Australian YIMBY dickhead has meltdown as idiot from CISOZ gets a good hard Dick-ing on immigration

The YIMBY movement really is starting to come apart at the seams, online anyway, as the cracks start to open up and the (bowel) movement starts to spray shit everywhere.

‘Economist’ and YIMBY Stu Donovan had a complete meltdown on X this week that he was forced to block us and turn replies off :

Two favourite parts in the thread are where he has no issue with Chinese buying up everything and that it’s an ‘urban planning issue’ and not an immigration one. Because the size and populace of your’locale doesn’t factor in to urban planning considerations at all.

Like most YIMBY’s he looks like he has an Asian wife or is a homo/cyclist, either way he’s from the effeminate academic class that has no real-life experience and in this case, has never built a home or been on the tools in his life. Not to mention the Aboriginal place name in his bio.

Basic supply and demand is kryptonite to the whole YIMBY movement and they know it, as summed up here:

And here:

Jordan is a good dude and a great follow on X, he’s also behind the Migration Watch AU account.

Anyways, Dick Smith had a debate with some dual-citizen, Peter Tulip understudy from the Centre For Independent Studies last week on immigration and housing. I’d only just brought myself to watch this shitfest and didn’t make it all the way through, however watched enough to know that this Emilie Dye AWFL is an idiot.

The usual vapid platitudes from Emilie, a migrant telling us not to blame those migrants outbidding you 60 times over reserve with laundered cash from Shenzhen for the housing crisis etc. A quick look at her X profile proves she’s nothing more than a roastie-in-waiting.

Dick’s done some great work on this (remember when he destroyed Waleed Aly on The Project over it years ago) but he still parrots that stupid 70,000 a year nonsense, which is just the ‘I’m not racist but’ equivalent. Just say zero migration Dick, most people not aligned with the property industry agree.

Tl;Dr the YIMBY movement is totally astroturfed bullshit and mentioning immigration is the easiest way to destroy them. The only question is will we ever genuinely find out who is funding the whole thing?

Either way, just keep bullying YIMBY’s.

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YIMBY is a necessary component to support mass immigration

Tent cities show that mass immigration doesn’t work

Kowloon Walled Cities allow technocrats to argue that it does work, in the same way that commieblocs demonstrated socialism was at least somewhat functional

The old Australia will exit living memory after a generation and it’ll be called whining to talk about how Australia used to be better

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“Universally uninformed”. Which is just a work place safe way of saying ‘fuckin idiot’. Absolute faggots.

Hurrr just be NY bro

Yeah we can build classy stuff like that when the land costs 70% or whatever of the overall price. Not. But he wouldn’t know that because he hasn’t looked into it because he’s a faggot.


Even if we build something like that the YIMBYs aren’t going to be able to afford it. Prices start at 1.5m USD

Gruppenführer Mark

Now why do you have to show up and inject reason into an emotional concept?


I think the YIMBY argument would run along the lines of if it were more widespread and these sort of buildings popped up everywhere the cost of an apartment would decrease. However, I suspect they fail to consider that a developer may not necessarily start a project in the first place if the projected profits are not high enough or seen to be falling.


That building reminds me of the Central Park building in Sydney. It is was the pinup child for all the YIMBY idiots. Apart from the usual small fortune to replace flammable cladding. It has been dogged with problems with bits flying off the building and only lucky no pedestrians below have been killed.

For $1m you get a tiny 1-bedder and effectively continue to pay rent by way of $1900/qtr in strata fees. Bear in mind this is a 1-bedder and the strata fees for a 2-bedder will be much higher.

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is that the one w the plants hanging off it? in my old photo here:


That is it. I forgot to mention other problems like apartments overcapacity with many students per apartment, many hookers working in the building, can’t use the gym because all the students letting their uni mates in to use it.

I know a YIMBY idiot that bought in there and they sold up in quick time. Moved to another overpriced YIMBY nirvana in Forest Lodge.


You’d need to be a hooker to afford the rent in that building. Besides the building will deteriorate less quickly if rented by hookers than 6 to a room students.
The hookers will clean up after themselves.


Oh, I had forgotten about the load-bearing grime, and curry-grease deposits.


You would want to be the size of an 11 year old to sit on that balcony.

I don’t mind that area but it’s mostly filled with sad nerds and student chinks. It’s not some yuppy paradise.


LOL – I think I got twitter blocked by half of them as a result of this comment

Great article Timbo – they’re nothing but virtue signaling shills – homos and beta soy boys the lot of them.


the war on them has to continue, nobody is a greater recipient of my unrestrained ire either on this site or on twitter now than them

when you see the simpsons themed avatar prepare for the absolute shittest possible takes imaginable


Tulip not even bothering to pretend now.

If Peter is ok with international students sacrificing their living standards and living in tents, he may actually be the most racist one of all.


Why do the same people who believe there’s no such thing as a society also insist that “we” and not specific mates are the beneficiary of every economic policy that benefits a particular person or group

Gruppenführer Mark

Easy. “We” is the group (((they))) associate themselves with.


These guys have an 1800s English Empire mindset. In the flesh I find them weird and creepy, and that’s why.


At what point does Tulip bubble risk his own employment with this level of piss poor analysis?
If you come from overseas to study in Australia at some dodgy college, but use the money you’re earning from working in Australia via uber-eats etc. to pay for the tuition, then by definition this activity is not in any way an ‘export’.

Gruppenführer Mark

Interesting comment about imported cars.

If my memory serves me correctly, there was an import tax on any vehicles made overseas to “support Australian automotive industry”. Which we don’t have, and haven’t had for 7? years. Yet, the tax is still there.

the arborist

Why was the luxury car tax initially implemented?The luxury car tax was introduced in Australia in 2001 as a government initiative to protect the local manufacturing of vehicles down under by brands such as Holden, Ford and even Toyota

But prior to the luxury car tax, the Government was still taxing expensive cars with the wholesale sales tax (WST) that was a precursor to the GST. 
However, with the closure of Holden and Ford locally, there have been calls to scrap the luxury car tax completely. 

Should Australia scrap the luxury car tax?The lack of Australian manufacturing is an obvious reason for removing the luxury car tax, however there is more to the story. 

The Australian Automobile Association said in a 2014 inquiry that the LCT was “an inefficient and discriminatory form of taxation” and also said that it “serves no purpose other than being a revenue raiser”. 

According to the Australian Automotive Dealer Association (AADA), around $600 million is raised every year from the LCT.

However, the same association said that the tax falls on vehicles that are generally safer and more sophisticated and could discourage buyers from stepping up into a better vehicle. 

“The LCT severely constrains consumer choice by pricing a significant portion of buyers out of the market for vehicles priced at the higher end of the market … the base model of vehicle which falls under the LCT threshold may not include ground breaking safety technologies”.


Look at those knobs standing in the rental inspection line, why would you bother. Bunch of sheep.

Gruppenführer Mark

For fellow autists, who follow Ukraine, Avdiivka has fallen. Very fortified position, some say there is now virtually an open field all the way to Kiev. We shall see.


ya havent been checking it as much but it went faster than i thought, good going though

A fly in your ointment

hence the talk of “a stalemate” in western presstitute.


Well this seems like a bubbling pile of fucking shit.

Policy based around computer models that the fucking gummint won’t reveal, and as we all know, computer models aren’t worth the steam off my piss on a cold morning.

Albanese and his bunch of blithering arse-clowns and fucknuckles are making Scomo look good.

A fly in your ointment

good to order a Ute now, they’ll be worth more after.
ready or not, bEV comes…

Lord K

Let’s look at the last month of some negative aspects of migration. First a gang teenage children of migrants stab a 70 woman to death for a Hyundai. Then some poor woman gets murdered by her immigrant spouse and is thrown into a slasher to pretend it was an accident. This is what the police are saying apparently. There are dozens of reasons why immigration needs a big reduction and the property lobby will invent dozens of lies more and pay useful idiots heaps to spread them.

Agent 47

LOL that Stu Donovan fag is clearly rattled by the article. Keep the foot on the throat Timbo, good job.


Here’s another one. Claims migration issue is too complex, so should be ignored.


more candid uncut photos of stus garden

just spam pictures of it back at him

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So the cunt doesn’t live on the 70th floor of a shittily built tower block in western Sydney then? What a surprise.


Looks like more NZ YIMBY urban economists are coming out of the woodwork.


This may amuse any science types – an article featuring AI created art of a rat with a giant penis passed peer review.

A fly in your ointment

it’s the artefact of assuming every data trawled from internet is accurate or close enough.
it’s an avenue to fuçk with “AI” by creating random shitty data and then posting it everywhere


keep the pressure on boys, and send out the message to everyone we finally found a way to bring these motherfuckers down all over the world


An odd encounter today at one property inspection. Whilst waiting for RE Agent to let us in, I quite loudly let one of the other prospective buyers know that the tree views would soon be replaced by high rises :-). Inevitably nobody showed interest which gave me to opportunity to have a frank conversation with the agent. I showed her the development plans and she admitted the apartment had a premium based on those tree views. She then sighed knowing that the owner was already reluctantly selling at a loss, and the apartment was unlikely to sell.

We then had a lengthy chat about the terrible state of the market, and poor build quality. She took the opportunity to show me all the known defects within that building…lol. Her final remark was something like “I don’t know what it is with build quality in Australia. Every building has cracks and water leaks whereas in China they don’t have the same issues”. It left me wondering whether these quality issues would eventually become common knowledge with Chinese investors. Imagine if there were no cashed up fools to buy these things off-the-plan.

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Chinese Australian RE agent?


Chinese-born and hired to sell to the Chinese community.