Weekend Links, April 24-25, 2021

Welcome to the Weekend Links for 24-25 April, 2021!

Last week was a nice conversation, and this place is starting to have quite a nice friendly vibe. Folks are being good to each other, and the place has a speakeasy feel to it.

Nicely done folks!

We start with retro footage from the ABC. The thing that stood out to me was how normal most of the women interviewed seemed, even in the face of biased and leading questions. And my guess is this is the worst examples ABC could find, where they expect the audience to look down on the women answering the questions.

Politics And Governance (Chilled version)

No video today. But we have a joke!

The Saturday Morning Joke

Donald Trump, George Bush and Joe Biden were set to face a firing squad in a small central American country.

Donald Trump was the first one placed against the wall and just before the order was given he yelled out “Earthquake”. The firing squad fell into a panic and Donald Trump jumped over the wall and escaped during the confusion.

George Bush was the second one placed against the wall. The squad was reassembled and George pondered what he had just witnessed. Again before the order was given George yelled out “Tornado”. Again the squad fell apart and George slipped over the wall.

The last person Joe Biden was placed against the wall. He was thinking, I see the pattern here, just scream out something about a disaster and hop over the wall. He confidently refused the blindfold as the firing squad was reassembled. As the rifles were raised in his direction, he grinned from ear to ear and yelled “Fire”.

Fine. Have a video. Also about Veblen goods, introducing… WANT-A-PRENEURS!

Music I Really Liked This Week


This made the news. And chicks twerking.

AusPol is generally depressing.

Not Just Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys

Link: https://www.place-armes.fr/post/lettre-ouverte-a-nos-gouvernants – can someone tell me if this is fake news or a legit translation. Pretty extreme step afaik. Happy to be corrected if wrong.

Life Before…

Culture Wars

Everything is dumb, and I need a nap

For 2021, this video is positively profound… and I need a nap.

Soviet Show Trials, Back In 2021 News

Debated adding stuff about the Soviet style show trial of Derek Chauvin this week. Was depressing, so didn’t.

Well – https://thefederalist.com/2021/04/20/kamala-harris-says-guilty-verdict-for-derek-chauvin-isnt-enough/ – the thing is, the reason Frankenstein story is remembered, is as a cautionary tale about not being able to control a monster you created.

These people need to start a race war to distract from their treasonous theft of the 2020 US Election. I guess the cards will fall where they will.

Markets And Stuff

So I don’t know much about this stuff. Reading recommendations are welcome…


No! You First. You Tell The Human!

Have a good weekend peeps, and be good!

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Wishing all the Perth members a fun filled weekend in lockdown again

Agent 47

That’s two years theyve cancelled ANZAC Day.

Lockdowns are bullshit, just a way to beat the population into submission and stick the knife into the small and medium enterprises by the corporates.

If you want to swallow a huge blaclpill then jump on McGowans Facebook page and observe the orgy of bootlicking.


State governments quick to cancel ANZAC day but happy for BLM protests to go ahead. Lockdowns are BS and this shit is just going to keep happening over and over again. Governments moved from suppression to eradication but never came out and told the public this. Problem is as long as we let people come in from overseas and quarantine in city hotels, they’ll never stop it unless the strictest measures are enforced. Strictest measures = infringing on people’s rights.

Deleted FB recently and can’t say I’ve missed it. I have said for too long that I wanted to get rid of it. Now that I have it wasn’t even as hard as I thought. I thought I needed it to stay in contact with friends and family around the world. But all FB is now is advertising and left wing biased media.


McGowan won in the biggest landslide election in history (I think?) a month or two ago. His Labor party holds something like 90% of the seats (53 out of 59 or something), and turned a couple of blue ribbon Liberal states to Labor.

So yeah… what do you expect… this is what was voted for.

Agent 47

The cult around McGowan and Andrews is a great reflection of how much of a pussy so many Australians have become. As long as the heckin’ footerino is on and me farkin house price is going up, all is right. Who needs nuanced debate on Covid or civil disobedience?

I am, you are, we are EZFKA!


It couldn’t be that you’re wrong? The minority is the minority for a reason.


Sweden’s experience caused me to flip my position on COVID. Those modelling numpties caused almost as much harm as the media dickheads who amplified it.


I thought that it’s Victoria that has the disease now… no?


pita…got ol mate outa there yesterday arvo[ he had no clue] otherwise we aint fishing…camped on the side of the road at regans ford. should be at dongara shortly


Is it time to BTFD?


It’s only about 30% down, I thought you wanted 50%?

Agent 47

Been done on purpose by the small hats.

Seriously, any analysis that fails to mention the ADL, Israel, 73% of Biden’s cabinet being Jewish, 18 of 25 hedge funds run by Jews, 7 of 8 ivy league unis headed by Jews, BLM and such organisations being run and financed by wealthy Jews plus the Jewish involvement in the southern border fiasco (Tucker Carlson named them last week) is wasting their time.

Tl;dr Been doing it for years. It’s only now they feel confident enough to do it out in the open.

Last edited 2 years ago by Agent 47


Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie
Agent 47

Tucker calling the ADL out in couched terms was a genius move. Now many of the normies are starting to go down the wtf demographic rabbit hole and I think the small hats are really starting to freak out.

Syria just exposed Israel’s iron dome as completely vulnerable as well. Throw that in with the protests there this week with Jews running around targeting Palestinians and trying to burn their houses down and one can sense things may not be right.

Last edited 2 years ago by Agent 47


Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

Antisemitism isn’t the irrational hatred of Jewish people, it is the legitimate criticism as to how their behavior, is designed to seize power and influence within a society, and the resulting hostility towards the majority.

I think you are conjuring your own definitions there. Antisemitism is hatred.

legitimate criticism is legitimate criticism.



Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

Anyhow – not going to comment further, as I don’t want to turn the Saturday comments into a long rant against a culture I find hostile to my own.

Do read the “hostile elites” links – we have been here before, many times.


Just checking that you know antisemitism and antizionism are two different things…..



Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie
Agent 47

How many people know that Frank Lowy was one half of the purchase of the twin towers along with Larry Silverstein 5 months before they went down?

Surprised he wasn’t one of the dancing Israeli’s.


good I don’t want to have to scroll through it either.

A fly in your ointment

Did you mean: what’s “down” with Bitcoin???



It’s just a flesh wound!


That link on gender equality that the ABC put out had some interesting comments, but to my mind the most interesting interviewee was the final one who made the comment:

“In fact I think women are in great danger of being dominated by other women”

When you look at how women’s rights have proceeded since that time I believe her statement has become more and more relevant.

The reality is the majority of women still aspire to marriage and a family. Honestly a lot prefer to escape the wage slavery that is supposed to be their liberation, yet the women who are given a platform to argue for women’s rights are mainly women who aren’t primarily maternally inclined, but rather want to compete for status and act like little men.

The right to work, which I agree should be available to women, has instead delivered the two income trap to society, which instead of liberating the majority of women has instead entrapped them in working lifestyles that they would rather have avoided. The only women effectively “liberating” have been the least maternal, and most masculine women, who are now free to compete against men, and complain when they are outcompeted.

This isn’t a rant against women’s right to work, only an acknowledgement that the pursuit of “women’s rights” has also arguably resulted in a large number of women finding it increasingly difficult to achieve their own personal life goals.

I don’t know what the answer is.



“Feminism BANNED On Social Media After Marriage & Birth Rates Dropped!”

Sadly the ironic thing is that if you believe in behavioral genetics and evolution, then the sort of women who most want to take advantage of the freedom to work over having a family, are almost certainly guaranteeing that the future will be increasingly devoid of the sort of interesting, more highly intellectual feminist style women arguing for these freedoms today.

Women who despite their behavioural traits, would have otherwise been compelled into marriage, via social custom, will fail to pass on those characteristics to their offspring, who will simply not exist. Instead those characteristics associated with strong, independent intellectual style women, will instead diminish in representation as a personality set across the population, in favour of more maternal women who would be determined to have a family freedoms or not.

From there, like an ever expanding ripple, a whole variety of other downstream impacts are foreseeably possible, the two income trap, more incels, etc. As I was saying before, true conservatism is cautious about changing social conventions or rules when the reason for those rules are not fully understood.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie
A fly in your ointment

Idiocracy (2006)


Sadly that movie is looking more and more prescient.


The answer is a society that puts the reproductive interests of its members ahead of those who are not going to reproduce or who are not members. The entire purpose of animal societies is exactly that. A certain amount of gene swapping with neighbouring populations is useful. Domination by outside groups is a sign of abject failure. People have to be taught to put family first. It starts with parents. I’d suggest promising a greater inheritance to those children of yours who have more children and supporting them while you’re alive by looking after the grandkids instead of going on cruises. Those who have no children should have no inheritance unless they are the only child. Also, don’t leave mating to chance. Start looking for like minded parents with suitable prospective partners for your offspring before they get too sucked in by the many distractions of the world but make sure you set them up with stable decent work first.


The purpose of society is to project itself forward into the future – we need society, but society does not need us the individual. Society is in effect “God” – it has the power to collectively change the world we live in and make it a better (or worse) place in which to live. While “heaven” is merely future society, made better by our actions, which we enter through by way of our children.

One of the things this view on religion has lead me to conclude is that most of the major sins in most religions are to do with behaviours that elevate the “individual” above society, and threaten social cohesion, or potentially transform society into a less caring more selfish place. Think the 7 deadly sins, Sloth – not doing the work needed to sustain society, Gluttony – eating more than your share, pride – elevating your importance above society, etc.

The pursuit of these behaviours threatened the stability of society, thus they were effectively evil or the work of the Devil. Anything that threats societies ability to project itself forward also threated the ability of individuals who depended on society for survival – even if they didn’t appreciate that fact or societies role in providing for them.

The modern world under the constant championing of “rights” has instead turned these values on their head. You want to fuck someone, go to tinder, it is your right. You want to be a fat walrus, go ahead it is your right – fat is beautiful. You want to be a lazy sob, no one is making you work. You want to be special? I’m sure there is a pride march for some identity or another available for you to march in.

True conservatisim is a wariness about changing social behaviours or customs that we don’t fully understand the purpose of. These rules or customs existed and were put in place for a purpose and it is arrogant to think we don’t need them anymore, or that they only exist to oppress or discriminate. Often only when they are removed, that their purpose becomes truly apparent, and by then it is far too late to roll them back.


I feel just as many men would prefer to be a homemaker. I wholeheartedly put my hand up for that. But sadly, I’m a gold digger and can’t find a rich enough working bird looking for a boozy shut in.


That C.S. Lewis paper was interesting T. I actually went and read the entire original essay from a link within the one you provided, interestingly it took me to a website called Samizdat which means “the clandestine copying and distribution of literature banned by the state, especially formerly in the communist countries of eastern Europe.” how appropriate in this day and age, and unsurprising that an essay by C.S. Lewis, an avowed Christian, should end up there.

Anyhow in addition to all the out-takes in your original link T, this one from the original essay also stood out:

“You are to use the word (Democracy) purely as an incantation; if you like, purely for its selling power. It is a name they venerate. And of course it is connected with the political ideal that men should be equally treated. You then make a stealthy transition in their minds from this political ideal to a factual belief that all men are equal.

This has so been the case – the difference between the notion that all men and people are equal, in terms of their basic human rights, to the notion that all men, people and races, are equal in all aspects of their humanity, being their intelligence, the proclivity to violence or any other characteristic.

You can see the irrational pursuit of this transformed notion of equality into equity, in all the current social agenda’s: “Women are identical to Men” they are exactly the same interests and capabilities, through to the point where Women can be Men and Men can be Women, all they have to do is identify as such. There are no racial differences other than the most superficial, and that all remaining differences in life outcomes are a function of ‘whiteness’ and structural racism, as opposed to natural diversity.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

LOL – this interview didn’t go according to plan “President Biden is an idiot in my personal opinion“:



im thinking of leaving australia forever, sad thing is i just dont know where there is to go


Why India? Understandbly money to be made and their cities have improved greatly but it has and will always be a post colonial shit hole. I could not fathom anybody moving there permanently.


I’ve been pondering this comment since you posted and have no idea what you mean. What do you mean?



There are lots of similar pranks doing the rounds. This is the funniest I have seen.


just checked MB – 97 comments

24 hours from the open of weekend links

I might do a comment now and then but will not pay money while that marsupial cunt is allowed to freeload


wrong! 91 comments!


what, they shitcanned 6?!


Nah I misread.

A fly in your ointment

they shitcanned 6?!

Number of posts indicated does not reduce with the cognitive dissonance bot actions.


How did he get up your nose? I can list any number of ways he pissed me off.


posting discombobulated crap💩💩 weakly based on some ephemeral bullshit historical happenstance that has sub zero relevance to the current thread or topic du jour wouldn’t piss anyone off surely?


Cunt just got too personal in its abuse. I didn’t even ever acknowledge it. It was making abusive comments on threads it wasn’t part of.

I don’t need that aggravation, noting that I have never abused anyone on MB (except the fuckwit marsupial, and only in response to it, and for which I received a little holiday).

So fuck ’em.


“Cunt just got too personal in its abuse. I didn’t even ever acknowledge it. It was making abusive comments on threads it wasn’t part of.”

Yeah – I know that feeling. He’s your classic Dunning-Kruger victim.



Travis Howarth

I recently renewed my subscription to MB after much thought and now regret it. After doing so I really couldn’t help but notice how the whole site has gone to the dogs. Leith is phoning it in and DLS spends all his time talking up their investment strategy (remember how the C19 vaccines were bad until everyone getting vaxxed was central to Nucleus’s ‘strategy’ of investing in stocks that benefit from ‘opening up’ economies to services/travel again). And yeah, the way they let a couple of crazies hold court for free is kinda weak after the endless ‘subscribe’ responses from DLS to others. MB is in its death throes. Hope I get a refund on my ‘unused’ portion of my subscription when it dies.


Heya Trav, welcome!

You are perceptive and everything you say resonates with me. The mb duded have certainly fcked themselves by putting themselves in a conflict of interest situation where they

  • need new money flowing into their fund
  • need to keep existing money in their fund from leaving

but also

  • need eyeballs/pageviews
  • have this insatiable lust to be politically influential with whoever will listen

it’s completely untenable. For funds infflow they need to be relatively mainstream, for eyeballs they need to be edgy and different, for political influence they need to be obsequious to whichever ear they are trying to get in.

Who wants to read that internally conflicted and inconsistent word-porridge?!

I liked the cat video, actually most of the links is something I’d like to see or read and learn sumtin new. Unlike ad-nausea VoxEU/Politico/NYT et cie no one actually reads.

My contribution this weekend, though quite predictable source but still worthwile:


“When the empire wants to topple a government their first step is to psychologically uncouple it from the nation and its people by consistently using labels that make it look like an alien, occupying force to the public. “The CCP”, “the Assad regime”, instead of just that country’s government.”

I know someone whom uses the terminology as per quote, excessively.
Quite condemning for someone claiming to be at the forefront of the “alternative” thinking.

and one more:

Last edited 2 years ago by A fly in your ointment

Caitlin has some interesting observations, and she it on the money with much of her criticism of elites, etc, but I think she falls short with blaming the problem on capitalism. Capitalism has existed since Ogg traded beads for a club made by Grugg. The problem is the financialisation of economies and syphoning off of the productive efforts of society to the banking class.


Capitalism has existed since Ogg traded beads for a club made by Grugg. 

That’s trade, that’s not capitalism.

The problem is the financialisation of economies and syphoning off of the productive efforts of society to the banking class.

that’s capitalism – the bit about capturing productive efforts. The financialisation is the form that it tends to take when it progresses beyond a trivial point.

A fly in your ointment

Capitalism is quite broad definition and I perceive her critic funneled towards vulture capitalism and fascist capitalism, both of which are now prevalent in US and in the developed world.
I use what others write to form my opinion. Same applies for Caitlin and sure she cannot be perfect. Reading should stimulate mind and thought, not provide a digested opinion for full assumption.


I tend to see Capitalism more in the Adam Smith classical capitalism sense – lots of small businesses working together in business, partnership or opposition to sate the demands of society. Where ‘Capitalism’ becomes problematic is in the crony or vulture capitalism you describe, especially the financialisation that we are currently enslaved by. I have issues with capitalism and natural resources and monopolies, like land, and believe things like resource rent or land taxes are the most efficient ways of stopping society’s productive efforts being capture by land prices and debt.


well, but how do you stop small businesses expanding (chasing economies of scale and efficiencies) and becoming monopolies or oligopolies. And financial interests sitting across the top?

it’s a natural evolution, as evident from the fact that it has happened almost everywhere, and nobody has really found a “pause” button to freeze the process in a ‘desirable’ state rather than letting it run through to extreme outcomes…


“well, but how do you stop small businesses expanding (chasing economies of scale and efficiencies) and becoming monopolies or oligopolies.”

Strong cultural values around the dangers that such private monopolies pose, giving rise to broad popular support for strong institutional bodies and regulators that are prepared to genuinely pursue and enforce anti-trust legislation.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

Can you point to any examples where that has happened in practice?

I reckon it can only happen in some rather extreme circumstances – circumstances that many would not easily identify with modern society. Because the walls needed to keep out outside world (which is full of monopolies and forces that would seek to monopolise any unmonopolised turf) need to be forty high. The seal would need to be almost hermetic. HERMetic.

I’m thinking no less drastic than the Amish communities or Cuba or Nth Korea…(of those, of course only the former rely on cultural values to maintain the hermit stays, the other are a result of internally and externally imposed ideology)


A classic example would be the ‘Turnpike Law’ following the Trunpike Act in the UK in the 17th century, which essentially would have made the Transurbans of the day bankrupt. Following that there were similar rules extended to the canal system and then railroads.

More recent examples would be the US’s Sherman and Clayton Acts and the impact on Standard Oil, US Steel, monopolies across tobacco, meatpacking, right down to bathroom supplies and most recently and probably the last significant example before the supporting cultural values were finally dissolved – Bell being broken up into the Baby Bells.

On the financial side there were laws like Glass-Steagll, that kept Investment Banks and Retail Banks seperated for generations until Citibank lobbied for its repeal, which Clinton eventually quitely acquiescended too – a direct contributor to the eventual GFC bust.

In Australia there was a similar strong community cultural aversion to monopolies, other than those owned by the Govt (which under the tennants of Neoliberalism is an abhorrent outcome). Back then the many rules existed to keep a large number of banks some of which were Govt owned, various limitations of ownership and significant diversity within the media and an ACCC that actually had teeth.

Of course with the adoption of Neoliberalism and it’s brother in alms; a diverse MultiCult electorate that is in possession of a wide variety of compelling interests and viewpoints, the steadfast focus on those sort of cultural values is now history. Instead we focus on more important things, like transgender rights, BLM rights, etc.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

Stu, you’ve described a whole bunch of cases where the limits amd walls erected to keep capitalism at a “nice” level which you support have crumbled over time.

Im after some opposite examples – where the limits have successfully persisted. I want to see those case studies to see what the host cultures look like. The ones I could think of quickly are all kind of weird and perhaps less desirable than extreme capitalism.


My point has been that maintaining a strong culture is the best means of maintaining those checks and balances to keep Capitalism at a “nice” level.

IMHO there is are no examples where these behaviours persist without their enforcement, because without them capitalism devolves back into laisse fare capitalism – which is really just survival of the individual fittest, and reduces our society to the equivalent of beasts on the plain.

Our humanity is defined by our conscious decision to turn away from those impulses and rise above base individualistic animal behaviours and make a better collective society for everyone.

My issue is that it is not inevitable that the these values that promote collective social wellbeing should crumble, but that they have instead been eroded by the white anting effect of an alien culture that elevates the rights of individual above the responsibilities to society.

Appealing to individual rights is both how they gain appeal and power, and is the mechanism by which it destroys our society from within:

“And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. 15 It is not surprising, then, if his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness.”

– 2 Corinthians 11:14

The Devil, gains favour with the masses by championing their individual rights over their responsibilities to society.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

This is a good distillation, thanks.


i dont care about anything that happens in australia anymore

i blocked every news site on my browser and blocked/told youtube to stop recommending all news outlets

boy am i sick of hearing about CLIMATE CHANGE



it all sounds so unbelievably fucking trivial

its snore city

how can people care so much about this shit


This is one of the first steps on the paths to happiness, stagmal.

stop the manufactured filth from washing over you all the time.


When the left want to bring the 3rd world to Australia and strip the fuck out of the ecology of the east coast, they need an enemy to blame.

Being climate change warriors is in lieu of addressing the much bigger issue of mass immigration.


welcome to the club..fk em all

Agent 47

Lol it was an Indian going back for a wedding. Watching our multicultural utopia implode is hilarious.


Last edited 2 years ago by Agent 47

Seems nuts that people are allowed to travel to India and back for a wedding, while others are prevented from attending funerals overseas in countries where Covid hasn’t been such a debacle.


A really, really good article over at MB in the links:

“The problem was not Russia, whose Communist nomenklatura let their country be ruled by a Western-oriented kleptocracy, but China… The reason why today’s world is being plunged into an economic and near-military Cold War 2.0 is to be found in the prospect of socialist control of what Western economies since classical antiquity have treated as privately owned rent-yielding assets: money and banking (along with the rules governing debt and foreclosure), land and natural resources, and infrastructure monopolies.”

So many good observations in it

“The United States [Stewie: i.e. Global Bankers] hoped that China might be as gullible as the Soviet Union and adopt neoliberal policy permitting its wealth to be privatized and turned into rent-extracting privileges, to be sold off to Americans….But instead of adopting market-based neoliberalism, Mr. Prestowitz complained, China’s government supported industrial investment and kept money and debt control in its own hands. “


Essentially this harkens back to a long comment I made several weekends back on the conflict between Global Bankers and China, and how I now believe war to almost be inevitable – because China is seeking to use the natural resources and monopolies within its society to perpetuate and project forward Imperial Chinese values (cloaked in Communism) instead of turning them over so that private individuals (Oligarchs) can use those resources for their own purposes. Gunna also made a similar comment several weeks back on his interpretation of the same issue. Will see if I can find it.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

i’m amazed that they’re referencing a site like unz.com right in their weekend links

Last edited 2 years ago by stagmal

Yeah – I did a double take on that too. Becker probably choked on his eggs benedict while reading that at Sat breakfast.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

it’s a fantastic site, i’ve been reading it for years. i’m in a slack group that is posted in by a lot of its authors

A fly in your ointment

Flack, this is very good article.
U sure this was at EmBee?


Yeah – second on the weekend reading list.

I read another similar article on India the other day on India and Indian Nationalism. Almost identical issue.

Indian politicians at and post independence were all largely the educated classes soaked in the cultural values of the British Raj. The peasants as a whole didn’t know or care, or even understand the concepts of democracy, all they voted for and were interested in were policies that would improve their lot in life.

This state persisted for quite a while, but as India has subsequently lifted large numbers of people out of poverty (well I should actually say the West, because without access to our trade, markets and technology, just like China they would still be scrabbling in the dirt), has lessened in India what has happened, and is surprising the “Neo” elites in the same way that they are surprised by China’s refusal to adopt the open market reforms that they thought were inevitable by participating in global trade, is that Indians have instead become increasingly Nationalistic.

That is a large part of the West’s hostility to Modi – not that he is being mean to the Muslims (ffs, no one has been meaner to the Muslims that the US) rather, just like China, they are refusing to allow “Neo” Oligarch into India to buy natural monopolies or financialise their economy.

India, like China, is a threat to the West in that they are increasingly inclined to refuse open access to Indian markets, and are instead using state resources to help project their own cultural values forward into the future, rather than allow them to be turned over to Western Oligarchs for plundering under our Neoliberal system.