‘Nuclear for Australia is dumb’ says retard who thought a 6000km solar power cable to Singapore was a good idea

Mining billionaire Andrew Forrest has slammed the proposal by the Coalition to have nuclear power plants across Australia, saying the move is ‘dumb.’

Forrest was joined in the calls by Simon Holmes A Court, claiming that the move to have power that most of the first world and manufacturing powerhouses have had for decades was ‘grossly unfair for their personal investments.’

“This is utter nonsense from Peter Dutton, clearly the answer is a whole bunch of useless wind turbines completely reliant on the weather and some cheap solar panels from China,” Forrest said.

“I’ve gone all in on that renewable grift along with the hydrogen thing that will never really come to light, it’s only fair and reasonable that the government subsidies come to me and me only. The Sun Cable grift was a fantastically bullshit idea but was just lacking in government subsidies paid out to me and Mike Cannon-Brookes.”

Forrest said he would continue to happily profit from exporting uranium to every other country but maintained Australia should remain an energy basket case.

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amazing the boomers are so obsessed with this bc if they ever bother to try to build a nuclear power station in aus by the time they finish it the last boomer will be in their grave

theyre all going to be dead by the time it gets finished assuming it ever gets off the ground he first place so why do they seemingly care so much

also given its EZFKA they are guaranteed to screw it up or itll end up costing way more than it should so it wont make power prices cheaper anyway

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Nuclear is the only policy where the Libs propose to change Australia in some way and also the only substantive point on which they differ from Labor

It also allows them to claim to be fighting climate change

I’m not convinced anyone really cares about nuclear but it fulfils an important part of the political kabuki theatre


im not saying i OPPOSE IT, just saying that its main proponents seem bizarrely fixated w/ it despite the fact that they will derive seemingly no benefit from it at all and pointing out the obvious probable chance theyre going to massively fuck this up

its very clear the boomers think that thisll all be done in like 2 years then theyll get their quarterly power bill (that which they dread and loathe the most) cut in half or more

never come between a boomer and his dreams of cutting his immediate cost of living by a relatively trivial amount

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It’s more so they can say that they care about climate change and as proof they support nuclear which is manlier than renewables

Nuclear would probably be good but it’s the EZFKA so who really cares tbh

No question whoever produces the energy will gouge to the max, Australia should have gas bills as low as Russia where it’s dirt cheap but no politician gives two shits about the economic units of this island


Look up that Will Shackel kid. He’s supposed to be a “Youf for nuclear energy” but is clearly backed by the Liberal Party.

Have not heard anyone seriously talk about nuclear energy as an option – and if they were, it would be in someone else’s state or suburb.

Agree with No1 – it’s all political theatre.


fact that they will derive seemingly no benefit from it at all

The private companies that bought our power generation assets for cents on the dollar decades ago are still extracting profits from them, probably more than ever as older plants close and shortages develop.
The benefit is delaying any meaningful changes until all these assets are end of life and they can throw the clusterfuck of a power grid back to the government to fix up.

Gruppenführer Mark

The main issue is, if this does go forward, which company will be signed up to build the nuclear power plant? Chinese, Russians are obviously out. US, France, Canada?

Wouldn’t it be a laugh if french were given the initial contract, and then yanks swoop in and get that reversed. I think I recall something like this has happened before 🤔


Do tards still have UKR flags in their bios? If so doubt they’ll see this



It probably would be dumb to build the type of reactors currently running overseas. We can’t even build a tunnel without causing a sinkhole and cost overrun.


Imagine people like this blockading the build site every day.


the nuclear stations will be in a regional area so they prob wont have to worry about that


idk, they used to bus protesters to logging sites.


can only keep that up a bit though it wont be the endless continous stream of disruption it would be if the plants were close to the city


It is a bit of a worry. We can barely build a McMansion.

I remember that politician being sacked because he said he wouldn’t trust Australians to build a canoe let alone a submarine.



i think as a lot of essential services become more pajeet dominated the more they will become like they are in india


A chick as the CEO and a pajeet as the boss of comms. Guaranteed fuckup, right there.


I’m right because I put my hands on my hips and I listen to ABC Sydney 702. What a faggot.


I guess they can target these inner west areas because they vote green and it will be no loss in terms of votes. Plus they’d have no power when it comes to politcians getting big jobs at shekelcorp after they leave politics.


Old leftard faggot, gets an offer for $3m in his letter box so has a cry about it.


Thinks he’s in a movie or somethin, the narcissism. Fuckin pieces of shit. I hope they fuck the inner west to hell.


i hate the people in these areas but these are some of the few architecturally decent places in all of australia

i dont want to turn them into meriton skykennel shitholes to house infinity shitskins even if the people living in these suburbs are hypocritical pieces of shit

punish the people not the buildings themselves; take every immigration supporting nimby in these suburbs, put a bullet their head, and give it their properties to people like me instead

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Gruppenführer Mark

So, communism?

give it their properties to people like me


national socialism

Gruppenführer Mark

Slippery slope. Plus Oz doesn’t have a homogeneous race uber Allez.




Nothing wrong with stealing. This whole system is effectively the stealing of houses and wealth.


I don’t care anymore I’d rather a big mcmansion. The concrete rendered ones look pretty good imo. I think the old houses close to the city are quite pretty but all that is so long ago and irrelevant.


If he doesn’t like it he can take it up with Peter Tulip and the YIMBYs.

Agent 47

Lol good work.

All that wog faggot can do is attack the quality of the meme, because the message is correct.


the boys are running rampant in the replies, get in there while you still can


They claim to have overcome racism but most of them are just propadee meatheads. More worthless rubes.


Silly mummy’s boy claims you can’t be racist to white people, then cries when someone is racist to him.

Nice work.

Agent 47

On a similar note, notice Mike Cannon-Brookes never says anything publicly now?

All that bullying from the EZFKA account probably rent free in his head.

Agent 47

Vintage pajeet behaviour. Commit a crime and fuck off on your mates passport the next day.

Wow what a rollercoaster for the Australian journalism contingent. Gay double homicide, two murders by Africans on elderly people, the they get some respite with the Sam Murphy murder being a white footy player and now this.


Gruppenführer Mark

What do you think happened here? Scorned lover thingie?

Also, a Merc and a mini cooper. Equity mate in a pajeet accent.


Ballarat murder was some bikie shit I heard.

The kids zip tied in Broome had been warned off before, should have been at school, their lazy parents filming them should have been at work, and I guess the guy should not have zip tied a couple of kids he caught on his parents property.

But it will lift a lid on the the rampant Aboriginal youth crime if they look too closely into it, better not do that, just call him a racist.

Must be hard for all the media and their leftard mates trying to bury African murder, Gay murder, and now Pajeet murder.

We need a campaign telling us Australian men are very violent.


Bingo, there you have it, women killed in DV (which is admittedly awful) but it will be blamed on white males very quickly.

Let’s see the DV rates broken down by race, starting with Aboriginal.

Same with youth crime.

Go on media, I dare you…



Aaand here is some whiny Teal puppet walking past the fact it’s a Pajeet murder, and completely ignoring the white grandmother stabbed to death by that jungle bunny a few weeks ago.

Looking to blame all men. Must be that toxic masculinity I keep hearing about.

Do better people.

Be told by this climate Karen.


Good thing most girls are probably only on instagram and shit. It’s flat out treason and terrorism to put it so bluntly.


Is she calling for migrant re-education camps? Lmao that some teal Karen thinks she can beat 30 years of cultural conditioning in India by saying Do Better.

A fly in your ointment

Self regulated cut-throat industry…
Boeing certifies itself and it is uncompetitive like more and more US manufacturers are. It’s given that they’ll be like Aeroflot in 80s – falling off like ripened pears, making the same splatter sound. Airbus nex6


I’m tipping seeking financial advice on Reddit isn’t worth it either.

Who’d have thought that L plate pollies, absolute wreckers from the Socialist Left, would ruin the economy and each and every investment avenue we have?


Love the comments which assume the property will double in 10 years to make the investment case


To be fair that is not an impossible outcome


>defence force member
It’s right across all demographics.


Amazing, in this whole article from Your ABC it mentions the word ‘immigration’ once, but it is hidden under the pic, then never dares say it again.

Not once is it referenced again.

The worst situation for Australians in their history of basic accommodation, the least affordable time ever. These leftards have deduced the problem – rents are too high.

This is the best example of barely midwit thinking in EZFKA since Peter Tulip got onto the RBA.

Albo, taking over from Scomo, has ruined generations of Australians’ lives.





if i was more cynical id just say tulip is a parody account at this point

its hard to imagine this guy is supposed to be a serious academic who got a presumably megabux job with the RBA


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He’s still not finding much support in the comments.



Comings favourite people.


Spanian must be doing pretty well. He’s renting a city apartment for $2100 a week.