Melbourne’s Indian Community celebrates International Women’s Day with traditional Hindu murder of woman in Point Cook

Melbourne’s Indian community has celebrated International Women’s Day in true form, with the murder of a Point Cook woman.

Chaithanya “Swetha” Madhagani was found dead in a wheelie bin west of Geelong, with her husband as the suspected killer already having fucked off back to India.

‘Actually sir, it is really great start to International Woman’s Day and to celebrate Indian culture,” Tarneit resident Gagandeep Singh said.

‘Not only do Indians bring rape and street shitting to Melbourne, but also our great cultural practice of wife murder, making us a very multicultural city.’

Singh told reporters that the Indian community would be lobbying to make Sati legal in Australia, following a current bid to have open air funeral pyres in Melton.

Meanwhile, Melbourne has again been voted the Most Non-Extraditable City for Indian migrants, an award which began with Puneet Puneet.

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Lord Kremnos

I thought turning your ex into mulch was the traditional way? Last months ex wife into the tractor slasher was a modern interpretation, wasn’t it? Maybe it alternates according to the moon or some religious directive?


Are we going to ignore the legacy, “footy” bogan murder in Ballarat


what happened?

Agent 47

Basically this


to be honest i dont get whole deal talking about murder at all in australia besides to shine a light on just how fascinatingly violent africans are

aus murder rate is like 0.8/100,000

its basically as low as you are ever going to get and yet people still go on about this country like we’re el salvador and we nede a bukele to ‘rescue us’ despite this and crime in general not being problems except in a few hot spots like alice springs

the difference between us and el salvador couldnt be more stark

what’s remarkable about it all is how like 1000-2000 south sudanese are capable of creating so much chaos disproportionate to their numbers. african crime is sociologically fascinating, theyre on a level all to their own

w/o abos and the sudanese/africans (who are fortunately as of yet still tiny in number) we’d basically have almost no crime at all, like japan. there are some years in japan where there isnt a single murder at all; we wouldn’t be on that level given legacy australians are worse than japanese but it’d be close enough

i dont think indians are ever going to be much of a problem crime wise to be honest, at least when it comes to violent crime. seems like theyre not really very physically violent at all, but they may be overrepresented in sexual crimes; they’re often sex pests, not thugs. i think you may also see corporate offenses, corruption, workplace negligence offenses a lot w/ them, but not shit like street muggings or robberies etc as theyre too high inhibition and physically maladroit for those classes of crime

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Agent 47

“i dont think indians are ever going to be much of a problem crime wise to be honest”

You’ve never lived there obviously. Plenty of violent crime in some provinces, a lot of it directed against women. And the only demographic better at fraud than Indians are the Nepalese.

They’re also a huge problem on the roads. Id rather not have them here at all.

Good thread:


that assumes the indians come here are necessarily representative of the indians in india; it’s unlikely to be the case, though they obviously arent as super-representative as the ones in say the u.s or the u.k, my guess would be the average indian who comes to australia has an av iq of about 95 or so

and so would i lol i dont want pajeet migration or migration at all im just saying i dont think theyre likely to be that problematic in violent crime; they arent in the u.s or the u.k either, but may be in places such as suriname or the netherlands where the average indian descended person is more likely to be representative of indians as a whole. india is a huge and heterogenous place, so it’s very difficult to get some handle on just what their aggregate sociological characteristics are like, or even what the average indian iq is (let alone what the average indian genotypic iq is).

for the record even if they were superior to legacy australians in every sociological and criminological respect, i still wouldnt want to be demographically replaced by them anymore than i would want to be demographically replaced as a human by a facsimile robot human.

Last edited 4 months ago by stagmal

I’m making the point that it is just identitarianism

just as bad as the other side

Should we be more wary of blacks ? Yes
should we be more wary of legacy bogans? Yes
should we be more wary of men ? Yes

all these things are reasonable heuristics

but the overall idea is that we should ruthlessly punish all crimes


im aware bruh just felt like talking about something


In Brisbane it must be higher what with Gerard Baden Clay, the Korean student, the French student, the German backpacker, the New Farm murder, and the Nzer footy player who killed Hanna Clark and his three daughters.

Baden Clay could be out of prison in 3 years.


“Fascinatingly violent” is an interesting turn of phrase, when considering hammer bashings and robberies, knifings, home invasions etc.

I’d say “Horrifically, disgustingly, repugnantly violent”.

Many years ago, my now ex-wife had her kid in a trendy woke private school for littlies up to year 3. We went to a party of the parents, and all these woke, hippy, lefty women were speaking in hushed and horrified tones about the savage violence being inflicted on all the other kids at the school…meaning their children…by a family of 3 or 4 Sudanese kids at the school…remembering that these are 5-7 year olds I’m talking about.

There was much “Oh, we must remember they’ve been traumatised by war, so there’s nothing we can do” and similar shit. I wanted to tell them that they were making excuses for savage niggers who were beating the shit out of their children every day, but, at that point, I wanted to stay married.

The woke imbeciles will be apologising to the darkies and Muslims who kill them as their throats are being cut. “I’m so sorry that you were subjected to racism and Islamophobia…wait what NO!..REEEEEE EEEEEEK BLARGLE YARGH EEEEEEHGH ERGH ECH ECH ECH …” If you’ve seen a few Muslim beheading videos, you’ll know what I mean.

Aussie Soy Boy

If legacy unit, islander trash, aborigine offspring weren’t exposed to AFL or NRL from an early age I can only imagine how less violent this country would be.


the AFL theory of interpersonal violence

Aussie Soy Boy

No two sports in the world are as accepting of off the ball violence and abuse. Then everyone wonders why their 8 year old has ADHD symptoms where he wants to hit other kids or bash sticks against poles, etc.


ice hockey is pretty bad tbh

“i went to the fight last night and a hockey game broke out” — rodney dangerfield

Last edited 4 months ago by stagmal

I actually spent Sunday night in the hospital after coping a puck to the mouth.


sure you don’t mean cock?


That would be your fantasy, not my reality.


No two sports in the world are as accepting of off the ball violence and abuse.

lol, have you seen american football? the entire concept is off the ball violence.


I watched ‘Sunderland until I die’ on netflix. You should see how much those saddos violently give a fuck about whether or not their football team wins.

Most males are naturally violent it’s all about harnessing it.

If there was no media or authority you’d definitely have mobs of dumb males cruising around assuming power.

And you’d have to suck their cock. And you’d want to because you’re gay.


Do you get fined by the local council if you dump the wife’ body in the wrong coloured bin? And is she recyclable or household rubbish?


This thread is racist. We should embrace diversity.


But people are racist…

“The middle-class families are trying to essentially avoid people from lower-income backgrounds,” she says.

“Perhaps they think that these kids will be more disruptive in class or they’ll be a bad influence on the kids. Sometimes, there is also a racial component if there are a lot of non-Anglo Australian kids, that could be seen as a negative influence.

“There’s often a lot of euphemisms that people will use. They might say a certain school looks very rough. That’s often code for ‘there’s a lot of kids who look like they might be from poor backgrounds’ or from certain ethnic backgrounds.”

Gruppenführer Mark

I do miss Gary Larson. I wish they’d start making table calendars with his cartoons again. He was the best.

Cyanide and Happiness are my current favs. They are so wrong, it’s great!



Gruppenführer Mark

And while we are on comics, here is one regarding latest events.


yimbys were championing auckland as the poster child of their upzoning dream


Oh, the YIMBYs are not going to like that.


Kate Middleton – is she dead?

If not why has the Palace released photoshopped photos?

Until now my interest in this mystery has been a big fat ZERO. But the release of the photoshopped photos is interesting, speculation is rife from impending divorce, dead or kidnapped.

My speculation is that she’s probably been checked into rehab somewhere for a drinking problem.

Regardless I’m 99% sure that when the mystery behind this disappearance is revealed my interest in Kate and the Royals will return to Zero.

Aussie Soy Boy

It seems serious. Is it really that big a deal if she dies though? Maybe poisoned by the Russians or something.


All I know is that she went in for surgery, but my care factor for the Royals is zero. 

I know the UK is currently having a lot of issues and controversies wiht a pseudo-medical “physician associate” workforce trying to replace doctors, but there’s absolutely no way a Royal would have that kind of substandard treatment.

Agent 47

I think she’s dead or seriously ill.

There was a thread on x that I couldn’t find discussing that William is actually the son of Jacob Rothschild and Diana. Unsure if that’s connected to him dying recently but whatever, royals the least of my concerns at the moment


the queen is dead boys and its so lonely on a limb

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I believe Gagandeep’s brother is the well known Mandeep, cousin of Anal.

No shit, I went to high school for 4 years with an Indian kid named “Sunny”. This was back in the 70s, when everybody was white apart from the wogs and an Indian was a rarity. It was only when we finished school that I found out that his real name was Anal.

No wonder he wanted to be called Sunny.

Then there was the wog in my year group, who was actually named Darko Barbaric. He was true to his name, too.

I loathe and despise the whole fucking lot of ’em.


Darko Barbaric is a fucking hilarious name.

Gruppenführer Mark

Speaking of peculiar names…

Worked with a dude named Chu On Poon

And, of course, classic from Wall Street. Bang Dae Ho

Last edited 4 months ago by Gruppenführer Mark

Came on hear about 180 degree which ways the wind going fozzie… gee whiz what a cuck

Aussie Soy Boy

Can’t believe this cry baby blackfella complaining about another blackfella calling him a monkey.