Groups of illegals from Pakistan that arrived in Western Australia claim protection on basis of being ‘persecuted grooming gang members’

A group of 30 illegals from Pakistan that have washed up on the shores of Beagle Bay Aboriginal Community in Western Australia have already filed protection visa claims, on the basis of being persecuted for being members of Muslim grooming gangs.

Speaking through an interpreter, Muhammad Al-Muhammad told of his ‘terror’ of being deported from the UK after raping teenage white girls back to his home in Karachi.

“The flight from Karachi to Jakarta to board the boat was horrendous, I was forced to fly Air India,” Muhammad said.

“All I wanted to do is sexually abuse underage girls in peace. I thought at least the Aboriginal community would understand and they’ve been very welcoming.”

“I had to leave my wife and kids back in Pakistan where I’m so persecuted so I can realise my dream of driving uber and working in a vape shop.”

Immigration Minister Andrew Giles said he would personally fly up tonight to grant permanent residency to the men, for their bravery of flying from one Muslim country to the next before arriving in Australia.

Meanwhile, Peter Dutton has slammed the ALP government for being weak on borders by letting 30 people arrive by boat while only letting in 700k by plane last year.

“This government clearly is weak on borders. I would have had at least 1 million Indians here in a year,” Dutton said.

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the john howard playbook yet again, watch our politicians clamber over each other (maybe) to act like theyre tonka tuff on borders

Agent 47



The YIMBYs can’t handle the memes – decent effort from PuntPal.


Pronoun people, they honestly want to die. I won’t miss those ‘whites’ one bit. It will be interesting to see if they survive this century. Wish I could live to see it.




now we dont have to hear about him in the abc every week

Gruppenführer Mark

Something tells me you will hear about it every day for about a week.


We can take them in, and they can take Peter Tulip.


unironically would prefer the pakis


US population grew +3.8M in 2023 – the largest one-year increase in US history.  

So do they just agree to kick the replacement up a notch at Davos or what are the logistics?


I sometimes wonder if part of the deeper purpose of allowing in the flood of immigration, not only for demographic voter change and demographic based funding models, is to eventually utilize all those FEMA camps the US built.

When the inevitable voter backlash or President goes to deport them, they will have to be housed somewhere in the interim and the contracts to run those detention camps will be worth hundreds of billions.


“Muhammad Al-Muhammad”