the highest level of “vaccine hesitancy” amongst all education levels

at least we are in good company , and confirmation that the MB members are stupid

Agent 47

MB commentariat is Dunning Kruger land with a healthy dose of hypochondria on top.

If one of them has serious vac side effects, which theyll never admit, I’ll fucking laugh.


I was kind of hoping that the Mexicans or the sandgropers would cop a new lockdown so that Timbo would be prompted to post something 😉

Ouch, this is not a satire, this is investigative journalism


Another confirmed death from the AZ not-vaccine today.

Agent 47

The young bloke yesterday with heart problems was a COVID death before the coroner even had a chance to do the autopsy.

Agent 47

My 2 cents is the battle lines are drawn and the time for talking is over. The NPC’s can FOAD, they’ve made their choice and they’re a lost cause.

The protests will get bigger but it needs to now be more active to the point of shutting down industry like the truckies did. I’m in on the next protest.

Gave SPC my 2 cents worth and the poor bastard in customer service will probably have nightmares with all the abuse today. Fuck em.


I saw the photo and apparently it is okay for Vic Police to stomp on people’s heads:

Agent 47

The protest footage showed today they were way outnumbered and unprepared for the numbers. Thousands at short notice.

I think the critical mass has been reached. Where it goes from here is definitely South but who knows.


if the WA and QLD elections hadn’t have resulted in massive landslides in support of the lockdowns I wonder if Australia would still be in this situation.


You have pointed out why lockdowns are happening, and that is due to the overabundance of gormless zombies supporting them. The politicians will keep locking us down as long as it benefits them politically.


And they will keep up the daily death toll news conferences to ensure a healthy dose of fear to keep people wanting it.


Yup. I keep forgetting 90% of the population or something support the lockdowns – probably still. Despite the protests.


lockdowns>mass immigration