Labor buries foreign-grandma policies, promises clamp down on foreign workers

Unlike the negative gearing policy last time around, this one should do the right thing for house prices and be an election-winner!

this stuff is on-par with the CDC’s re-definition of vaccination!

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Made me want to run at the wall and smash my face into it.

Time to step it up. I’m going to actively campaign against Labor at the polls.

These fucking morons should never ever be allowed near power ever again.

I’m in a debate with some lefty on twitter about…”Labor’s right…we need fruit pickers….they’ll contribute to Medicare”

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Why is anyone surprised? As I have said many times Labor, Greens and LNP are wedded to mass immigration and where they differ is the who and the visa type. This is just a classic example of all sides wanting low or no skilled workers. The only difference is Labor wanted them to have PR and the LNP wanting temporary visa.

Agent 47


The Great Replacement is real. Going on in all western countries. It’s now mainstream discussion in the states. We need to do the same here.


Yup, both majors wanting to bring in 200k+ migrants. Got to prop up their population ponzi scheme.

Needless to say we know the Greens want an open doors policy too, as does Clive Palmer who appears to be favouring them too.


We are doomed.


Globalization is dead. Labor is only changing their position now that it is safe to do so. Safe from the ire of the investor class anyways.

What I think is going to be really exciting, is if there is limited international travel for the next 25 years or so, it raises the prospect of a lot of race-mixing here in Oz.

‘Australian’ might begin to refer to a new race of people! Could be a fascinating experiment at the very least.

Gruppenführer Mark

T, I don’t read it this way. Labor is giving PR to temp workers, thereby enabling these PR workers to apply for their grandmas to come across. Hence, increasing the death stare saturation of our nation.

Or what am I missing?

On the race mixing thing, it is interesting. Here in Perth, I see very few white/black couples, plenty of white/white, asian/asian, quite a few of white male/asian female (but not the other way around!), all age brackets, subcontinent mixing with white is very rare. So I think it could be the cultural thing? Birds of feather and all that.


If you look at prior immigration waves, whether europeans to australia, or europeans to the americas, or africans to america, or pretty much any ethnic enclave in the world, I would argue that the process is always immigration waves.

I think economic conditions create the waves, and in this case the structural incentives have ceased – think covid, war in europe, debt crisis in usd, rise of china/russia/india and movement of economic center of gravity to eurasia.

When the wave starts, its really good for everyone.

(1) So late 80’s early 0’s Oz is slowly dying, and any young australian looking to do something has to go to London. Additionally leadership is watching S Africa implode under apartheid and makes a decision.

(2) By late 90’s early 00’s here in Oz, benefit hugely from new money, talent, fresh blood etc. From a national security perspective, the two biggest power in Asia are now beholden to Oz because lots of their people live here. Brilliant.

(3) 2008 onward all the low hanging fruit has been picked and now the immigrant wave is causing negative externalities, but structural changes mean large industries are super reliant on immigrant (ag, uni, services exports basically) so its not possible to stop it.

(4) 2020’s – Structural imbalances world wide are so large that a pandemic happens, wars break out and debt bubble pops, globalization dead as pendulum swings back towards the nationalists.

So the thesis is, immigration happened because oz needed immigrants and immigrants needed oz. Both are now no longer true. oz is saturated and cannot create jobs to match aspirations of locals, nvm immigrants, and immigrants do not believe moving to the ‘west’ means a better economic life anyways. My suspicion is those who moved just before covid will end up badly and go back to their original countries.

I hear you about Perth, but would argue what happens in Syd/Mel will be the trigger. Also, I’m not referring to across society, but rather at the top end so think young people in banking, tech, fintech, media, universities etc. The mixing at the top is what sets the tone for the rest of society is what I think is happening.


might begin to refer to a new race of people

Reminds me of the South Park Goobacks mix of all races.

They Took Our Jobs! – SOUTH PARK – YouTube

Agent 47

“Breeding white people out of existence is going to be really exciting”

Is your surname Kalergi? Most retarded comment I have seen in a while.


Thats a pretty simplistic argument.

If this is the case, was european immigration to australia a plan to outbreed aboriginal people? And if it was, and we are all pretty happy about it, whats wrong with other people doing it now?

Are you arguing this because it hurts you now, but was good for you and your family in the past so you said nothing then? That feels like a logical rabbit hole right.

Alternately you can make the argument that immigration has become the problem due to structural imbalances rising from doing this over a long time.

That is, immigration used to be good for the existing inhabitants of oz, but now it no longer is, so we should reduce it. In this model what happened to abo’s was really bad, but maybe we should learn from it and stop it happening to oz’s current inhabitants.

This argument has historical precedents too, so the question is what now, and the answer is stop immigration for the ‘aggregate’ inhabitants here, irrespective of race, and hope they assimilate into each other over time.

Also, hybrids are often also really hot 🙂

Agent 47

You put up a simplistic statement, I gave you a simplistic response.

“Are you arguing this because it hurts you now, but was good for you and your family in the past so you said nothing then? That feels like a logical rabbit hole right.”

Yeh this is nonsense. Very open about my dislike of multiculturalism and immigration. I’m openly racist and we need more of it.

Racemixing is another form of eugenics/genocide, is part of the globalist plan and it’s no shock its being promoted everywhere ad nauseum in white societies. I hardly classify that as ‘exciting’ or something to be celebrated. We don’t need to run that ‘experiment again.’

Maybe you just want to get your dick wet, but that’s hardly grounds to run the social cohesion of a country or migration policy off.

I’d actually go as far as to suggest we start paying some of them to leave and give up their pr/citizenship. Otherwise we are going to be France in the next ten years on current course.

We know they will never do that though.


This is a variation of Hillary Clinton’s policy of opening the borders and giving every immigrant voting rights, knowing full well most of them will vote Democrat. Another Labor betrayal of working class Australians.

Gruppenführer Mark

Yes, except in the US it is mostly Hispanic, and they work hard. We have a different demographic. Riding a scooter on the sidewalk is not as taxing.

Agent 47

Yeh this is a myth. Certainly not my experience working there alongside some of them. Worst demographic per capita for welfare fraud.

The crime they also bring to the states completely negates any benefit of mowing lawns for rich people and picking fruit.

Agent 47

Title 42 is about to make that even worse stateside.

ALP are definitely doing the same thing for the same reason I 100% agree.


Far out. I had been ready to put Lab ahead of Lib. No chance now.


Lib or Lab, it is just a vote for the WEF.

Agent 47

Greens as well.

Let’s face it, voting ain’t going to change shit. The other v word eventually will if history is any guide


If our voting system was going to bring significant change, they would change it.

Or in the case of Hungary, the voters voted back the government in a landslide, so the EU is cutting off money because they don’t the government.


Clive is putting the Greens about Labor and Liberal parties, so he can also GAGF.

Reus's Large MEMBER

I think that it is a a play to get more voters on his side TBH

Agent 47

My 2 cents of advice- I’m blackpilled on voting but if there’s anything that can fuck this election right up for the globalists its immigration.

All the contributors on the site need to go hard on that topic for the next few weeks. And not just from a MB let’s only talk about economic side of it type deal.


One Nation are back to opposing mass immigration.

Agent 47

They have the only policy worth voting for

I don’t hold much hope for UAP and the LDP are the ultimate EZFKA migration party on This issue.


I don’t know much about LDP.

TNL are getting a big following, and are open borders migration lawyers. They are deliberately deceiving potential followers.

Hanson’s a disgrace. She’s had every opportunity to oppose it.

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