Report finds Australia facing critical shortage of sickly Indian gradnparents leeching off of Medicare and public services

A new report has found that Australia is suffering from a dire shortage of unskilled foreign grandmothers.

The Grattan Institute report recommended Australia allow a maximum of 10 unskilled dependents up to the age of 85 to migrate alongside the main visa holder, in order to combat an ageing population, relieve pressure on housing and hospitals and combat the skills shortage.

“What’s really needed is no caps on the elderly migrating to Australia to leech off of public services to get that GDP line really going up again,” CEO John Grattan said.

“The indulgence of boomers may be responsible for some of today’s ills, so let’s bring in India’s boomers on top of that.”

“The will streamline the process, and make it easier for Indians and other migrants to scuttle Medicare through sheer numbers, rather than the usual rort of flying in and using someone else’s Medicare card to get treatment.”

Anthony Albanese has refused to comment on the proposal that fucked Bill Shorten at the 2019 election, as he was in Jakarta busy handing out visas to elderly Indonesians as part of another Free Trade Deal.

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Fvcking Bhutan of all places

Maybe we can sign a deal with China to take the entire population of Tibet in exchange for some beads?


Lmao now we’re scraping the barrel


How many times have we said that? We just keep finding new places to take cheap labour from.

the arborist

Yep. Every time you think something can’t get worse, it does. It happens all the time.


You mean it happens…every single time.


Love seeing real estate kill other industries, it is genuinely very enjoyable. I eagerly await the beautiful day when 100% of GDP is real estate based.

How long until WeddingKeeper?


it’s rort eat rort out there

from one over priced waste of cash to another


I did enjoy this article, thanks No1!

“It was pretty obvious, as soon as the RBA starts mucking around with the interest rates, the first thing that’s going to go is the luxury end,” Ms Manuell told 

“Wedding dresses are a luxury. Couture — hand made wedding dresses like the ones I make — are beyond a luxury.”

bahaha! Clearly she wasn’t actually selling “beyond luxury” to the “high end” of the market.

the folks at the high end don’t give a shit for a small increase in interest rates from zero to not-far-above-zero. They certainly don’t borrow for a wedding dress.

besides, girls of marrying age don’t have a mortgage. Ain’t nobody in their twenties buying a house before they get married.

looks like what was really happening is she was selling to bogan floosies trying to buy class with a high-tag dress…all financed by tapping dad, who’d equity-mate his house. Second hand debt-financed consumption. I can see how that might have slowed.

Ms Manuell’s dresses sell for upwards of $10,000 as most of them are made from French lace and can take anywhere from 100 to 300 hours of labour to produce.

And just as irrefutable proof that it was floosy tramps trying to buy class, just look at these stripper outfits…..with long skirts tacked on. French fucking lace


i wish i knew anything about weddings to be able to evaluate this post

Last edited 1 year ago by stagmal
the arborist

I don’t know anything about weddings either, but I have a fair idea about floozie tramps.


They’re really gay. That’s why chicks like them.


I doubt even Patek Philippe would describe their shit that way

Obvious pretentious bogan crap

Bad luck for them bogans are first in line for liquidation under the Albo regime

That said only the most ignorant couples don’t understand that they can have the house deposit or the expensive wedding. And the wedding is losing in the equation.

Last edited 1 year ago by No1

The Dad pays for the wedding duh, Gen X patsy cops it yet again.

Anyway this silly cow needs to Pivot! Start making dresses in XXXL with a tuck in at the front for the Trans freaks’ She-cock.


3, 6, 1, 5, 7, 2, 4


Wtf how can you hand that one a 6? at best a 3. Agree with the 7, possibly higher. Nevertheless, would go there with all


this is a joke right

have to be some uber PSL standards here


It’s a ranking in order

not a score

they are all 1s on the binary scale


Ok – that makes more sense.


From left to right:

Hornsby, St Leonards, Mosman, Belrose, Leichhardt, Chatswood.

Unlike you I skipped the mum.


What would you do with the mum? Hang there putting dencorub on her joints whilst you tugged yourself about how posh you are? Give her a footrub as you watch ABC on Saturday night? You sicko bastard.


She’s not the mum you imbecile

she’s the owner of the dress company

says she’s 53 which is still perfectly fuck able as she looks like she’s taken care of herself


So you’re the reason why they have grandma porn ads on the free porn sites.


You got your 2 & 7 around the wrong way


Investment banker wives.


“French fucking lace”

No French lace in Peachy’s underwear drawer?


Genius level gushing from Your ABC Luvvies.

Bus all the feral kids out of town and all crime stops.

Stunning and brave, sure, but cost $500,000 of taxpayers money to implement.


“Sergeant Brendan Grogan, the WA Police officer in charge at Balgo, remembers it clearly.

“The tension in the community was inescapable,” he said.

“And quite unbearable, to the point where people weren’t even necessarily feeling particularly safe in their own home.”

Balgo, 283 kilometres south of Halls Creek, only has 400 people.

And last summer, feuding turned physical, with metal poles, axes, and tomahawks used as weapons.

Fights could involve up to 100 people, but also unintentionally spread to young people in the community, who began to mirror the behaviour of the adults.”


one tactic they use in dubbo is to split the housing estates up or disperse the houseos to random streets all over town, so you dont get all the crime in one place anymore and that makes it look like theres less crime overall


Victoria did that decades ago. Put the Houso and Reffo scum in better suburbs so you can blame those people for the imported crime.

Always works well, Africans have less distance to walk when they want to rob and rape.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Was in Dubbo for the weekend, has some nice spots but the fella’s are noticeable


DLS ignores the proxy war. Yes, industry is leaving Germany bound for the US, but the MIC has significant orders for many years.

The upward momentum in the chart starts in 2022. With the MIC selling stuff faster than it can produce it, relocation of German manufacturing to the US and 10,000 people per day entering the US through the southern border, there is no way that the US will have a recession. It is evident now, rates are going up, but Wall Street is chugging along.


Also from Grattan:

It recommended governments also ban new gas connections for homes, shops and small businesses and set dates to phase out the sale of gas appliances and by which rental homes have to be fitted with electric cooktops and water and home heating systems.


Once everyone is completely dependent on electricity for all their energy needs, to save the environment, it will be decided for you when and how much you can use through your Smart Meter:

A smart meter has two-way communication capability and can send and receive information between a customer and an electricity business.


But we won’t touch Boomer’s cruise ships:

Nor will we negotiate peace in Ukraine or curtail the US military. The US military is the world’s largest carbon emitting entity. Getting the US out of wars, closing their bases around the world would do more than depriving Victorians of gas heating.


fmd i watched a vid about the cruise industry a while ago, the whole thing is a zombie industry that should have disappeared with the invention of the jet airplane


I went on a cruise a few years ago. Surprisingly there were a number of lefties, getting the shits out of the bogans saying “youse”. I copped a scoff or two from a couple of moles from Melbourne. Had to bring myself together to stop myself from throwing them off the side.

All you can eat thanks to immigrant slaves, listen to you’re the voice for the 50 millionth time and pretend Australia is still a thing, not really my cup of tea but it could be worse.


Interesting thread on how banning low sulfher fuel oil for ships might have contributed to the record increase in Atlantic sea surface temperatures this summer:

Aussie Soy Boy

99.99% of the bludgers that got dinged by Robodebt no doubt deserved it and had rorted welfare for years. There were some leaches that contribute nothing to society that got caught by the net despite lawfully bludging, but you have to break an egg to make an omelette.


I accidentally saw The Drum shit last night, and they had that Abdul Rizvi cunt and others on arguing passionately for the right of immigrants to bring in their parents. Apparently, if immigrants can’t bring their parents they may not even come here at all, and that would be a terribly thing for everybody.

I felt an overwhelming desire to kill everybody involved with the show.


Retarded Australian sporting mindset

You don’t want THE POMS!!!!!!!! to get all those migrants do you?

But yeah these people are basically slaves in Qatar we could probably tax them at 70% and they’d still come




Do they still fuck do you reckon


They’d fuck more than this bloke, which is never.

PRGuy is the weirdest virgin creeper, undoubtedly jerks off to pics of Dan Andrews and his Trans partner Caff.




Can someone give me the ezfka summary of the robodebt scandal and royal commission ?

it sounds like a bunch of dole bludgers are having a whinge that they got caught out

but the media is all muh scomo about it


Basically it’s like if we all sent you bills for how much of our time you’ve wasted

And then sold the debt to debt collectors

Aussie Soy Boy

I made a comment about it earlier today with a different login so hasn’t been approved yet.

The reality is 99.99% of bludgers dinged by Robodebt where deservedly caught by the algorithm, the 0.01% wrongfully accused and necking themselves may have been bludging within the law, but they’re still bludgers and you have to break an egg to make an omelette.

Robodebt just needs to be tweaked a little, then rolled out to target the NDIS.

Aussie Soy Boy


I should proofread.


Had thought this all was done and dusted after Morrison folded to avoid a lawsuit.

But it went to a class action and ended up costing 1.8bn of taxpayers money. Of the 443k people involved, it looks like just under half weren’t entitled to damages because they actually were overpaid and did owe money back.

With this Royal Commission now recommending criminal and civil charges, plenty of speculation that Morrison, former Human Services ministers Alan Tudge and Stuart Roberts who have both quit parliament may be in the firing line.


Because only jewcorp should scab off the government.


When only psychos like Alec Baldwin could make big money out of real estate sales


This is the guy who shot a woman dead and cried his way to out of it?

I spotted the guy who was a gay rapist too, Kevin Spacey. Great cast that one.


I reckon Kevin got gay metoo’d but yeah Alec basically plays himself in most of his movies. Psycho bastard.