Albanese praises Dutton for launching nuclear policy to get everyone to stop talking about immigration

PM Anthony Albanese has praised opposition leader Peter Dutton for launching his nuclear power strategy, to get the public to stop talking about immigration.

Albanese said he was still opposed to nuclear but not opposed to Dutton talking about it to get immigration off the front page.

“I’d like to thank Peter for getting this to take up the media cycle to take the heat off of all those rapist Indians and violent AF Africans that I’ve imported since taking office. That was getting a bit much as well with the High Court releases,” Albanese said.

“Australia has needed nuclear for years and the same cunts that are saying it takes too long will be saying we needed nuclear ten years from now. But who cares, anything to take the focus off of tent cities and jungle bunnies doing home invasions.”

Albanese said he was prepared to work with the Coalition on a number of bullshit distractions to keep the immigration debate off the table, in the lead-up to the election.

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thank fuck for timbo for saying this. dutton has successfully made the next election a referendum on nuclear power. very effective way to minimise having to talk about or make any serious promises on immigration at all.

Agent 47


I’m for nuclear but it’s a side issue. The invasion is front and centre.


Their kids are our future


Immigrant in Australia runs the lie that immigrants are not to blame.

Gets massive coverage on white self hating media like Your ABC.

Who’d have thunk it?


It’s why the Muslims never amount to anything, never produce anything and will always eventually lose. They’re pinheaded, deformed inbred morons. And the more they do it, the worse they’ll get.

The birth deformity rate amongst Muslims, particularly Pakis, in the UK is out of this world due to the rate of first cousin marriages being about 50%. (

And I’m not talking slightly deformed, I mean things out of science fiction movies, like babies with no brains, or legs and arms attached to the torso in random places etc.

Here’s a relatively normal example.

Gruppenführer Mark

FMD. I did not even suspect that the problem is so widespread. Third of all birth defects…. Cousins…. fark!

Makes the Habsburgs look almost innocent.


Consider the over-representation. A third of all birth defects from about 4% of the population.

A fly in your ointment

The invasion is front and centre.

Yep, the invaders are encroaching at the borders waiting for the guards to move along so they can cut the fence and enter. Texan style.

Agent 47

“Heh, it’s not an invasion if large numbers of foreigners deliberately move to another country, set up a large hostile diaspora and then white ant the host nation if they AREN’T ARMED when they arrive. Check mate, convicts.”

A fly in your ointment

Nice portrait of yourself you made there.

And how do you think they all come here? Illegally? Cross the border over night? Put a gun to immigration officers?
by an invitation of the polies you voted for?

LOL, your grankids will be dark muzzies and you’ll still wonder how.


I’m for nuclear

yay, more expensive power for us while we export coal to provide cheap power for foreign countries. What an awesome plan…


All our coal power plants are old and falling apart is my understanding.

So you either defy your various climate agreements and build a dozen new coal plants or you build nuclear or something else.


Climate agreements are a joke if you are just exporting the coal anyway. It doesn;t emit less co2 if burnt offshore.

And the power stations are old and falling apart because privatisation. If the gov is going to start building power stations again, and they are going to have to at some point, they should probably be coal.

Gruppenführer Mark

Climate agreements are a joke regardless. If we are forced to “go green”, I’d much rather go nuclear than coal or natgas. Electricity transmission results in significant losses (~30% IIRC). Burning additional coal to supplement line transmission losses vs. nuclear that is virtually free, once the plant is up and running? I’ll go nuclear every time. Maybe then it would make sense to get an EV. Otherwise, might as well get an ICE vehicle, burning petrol through the tail pipe is a better outcome than burning more coal at the plant to make electricity and transmit it to the point of consumption. And I am not even taking into account time required to fill an ICE vehicle vs. time required to charge up a battery. Until petrol fill time = battery fill time, time will be wasted. Then there is this whole infrastructure build thing, where the EVs are useless outside of the city, as the battery charging stations are not there. As the joke goes, 95% of the EVs are still on the road. 5% managed to make it home ok.

On to coal exports. Robert 2013 have uncovered a treasure trove in government forecasts in his previous post, I am still digging through this. Robert, chapeau!

So, thermal coal. 2022 price $395/t (USD). 2023 price $200/t. 2029 forecast $129/t.

Consumption data, 2023 vs 2029 (Mt):
Asia 968 to 835 (14% reduction)
China 372 to 161 (57% reduction)
India 178 to 207 (16% increase)
Europe 102 to 67 (34% reduction)

Exports by Australia 202MT in 2023 vs 205 Mt in 2029 – slight increase. The rest of the exporters’ volumes are projected to decrease between 2023 and 2029 – Indonesia, Russia, Colombia, South Africa, USA – all in decline, Australia has special thermal coal.

Total production in Australia is 252 Mt in 2023 vs 253 Mt in 2029 – no change. So, no more coal plants.


Burning additional coal to supplement line transmission losses vs. nuclear that is virtually free, once the plant is up and running? I’ll go nuclear every time.

Nuclear full lifecycle costs are higher than coal. Quite a lot higher than coal. Even if that coal needs to be shipped half way across the world.

Nuclear is so awesome that total reactors are currently falling and haven’t increased much at all since the 80’s.

have uncovered a treasure trove in government forecasts

The government couldn’t forecast it’s way out of a paper bag, That is how we end up with disasters like the NDIS and the current electricity grid. Basing anything on government forecasts is a fools errand.

And just for fun, new coal plants since year 2000
The fact that australia has added virtually nothing for 25 years explains the fact that all ours are going to shit.

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They could just lie anyway. If Dutton wins there won’t be a housing crisis anymore it will be about people getting wins out of property. What it does is give the voter an even bigger finger to the left which feels quite empowering. I bet even most leftists are doubting climate change now.


Imagine if the termination referenced was suggested because the Indigenous couple were first cousins…? Hmmm

A fly in your ointment

Haha, this is funny from Dumbo.

Pointing at a distraction whilst making another distraction.

Yep, all the tyrannies of the world were voted out. (she said sarcastically).
The fact that the tyranny is soft in this pond and makes one think one lives a wealthy life does not change the nature of the beast.


Well that’s really cleared things up.


how is immigration a distraction its literally the only issue in ezfka that is worth a shit

A fly in your ointment

Asking that question is an indication you’re unable to comprehend the response.
Immigration can stop to a grinding screeching halt tomorrow. If the parliamentary parties decide so. Those you voted for.
You are being flucked by those you voted for and yet you focus your hate on those who are just a nut in the “fuck the aussies” machine. Good onya moite!

Your grandkids will be darkie muzzies… thanks to yourself.


This has been discussed before.

At some point people moving here to study bullshit degrees that lead to nowhere other than never ending visas that at some point lead to PR, as a beachhead for then eventually bringing their families over, are not as innocent as you make out.

Certainly not all but a reasonable number at this point are complicit in the scam. And being complicit is also being culpable.

You appear wilfully ignorant of this.

Second is like I said all major parties support immigration so no it won’t just be voted out. It is now a feature of the system, and the result of when your country is run like a giant profit centre instead of a members first organisation.

Hence EZFKA.

A fly in your ointment

…bullshit degrees that lead to nowhere other than never ending visas that at some point lead to PR, as a beachhead for then eventually bringing their families over, are not as innocent as you make out.

They’d be not as innocent is they themselves held the gov by a gun to their temple and forced them to make the immigration loopholes and the whole legislation like a Swiss cheese.
Yes the new immigrants seemingly (ab)use the lax immi regulations but those loopholes were made so that they can use them. Tell us, what law or rule is broken when the immo does what you deescribed.
Thibk about it, if wanted to stop the abuse of immigration laws, they could do it tomorrow.

Nope, his topic was never discussed here. Echo chambered only…


When you willingly game the visa system to your advantage it is unethical. That’s why there are many dozens of comments and blog posts on it here.

It’s like saying Google isn’t to blame because they pay no tax in Australia, it’s the lawmakers fault.

Which it is, but Google is also taking the piss by exploiting every loop hole there is in the tax code rather than at least offering back some of their billions in revenue back to the community that they earn their revenue from.

As I said being complicit is also being culpable, it breaks the social contract at a certain level of exploitation.


As I said being complicit is also being culpable, it breaks the social contract at a certain level of exploitation.

The thing is foreign companies and foreign people never really signed up to the social contract


Except that by operating within Australia you do by extension. No company is an island in the country they operate in.


“Asking that question is an indication you’re unable to comprehend the response.”

and giving responses like this is an indication you’re just bluffing bullshit and dont have any other good counter answer

muh prison wardens

“Your grandkids will be darkie muzzies… thanks to yourself.”

lol wtf


Last edited 21 days ago by stagmal
A fly in your ointment

My response included a statement which you quotes and I still gave you the explanation.
You just dont like it.
Not one single response from youse haters countered my observations. But surely ad hominem galore


In the litany of your shit takes, this is top 5.

A fly in your ointment

Being accused of a litany by someone who posts nothing but the “it’s the negroes/jews/poojeets/abos/slopes fault”



Since I had such fun with the other meme, I redid it for the hypocrisy around the environment and immigration:


I was watching some vids in Keith Wood’s time line, where Colonel Douglas Macgregor and renowned economist Michael Hudson are being interviewed:

The conversation with Colonel Macgregor was particularly interesting, especially when he describes Victoria Nuland as being neither Republican or Democrat but “Neocon”.

The Colonel says that much of the animosity and framing of the US and the rest of the worlds view on Russia is due to their personal family experiences of what happened to their ancestors who came from that region, that these “Neocons” have taken with them as a ‘permanent axe to grind with Russia’ irrespective of everyone else’s views and relationships with Russia.

There have been many times that I’ve stated in one form of another “The Rus are the historic enemies of the Democrats.

Neocons are really just a euphemism for Jewish cultural values, whether they be in economics or foreign policy and when we talk about pan global Jewish values we are essentially talking about Zionist values – and everyone of these Neocons is or can easily become a dual citizen with Israel.


Feels like that tide has turned, and is running the other way (no matter how desperate they try to stop it).

Israel’s retaliation, following the disaster of Ukraine, seems like the writhing of a dying snake. Sure they’re pouring billions of our money into it all, but the actual outcome is that no one wants globalism anymore.

The Future Fund had Neil Howe in to guide the $200B of taxpayer funds, which sounds more and more like having your palm read for $100. Something is not quite right there, because Howe is pushing his new book “The Fourth Turning is Here”.

He has already got into the head of the FF CEO who told the Fin yesterday “it’s looking more like the 1930’s”.

Worth checking out.

Gruppenführer Mark

Neil Howe! Here is the name I haven’t come across in a while.

While I did read his The Fourth Turning, it was written in 1997, and pretty much said that we is farked sometime in early 2000s. So far we continue to be mostly unfarked.

Although Neil & Strauss did make accurate observations based on the US history, I doubt that the same theory can be easily extended to Europeans, or Chinese, or Mozambique. USA is a special beast, with oceans protecting it from two sides, and never having been involved in a major war on its own soil, being invaded from outside.

One thing for certain, Trump represents isolationists (mostly), while Biden represents globalists. They both have neocons in their midst, of course, they differ in methods and strategery, but not in the desired outcomes. Two halves of the same ass.

I would argue that Kondratiev waves are a better area of study than turnings and generational cycles in the USA.


Thanks, good summary.

The AFR made it sound recent, see here.

Gruppenführer Mark

Neil Howe is a Washington DC insider. I do love the disclaimer on his wiki page:

A major contributor to this article appears to have a close connection with its subject.

He has come up with a theory that fits history, with some omissions (the bit around Civil War causing a skip in cycle, where there were three and not four turnings, was presented as a proof that the rule works). So, he is milking it for whatever it has left. And the warning message he is delivering is meant for the American public, to keep them worried and asking to be governed harder, daddy!


Any Neocons in the Trump administration were there to subvert, and so they did.

Their goals are incompatible to isolationism…. how will the world be delivered into their hands if they isolate themselves from it?


as a result of their overreach over the last several decades as well as recently in israel theyve totally lost the PR war and their control over young people in the benefactor countries they need the support of. someone like nick j fuentes has more influence amongst zoomers and gen alpha than any of their headline zionist spook commentators. they absolutely know theyre in trouble now, doesnt matter how many buildings in gaza they bulldoze long term they have no positive strategic outlook.

Last edited 21 days ago by stagmal

Despite finding him somewhat annoying I’ve started to follow Nick Fuentes and I am starting to be inclined to agree with you. When he intereacts with anyone, even prominent mainstream figures like AOC, he is the one who usually gets more interactions.

It is almost like the Zionists had perfected their shtick for Boomers and are now having to re-invent it for social media.

This is why I am finding the war in the rightwing between influencers like BAP/REN whose ‘conservative’ cultural starting point is clearly in the Jewish quarter vs the likes of Nick and Keith Woods to be increasingly significant, and the source of hostility between the two groups.


By the time Gen Z and Gen Alpha dominate the electorate, we’ll probably be envious of the level of democracy in Russia.

Even the EU is somehow able to just bypass Hungary’s veto now:

Gruppenführer Mark

how will the world be delivered into their hands if they isolate themselves from it

Through proxies. Through policy with an implied threat. Through covert operations. I am not saying that this is achievable, I am saying that once you give in to the delusion of grandeur, logic, however perverted, will follow. Hell, they are still living according to The Grand Chessboard, published a quarter of a century ago! There isn’t a new philosophy except for famous “double down” move. Always. So is with Israel.


What a complete fucking scam.

$200k pay rise before she has started, this parasite will be earning $709k pa (that is before all the other benefits she will claim, surely $300k pa minimum).


Forgot that she gets 2 houses free, plus “living expenses” and “travel expenses”, so that $300k guesstimate is probably half short.

This is for a 5 year term, so index that as well until 2029…her salary is $100k more than Albo’s.

Albo has also swung his mate from the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet over to be her secretary.

They hate you.


Why shouldn’t they? We keep voting for them.


We all know that you can’t vote out the current system. The best you can do is profit from it.


you cant vote it out because everyone else is voting it in. which is a distinction without a difference i guess.

ozcuck has always been right, the actions of the govt are simply reflecting the wishes of the electorate.


Not sure on that point. It’s been covered repeatedly for a decade on MB most people want less migration yet here we are. Same around the world.

It is wilfully disregarding the interest of the people in favour of big business donations and political cultural corruption.


but people keep voting for the same parties, they may poll that way on immigration but clearly they dont prioritise it enough to get off the lib-lab-greens track. saying you want less immigration but still voting for a party thats going to obviously deliver it is as good as wanting more of it.

i genuinely dont think the average australian politically cares about anything other than their house price so they can get sick equity to buy shit and renovate their kitchen. everyone may say they want more “housing affordability” but not if that comes at the expense of the houses they currently own and live in. they just want affordability for the new houses, which is obviously impossible and retarded. my boomer dad brags to me about his house price appraisal all the time, many such cases.

Last edited 20 days ago by stagmal

saying you want less immigration but still voting for a party thats going to obviously deliver it is as good as wanting more of it.

If there was only one policy then you could argue this, but given their are multiple things a government does then voting for an anti immigration party that won’t win is throwing away any say you could have on any other issue to achieve nothing about immigration.


we need to stop coping legacy australians are their own worst enemy


then start the revolution,
You are wasting your time achieving nothing, just as the system intends.
You need to understand the system doesn’t work the way they told you when you were in school.

Last edited 20 days ago by commentBot

start the revolution lol

most of the people here are so anonymous they dont even give the name they used when they were on macro. no one is starting no ‘revolution’

i dont expect anything to change or anyone to fix anything. im just here to poast

Last edited 20 days ago by stagmal
A fly in your ointment

then start the revolution,

That’s my line


No your line is:-
blah blah blah
indecipherable crap
incomprehensible garbage
Smug superiority for no valid reason.

A fly in your ointment


I am sure that 2+2=4 is incomprehensible for 2+2=22 mob. The Blah-Blah stuff

Me superior and smug?
It’s the juxtaposition to some common posters here that makes idiots like me appear that way.
That and me knowing my ways with sophist like you.


They are just greedy and dumb. One of the worst combinations there is.



In a first past the post system, yes. With preferential voting system like we have, you can vote 1 for the “Giant Gaping Cunts” party, and 2 for the LibLab party, aka the “Giant Gaping Anus” party.


And lets say a seat actually elects a member of the fuck immigration party for their electorate.
The end result is that their electorate gets completely ignored by both lib and lab and gets nothing from the government.
It is simply much more in your interest to elect a rep that is likely to get into government.


This seems correct to me and indirectly references my points below on this subject.


Lol they vote for it though. About 90% of the voters. It might not be the wishes of the electorate but the parties have made it 100% clear what they are for decades.


They don’t vote for high Ponzi immigration directly necessarily, it’s by proxy of all votes preferencing to the two major parties and the various policies of the major parties being an approximate middle ground for many voters on issues other than immigration.

And then you throw in fake tough on immigration bait and switchers the LNP and it’s not too hard to see how we arrived at the present.

Throw in the uni party is aligned on high migration.

The average Aussie voter is just a boiled frog at this point.

I do agree house price gains are softening the impact to resistance to immigration though because at least you can profit from it.


They vote for it because uniparty and preferential voting. And also because LNP and the ALP for whatever reason are still the political centre for enough people who haven’t felt enough pain yet.


you cant vote it out because everyone else is voting it in.

You can’t vote it out unless the politicians do. they are the only everyone else that matters.

A fly in your ointment

We all know that you can’t vote out the current system. The best you can do is profit from it.

Well said.


I think the clue was in “Trans” power

I like this line – A pylon collapse that left 100,000 New Zealand homes and businesses without power was caused by too many bolts being removed by a maintenance crew working for a contractor which boasts about its diversity, equity and inclusion-focused hiring policies.

I thought I’d better check out who’s working there

How very diverse. State owned of course


Don’t laugh at the Kiwis, most Infrastructure organisations in EZFKA are heavily staffed by Pajeet “engineers”.

You know, those highly qualified types staring at an NBN cable in a hole in your street while your home internet crawls at dial up speed.

By qualified obviously I mean those awesome engineering degrees from Pajeet land, Middle East etc which the Leftard love to claim “oh my poor taxi driver has an Honours in …. but this racist country won’t recognise it..”


Our power infrastructure has been run down to critical single points of failure since privatisation so the same will happen here, and already has.


An engineering organisation composed of pajeets and women will not be fit for purpose, and will produce expensive disasters. This is axiomatic.

A fly in your ointment

Poojeets and wimin are just the cherry on top.
Engineering has become mostly social engineering first and then laced with traces of actual engineering as per meaning if the word. Being a white man does not guarantee positive outcome any more, particularly in a cuntry where majority are cucks


Ok so Albo didn’t even have the balls to announce this latest Visa freebie, he left it to his boss…

the arborist

Yikes. The elites’ goal of no borders has pretty much been completed. The gates are open and the flood is only going to get worse.


Why the fuck are we doing this? This is completely at odds with distancing ourselves from that country.

But oh that’s right immigration Ponzi must go on.


Why the fuck are we doing this?

Because we gotta get those export $$$$, and the ponzi of course.

A fly in your ointment

Post this news clip and then laments that immos are “invading” Oz.

Types like this would not be able to get who the real culprits for excessive immigration are even when Canberra begins to offer citizenship on the spot, a free flight and free housing to poojeets and slopes.

That’ll keep the laugh for the whole day.


Nice snap from a couple of weeks ago and this clip




assange freed. wasnt expecting this. if the albanese govt hand a hand in this they did something good for once. couldnt imagine dutton ever doing this to help.


He paid a big price, noone is gonna do that again anytime soon.


Rudd working behind the scenes? He’s probably the only person annoying enough to get the US to cave on this.


aus govt probably promised to withdraw rudd as ambassador in exchange for assanges freedom



Gruppenführer Mark

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has walked free and boarded a plane after reportedly reaching a deal with the US Government that will see him plead guilty to one count of violating the Espionage Act.

The plea and sentencing are expected on Wednesday in the Northern Mariana Islands at 9am local time.

US territory. He is going to enter a guilty plea and find out how trustworthy the US Govt is with the agreement. So many things that can go wrong. I hope for his sake he will indeed be free.


wow didnt see that, yup could be a set up. we’ll wait and see


he’s in thailand rn


4 dead found in Broadmeadows home.

Looks like some Muslim bullshit to me.

“Uncle Cory” apparently went to visit his nephew at 2am, as you do, and found him and 3 other people dead. Well well well.

My money says its Uncle Cory what done it.


Druggies gonna do druggie things.

Overdoses all round, sadly.

They would be the last non Muslim family left in Broady though.

A fly in your ointment

Looks like some Muslim bullshit to me.

Have they released names of the muzzies who done it?


Lunatic slashes people at a hospital.

I’d bet a schooner that he’ll be a Muslim. Muslims and stabbing people go together like Muslims and throwing homosexuals off tall buildings.

It’s OK though, the cops are going to investigate his mental health history and drug use to see if they can find a way to excuse his behaviour and let him go.


I was wrong about this new GG, as the often funny John MacGowan said on X, she’s “a brave Mujahideen fighting the most important war of all – the war against men”

That fucking retard rugby bloke who wears the bandana convinced me.


Read this, bet you can’t stop from laughing


No mater the context women’s suffering must always be the greatest…


“Their service isn’t what it used to be”.

Peacetime soldiering is fucking hard and dangerous. I did a knifemaking course a few years ago, and two of the other participants were relatively young men who’d been discharged from the army due to injuries incurred during their service.

What an utter disgrace.


She seems to be the new Clementine Ford. Disgusting person.


Here’s to many more !!


Poms doing what convicts would not do even in a nightmare…
The disobedience thingo.


I think Sydney people like the tolls they’ve been insufferable for decades and it’s a good excuse not to drive too far and see each other.

the arborist

Undercover expose of Disney corp hiring practices…


Don’t bother applying for:

  • a c-suite job if you’re not a jewish man
  • an IT job if you’re not a pajeet
  • any job at all if you’re a straight white male

ipa holocaust a long time coming

those things are fucken disgusting


I bought one the other day for the lulz it was disgusting it was really sour and like they’d put lemon in it. It was a lager people just want a lager not a recipe with 50 things in it.


people be out here fooling themselves this stuff is better than great northern or four x or whatever just no lol


Yeah that went on for ages a lot of naval gazing. Fat yak and all these stupid bloating ales.


Craft beer can also be a lager or Pilsener. Try some different styles if you don’t like IPAs.


They’re all just a wank. Oh look at us it’s the brave new world with computer phones and shit so we’ll demonstrate our superiority by making beer. No one has ever done that before.


so we’ll demonstrate our superiority by making beer. No one has ever done that before.

the biggest irony of all being that a lot of it is just made in the big breweries anyway and just has a fancy label slapped on.


lmao i can see why fuentes has a cult now

hes genuinely hilarious


Cut teh rates!

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