Andrew Giles preparing bait and switch on immigration cuts by normalising higher average annual numbers

As predicted by the commentariat here, fag Andrew Giles is preparing the public for some fake immigration cuts:

“He also laid blame at the feet of local governments for being unwilling to build as councils rejected building proposals but eventually said that the nation had to look at capping the influx of people moving here.

“I would love not to touch migration,” Mr Richardson said.

“But we have screwed this up so massively as a nation that we temporarily need to look at migration as part of this equation.”

The main group? University students.

“We have now 725,000 students from the rest of the world studying in Australia, a year ago that was 555,000.

“We sell education to the world and a lot of that we do well and some of it, we don’t do as well, but it is a big part of the increase in the pressure at the moment and it is a relatively concentrated bit where we can make a change.”

He then called on the government to fund universities so they would not be so reliant on foreign students before adding that once again local councils also needed to look at planning.

“The bigger lever is to insist local councils say yes to more [building] and the government is gently starting that process …  until we do that, we need, I would say, students as the lever and pull back for a while.”

Keeping the whole debate in the supply side frame too.

So in essence, they’re going to cut some student visas slightly, claim they’re listening, while the overall annual rate remains higher and normalising another increase in annual immigration numbers.

Nothing about protection visa rorting, fake partner visas, working uber driver visas or 85 year old Indian grandmothers in aged care by the Air India load.

But hey, if you’re a child predator or murderer come on down and get your first mortgage.

Bear in mind they already did this same stunt with student visas and work rights. Prior to COVID, students were ónly allowed to work 40 hours a fortnight, a rort in itself. During COVID that was suspended and they were allowed to essentially work without limitation. They then claimed they had reduced the hours worked after COVID by increasing that to 48 hours per fortnight – an overall gain of 48 hours per week (but it’s not enforced really).

That’s how the game works.

We’ll be at a million per year by the end of the decade at this trajectory.

$20 median million house prices in Sydney by 2025.

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It is the only economic strategy the country has, and it is just a mediocre ponzi scheme that only enriches the worst parasites in the country.


60m aud for this

We just need the rich to look down their noses at us more like they do in the UK.


At least they have impeccable manners and decorum. We get some mixed meat moll like Natalie Barr.


mixed meat moll
Hey pal, alliterative insults are my gig


Makes Sydney look very cheap

equivalent place is what ? Woollahra ?

hard to compare because London has no views or waterfront

you don’t really find houses that large in Sydney for whatever reason
900sqm is massive
probably would be $AUD30m


Ukrainian oligarchs need to spend their war profits on something

Wtf is Albo doing not getting front and centre of this


Both countries have dodgy Anglo/Jew aristocracy. So yeah we have a long way to go, probably. Ok I didn’t know it was that big.

This is probably close to being equivalent.



Come off it mate 

this is more like it but nowhere near the size


I would say it’s the equivalent in that you’d have to expect lower building standards in Australia and generally a lesser quality of elite people and globalism for now. They have a glorious European history while we are in about decade 4 or 5 of chink shit.


london/greater london is still cheaper than sydney


What are you basing that on

here’s a 16sqm studio for 500k


Have a good look at online listing and compare quality and position


youre looking exclusively at chelsea

prob do get worse prices per square foot or whatever in london though but at this point the average legacy unit isnt going to give a shit

uk construction quality is going to be way better at least even if places are smaller

Last edited 7 months ago by stagmal

I think you need to nominate an area and compare like for like

greater London is 1/10th size of greater Sydney

also need to bear in mind London is miserable cold shit hole
there’s no waterfront/beachfront etc to distort average prices upwards etc etc

Last edited 7 months ago by Coming

not everyone cares about going to the beach


I’m saying there are geographic factors which inflate value of particular Sydney positions due to views

London is London doesn’t really matter where you live at the end of the day



You’re an idiot. Noone truly intelligent and powerful gives a fuck about a view of a bit of water. They care about the quality of people and power. Our royalty is Kyle Sandilands and that Kings Cross sand nigger lol, or maybe some dipshit cricketer.

These people are creating dynasties that could last 1000 years or more.


ok sorry I guess billionaires are not truly intelligent and powerful

you’re right


Sydney has beaches and waterfront but London has much greater geopolitical and economic importance

If you’re rich in Europe you can buy a holiday house somewhere much better than Sydney, and you can’t run your dodgy European/African oligarch empire from Australia


sydney people think that their city compares to the global centre of finance, culture, fashion etc just bc it has a beach


It’s sad what house prices have done to Aussies’ brains

They can’t accept we are a backwater with sky high house prices

The prices just have to be justified somehow


Muh fashion

lmao wat


models bruh

i mean im never gonna be able to fuck em but if you are a chad london is the place to be

and maybe milan


Is 11 bathrooms and only 8 bedrooms a typical ratio for the elite. I know the british youth have a love of excessive cosmetic use that would make clowns wince but even so.


we nailed this before anyone else


I still don’t buy there will be any overall reduction

They might reshuffle the visas being granted

Immigration is more important than any other issue and it isn’t subject to change because of housing crisis or voters getting pissy


But who is going to bring me my $10 Maccas meal without adding a hefty delivery fee?

IMO the answer to the rental crisis is in that question. If restaurants were forced to pay delivery drivers the equivalent of a minimum wage, then it all falls apart. We need to go back to delivery fees that are high enough that they only be absorbed by restaurants if you buy a family-sized meal.

Make Dougie great again… and be nice to your mother.


These figures are more than a year old, and only for Uber which has about 40% market share of Australia’s food delivery.

Since the first Uber ride in Sydney in 2012, Aussies have taken more than 700 million Uber rides and ordered more than 450 million meals via Uber Eats – and the platform has provided flexible earning opportunities for more than 725,000 drivers and delivery partners.

Ironic Boomer

The median Australian dollar value of a house is not comensurate with the dollar labour value.


There is usually a link between household income and repayments. That link has been broken due to massive housing demand via immigration.

All I am suggesting, is if the government really wanted to solve the housing crisis, they could get rid of as many as 1 million useless unskilled jimmies by enforcing minimum wages for delivery drivers.

Last year Labor talked about introducing legislation, but you know, there are house prices to protect.


has the rba been reading my posts on ezfka too

the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) is caught in a “vicious circle” on inflation and interest rates, and why further rate hikes could make the situation worse:
“In something approximating a vicious circle, building approvals are being weighed down by the most rapid increase in interest rates Australia has experienced”.

“A lack of supply puts pressure on rents for existing properties, contributing to inflation, and forcing the RBA to raise rates”. 
“Rising rates reduce demand for building, contributing to the lack of supply of new rentable dwellings, as well as those vacated as households move into newly constructed dwellings”.


Do you actually think the RBA wrote that


It’s getting harder and harder for the boomer tier retards to ignore reality


Fundamentally the RBA likely only raised rates so that the AUD wouldn’t collapse

We’ve been talking about the housing construction – rates relationship since the first rate hike if not earlier, even the most cloistered chart obsessed RBA stooge has to have been aware

Other major economies don’t have the same level of immigration ponzi and therefore don’t need to build a quadrillion apartments per year on credit to keep pace


yeah right


Roger Montgomery of the Montgomery fund.

Value manager who got rinsed, or more accurately his clients got rinsed.

Raise the rates!


Not on topic but I thought I might submit to the Racism Register about the time I was walking home late one night in Rockhampton (QLD’s Dubbo) and was jumped by a group of young individual australians and beaten up for being a white cnut. I am a white cnut, but they didn’t know me so it was racist to assume.

Shocking experiences revealed as Indigenous Australians submit to racism register – ABC News

Stag, you might want to submit your story of racism as well.

Agent 47

Too bad it wasn’t Kyle but fuck dat bitch, she was one of the biggest jab pushers out there.


She had surgery yesterday. Maybe someone fucked up and left some tools behind?


Hot white girl cried so it’s the fault of everyone who make less than 89k a year and below $1.656m net worth.


what is the fascination with these two losers in sydney? does everyone there listen to them, i dont know anyone who likes/listens to them, i figure its a thing in that city

Agent 47

Does anyone listen to radio anymore?


i think only people who commute physically in their cars


Bogans listen to Kyle and Jackie o religiously

that’s why they’re so powerful . Boganocracy


they just signed a new $200million contract today
and will be expanding to Hellbourne


they will each earn $10million per year

Boganocracy in full effect, and this is their king and queen

she really is weird ugly looking


I still like the concept of a DJ choosing which song, rather than having to stuff around with playlists. I avoid the loud and pretentious hosts though.


2WS is about it.


My sister and husband religiously listen to MMM. They think November Rain is high art. No joke.

Worked in a place where 2Gay was default, so yeah, people generally listen to them.

People genuinely are that dumb.


Worked in another place where the fucken faggot would insist on JJJ, so it works the other way too.


anyone ever watched the movie the Castle recently

am i wrong in saying that its just not funny

half of the movie is catchphrases/slogans