China threatens nuclear attack- EZFKA citizens start calling Chinese embassy to suggest targets

International relations continue to take dramatic turns following EZFKA’s decision to buy nuclear submarines from the Yanks. In the days that followed the submarine announcement, China retaliated by threatening to nuke EZFKA during any regional war. However, the responses received back was not what the Chinese had expected. On the morning following China’s threat, EZFKA … Read more

Poll shows Australian mainstream media journalists should go to the gallows first at Nuremburg 2.0

An EZFKA poll has found that Australian mainstream media journalists should be hung first, at the upcoming Nuremburg 2.0 trials. The poll, from the Presstitutes Get The Rope Institute, showed 110% of Australians think mainstream journalists from across the spectrum should face capitalist punishment for their conduct since March 2020. “Their data shows their conduct … Read more

Victoria Police request No-Fly Zone so they can deploy Predator drones ‘for protestors’ safety’

Victoria Police have requested a No-Fly Zone so they can deploy newly acquired Predator drones from the CCP, over the Melbourne CBD. CASA have since denied the application, but have opened the door to potentially more opportunities for drone strikes later. “We will be working with Victoria Police to find an opportune time to deploy … Read more

VicPol vow to shoot/injure more protestors to keep the hospitals from being overwhelmed

Victoria Police Commissioner Shane Patton has stated he will order his police to shoot and injure more unemployed tradies, in order to keep Victoria’s hospital system from being overwhelmed. The order comes as heroic Victoria Police officers shot more unarmed protestors at the ANZAC Shrine of Remembrance today, as a testament to those who died … Read more