Indian student sets record for “Fastest attempted sexual assault while on a student visa” on QANTAS Flight

An Indian man travelling to Australia from Indonesia has broken the record for an attempted sexual assault by a student visa holder, not even waiting for the plane to touch down on Australian soil before attempting the lauded Indian cultural practice of rape.

Indian ‘student’ Pajeet Pajeet Singh reportedly couldn’t control the urge and tried to sexually assault a QANTAS stewardess, before being overpowered by fellow passengers and held down until the flight landed in Melbourne.

Singh reportedly yelled “DON NOT RESTRAIN!” and “HOW CAN YOU RESTRAIN!” for the rest of the flight before crying out for his mum and being escorted off the flight by AFP officers.

“We’re also in shock that anyone would try to sexually assault a QANTAS steward. They’re usually dinosaur middle-aged women still on the old TAA contracts or some homos that Mr Joyce has ran through, so this is a surprise to us,” a QANTAS spokesman said.

‘We can confirm however that this is the fastest sexual assault by an Indian on record. We haven’t had our first attempted shit in the aisles yet but I’m sure one of our New Dehli direct flights will bring us that record.”

Immigration Minister Andrew Giles has confirmed that there will be no charges for the man and his citizenship application will be expedited in line with current trends towards rapists, paedophiles and murderers.

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The one good outcome from this cluster fuck in the holy land is that the cultural/ideological problems caused by the leadership in many educational institutions is getting a good public viewing, and the plebs don’t like it.

Even the people who many would refer to as ‘elites’ don’t like what they’re seeing.

When centrist libs are saying you’re dishonest, you really are full of shit.


Thanks for that link.


Au contraire mon Ami, I see many great outcomes.

Watching two shit cultures pounding the fuck out of each other is awesome. The longer it goes on the better it is.

Throw in the arse barnacles of local leftards who protest, and the Choos who are now fearful about damaging their host country. All will no doubt be otherwise be shitting over EZFKA soon enough, but meanwhile they’re too busy whining and wasting their time on something that will never affect them, a bunch of people who don’t give a fuck about them (how good is it watching Leftards when they know Islamics will kill them in an instant if they think they’re a faggot?).

Undoubtedly this has emboldened the hidden men who are now voicing their opinions where they once were unable to.

Bring on Australia Day!


The shit outcome is obviously when faggoys like Albo let in 800+ undocumented illegals from Palestine, and the MSM is complicit in hiding it.

Literally stepping over homeless Australians, the local Islamics housed these welfare parasites and future terrorists in record time.

Nothing to see here move along.


He returns!!!

No posts since early September – have you been deep undercover?



Sanity break, and paranoia about the EZFKA asio type muppets.

what have I missed?

Latest Epstein list (regurgitated from a court hearing, not new as I understand) seems to have missed the Australian Labor connections.

Can bet no Labor luvvie is going to mention this one either:


Stephen Hawking stuff is (as Choe Rogan would say) Wiiilllddd…!!!

People now saying Hawking was all made up. Funny at least.


The translation part is great.

Hawking says garble griddle garble and the dweeb translates it into scientific theory.


Yeah – I forgot all about that one.

No doubt they view the fact that as a young woman she lacked the agency to make fully informed decisions – right up until the time she gets married imho.


Aww.. comments turned off for some reason.


This is top quality Gold!


It is very good.

Ironic Boomer

Yep this was tip top, some great details.


WTF is this?

British police are investigating the alleged gang rape of a girl’s avatar in a virtual reality game, in what is believed to be the first probe of its kind involving the metaverse.

The alleged victim, identified only as a girl under 16, was wearing a virtual reality headset in an immersive game when her avatar, an animated representation of her, was raped by those of several men, the Daily Mail first reported.


While it’s unpleasant, I can’t see how any actual crime has been committed. At worst, the perps have perhaps broken the terms of service of the game.

And if things get a bit twitchy in a game, you just take off the goggles and end the session. For the cops to be involved is bizarre, but insurprising these days.

Ironic Boomer

Meanwhile the old Bill investigating in the meat space world …


That is a symptom of widespread insanity


Preaching to the diverted.

Ironic Boomer

The physiognomy of andrew giles suggests that he personally has a high degree of openess to being colonised.


Putting the cart before the horse. Just needs 3 ips out west, pack them with his own people and he’d probably get his end into an airline hostess. The Virgin ones seem to be quite woke.


A close friend recently asked me to talk to his daughter about the reality of the Australian job market for Physicists. Bit of a weird request but I’m always happy to help ….

His daughter dreams of a job in Quantum computing, so her focus is Semiconductor Physics. I guess I’m the only person her dad knows who has the foggiest idea what a Semiconductor Physicist does, so what do I tell his daughter? btw she wants to stay in Australia.

Ok, imo there’s absolutely no reason that a really smart young Aussie lass shouldn’t aspire to be a Semiconducto Physicist, why not? but then again, there is reality.
For me the counter argument begins and ends with this reality. For which of these two occupations is our Australian government allocating the greatest amount of public money?
Semiconductor Physics or Occupational Therapy?

Of course, the one job has nothing to do with the other, except in the sense that they both sort of rely on our government allocating scarce resources to support these projects (which then support jobs). In this sense the one that recieves the most money is the most important and will likely remain the most important going forward. If push comes to shove, and only one program can survive, will it be NDIS (with thousands of Occupational Therapists) or some rando science/quntanum computing project (employing half a dozen Semiconductor Physicists). Remeber we are talking about Australia.

What do you all think?


do they have a lot of demand for semiconductor physicists at ray white these days


lot of truth there, Aussies have way more use for Ray-Whites than they do ray-beams (unless of course were talking about fashion / sunnies) but yeah like phuck physics.


Haha this single comment says more about Australia than what other blogs would say in a lifetime.

Seriously, unless something contributes to the property sector, or as an offshoot allows lazy legazens to increase their consumption without exerting any effort, does it provide any value to the nation?

Is your friend’s daughter open to life outside Australia? Out of curiosity, what would her options look like overseas.


tbh I’m not convinced that she got what it takes to ace uni physics.
Not being the top of your class in stem (in Australia) takes a lot of the better job options off the table.
I’m told she has no interest in leaving Australia.
That said, atm the US is busy with a serious rebuilding of Americas semiconductor capabilities so her options would be excellent (in the US) even if she fails to ace her degree.


Was also thinking she’d have to go to the US if she wants a career in that field as in EZFKA we just don’t seem to value anything outside of property and sportsball (see the recent deification of cricketer David Warner). Closest option perhaps Singapore, could take advantage of the great tax rates, save up for a few years and come back.


I think a scientist will spend too long in education earning fuck all and not be able to buy properties and therefore become poor

She’s technical minded so she can become an electrician which is like a physicist with Australian characteristics


Yeah I think that’s the message her dad want’s me to deliver.
A “wakeup and smell the coffee” conversation, but has it really come to this in Australia?
I know that most Aussie hate tall-poppies, but back in my day there was a corner where us geeks could escape to and deliver useful (even exceptional) work. Today it’s this corner that’s missing, this is the biggest change I’ve seen in Australia. For me this change is even more extraordinary than house prices and far more socially toxic.


but has it really come to this in Australia?

you know the answer to this


I find it amazing that hard core stem is still given such adulation. I would see it as bad parenting to not tell a child how this country is. Then again there seems to be a decent amount of scientific startups on the asx but I seriously doubt Australia does anything in semiconductors.

There is a book called Chip War that gives a thorough history and overview of the modern industry.

Also she should checkout the job sites to see what is in demand.


Actually last time I looked (a few months back) there were about half dozen Aussie startups doing various flavours of Quantum Computers. They all want graduates (most want Phd’s) with expertese in technologies like single Ion Implantation and other areas of hard core subnanometer physics.

There’s also a recent IC design startup called Morse-Micro.

Yep, but these few jobs aside I agree completely.

The conversation probably needs to be….what do you think you are going to do if/when you fail to get one of these two dozen jobs? (or maybe…who do you think really gets these jobs?)


lol this quantum computer stuff sounds like a dead end

money down the tubes like fusion power


Maybe, but…
10 to 15 years ago I was firmly in your camp (money down the drain) but now I’m firmly in the worthwhile camp.
I’m not sure if the underlying economics of (quantum computing vs traditional computing) will ever make economic sense but I now believe it’s a road that’s worth walking down, even if we ultimately discover it’s a deadend.


I briefly dated the head of a large STEM research organisation at the ANU about ten years ago. She was a world renowned academic in her field with half the alphabet after her name and prizes and recognition from all over the world.

What stunned me was her pay. I recall her base was about $150K, which was less than what I was making as a senior engineer at the time.

So, most of the work in physics in Australia is in academia, and academics have a nice lifestyle here, but don’t make much money. If she wants to pursue her interests, she’ll almost certainly have to do it overseas to find job satisfaction and suitable compensation.


I highly doubt she will end up with a job on hardware or physics side of things. It will more likely be on the software or management side.

Perhaps I am biased but better off targeting Computer Science with a major in that space. It at least opens the door to many more job opportunities.


Just adding that I came to a similar realisation after starting a Mathematics degree, and eventually switching to Computer Science with Mathematics Major.

Last edited 5 months ago by Freddy

Yeah this is more or less what I told her dad
sometimes it’s better to be focused on the most likely outcome, rather then the dream job that might happen
But as my Dad used to say: It’s like trying to put an old head on young shoulders.

Agent 47

The officer said the man showed signs of drug, alcohol or mental health-related issues.

It was probably Mig


Gold. 😊


I saw the back of him on TV, had a hoody on with the hood over his head. I don’t think was tall but somewhat stocky. Saw some long haired poof in a metal t-shirt and jeans squeal when he got stabbed in the upper leg from behind. It was kind of funny because if anyone deserves it it’s NAAARM.

Agent 47

LOL probably filmed himself doing it and posted it on Twitter too


Lol, wonder what that mf is up to these days. Probably high on his own supply.


The AusVisa subreddit is truly something special. Surprised no-one has told her that her mother should apply as a student.

Last edited 5 months ago by Gouda

wow never seen this sub before

gonna binge read it now


Jobless Jez takes on the feminist brigade.




The unintended hilarity from this turd makes my day. I’ll be disappointed when it turns out he’s a parody.

This one is too obvious it no longer triggers the Labor Luvvies:


Early Life Check…

This is just the funniest, starting with the faggot casually draping his arm over the couch on TV. It all makes sense, seeing the huge amount of fagswagger and immense Milennial entitlement oozing out of his pores.

Do some Googling on this guy, well worth it.


9 Youtube subscribers is pretty poor and linking the footage here has probably doubled their view count.

The guy appears to be a writer with a Fine Arts degree, so would have to be highly exceptional to afford a house in these current time. Melbourne YIMBY, appearing on the ABC and any subsequent exposure may well be his ticket to success, but as we’ve already seen before many who end up doing well enough to own usually lose interest in the topic.

Gen Y/Millenials are now approaching their 40s and far advanced on their home ownership journey. This guy would probably be Gen Z as he only graduated in 2018 then added more debt courtesy of a Masters degree. One thing notable in his CV is the lack of any formal full-time employment – all his work with consulting and editing appears to be contractual, so even if he achieves some kind of “success” with YIMBY he’s still going to have trouble getting a bank loan.


I think he’s a Guardian “journalist” ?

Just when you thought you didn’t hate journalists enough…


Yimby are funded by Developers. He’d have plenty of funds coming his way.

No doubt via a set up $2 co. and claim no knowledge cos muh Trustees. This private school wanker has gamed it like his Leftie mates in politics.

Just like this degenerate:


I envy those mid density houses in France. Good luck getting RAM driving meatheads to make them though.


RAM driving meatheads make up 1% of Tradies now, in fact they’re owning the co’s and developing themselves. The ‘quality’ of trades is mostly coming from Kabul’s finest. Watch this for a punish:

I heard once that a certain *** was paid big $’s look the other way on apartment construction sites in Vic when illegal Chinese came on site to do plastering (after hours and on weekends so none of the local workers saw them). System is basically human traffickers, the boss holds their passports and takes all the wages against the debt which they have to pay off. The boss ‘teaches’ them on the job, good luck on the quality. Bikies and Underworld run this side of the construction trade, enabled by Labor Gov. who are all over this. The CFMEU office attack during Covid was so obvious and yet the media are too gutless to investigate – ie. Choos like Nick MacKenzie only go after genuine Aussie heroes who won’t return the favour.

Besides, the Unions will be pushed aside soon when Albo and His Karens will open the floodgates to Pajeets onto worksites. Imagine the quality then…?


Based as fuck Chinese absolutely schools the fuck out of African.

Laughs about it too.

Doesn’t even have to mention the low IQ of these locals, which is amazing given the Chinese guy probably just thinks they’re only lazy. Probably doesn’t even know about Cargo Cult.

Have a look at the African guy’s eyes…

So good.


WTF …?

Orthodox Choos have dug tunnels under New York.

They write the Memes themselves..

Makes me wonder about the Lockdown scams that went on while the Wear-your-mask! Karens were ranting.

Surely the drug dealers and dodgy migrant scams didn’t just hold off for 2 years..?


Mass murder, grotesque infighting, financial corruption, religious wars, spy pens…

…and this is just one bunch of small-hatters in San Diego!

There really is something wrong with these people.

Agent 47



Bahaha, the last one.


Revisiting Murdoch-Murdoc

Still one of my favorite episodes:


…or maybe it is this one?

Argh I’m confused I don’t know which ones the best… I’ve binged on too much Right Wing propaganda tonight and become confused!!


Pro heritage people are often annoying old cunts, but this bloke is such a retard his antics are almost endearing.


That guy is a douche. Trying to be Aussie pub ocker and millenial faggot at the same time.

Yeah I doubt Haberfield boomer would cancel you if you said nigger and that poos need to fuck off.

Agent 47

Yep. All of these YIMBY accounts I’ve noticed are just millennial arts degrees or bloggers. Most astroturfed shit in years.


I think they really do comply with the group think. Maybe they are being paid, it wouldn’t surprise me.


The Haberfield boomer has set a great example to follow – everyone with a house should be applying for heritage listing to keep out the apartment blocks. YIMBYs can have their Mascot Tower.


Fucking love this Haberfield Boomer. He’s gamed the system, because there was a time when Heritage overlays crippled your land value. Now it also means the invading Chinese won’t buy your neighbours house either (can’t demolish and build new, which FIRB requires) so fellow Aussies are more likely to be your neighbour.

Haberfield is a shit wog suburb though isn’t it? Baha

Fuck this astroturfed Soygoy, you just know he’d be doing the same if he was the Boomer. No way he’s blogging and ranting on X like this if he’s not grifting cash from someone.


ive met that twitter guy irl

hes not quite sane and has extreme emotional fits

also hes half [[[[]]]] (yes) his dad is a ‘human rights’ lawyer

Last edited 5 months ago by stagmal

Awesome. How crazy that an Early Life Check, checks out.


That tracks. All these super online twitter hero types are weirdos

I just keep an eye on these accounts because they’re politically influential. All the uni dropkicks that go on to become political staffers follow these types of accounts. A lot of journalists do to.


Blah ha ha ha ha hah! It has finally happened Philip Soos has finally caught up to me!

For years I’ve been saying that Soos is on the same journey as myself, as though it is looking in the rear vision mirror.

LOL – the conflict and angst in the comments.

So many people not sure whether Soos understands whether or not it is satire…. it has been interesting to observe his radicalization through the rigged housing market, finance industry and the msm with their vax program.

In the end, every rational free thinking person ends up in the same place.


Watching Soos’ evolution and journey down the path of discovery from earnest economist to Alt-right social activist has been a reassuring nostalgic experience.

Get Red Pilled on Housing Crisis
Puzzelled as to why it can’t be resolved
Puzzelled as to why it only emerged in the after WW2
Discover the importance of the culture war
Discover which culture it is that is waging war against us.

Soos has finally arrived where I’ve been hanging out

Edit: adding link

Capture - Copy (2).JPG
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nazi bar.jpg