Australian man undecided as to which World Economic Forum stooge to vote for at federal election

A Sydney man says he’s in two minds who to vote for, as the number of World Economic Forum candidates on offer at the next election continues to grow.

Mike Harrison, from Penrith, says the sheer number of WEF candidates on offer at the federal election made it a tougher choice than usual.

‘Klaus has really made it tough this cycle, there’s just so many on either side I don’t know who to choose,” Mike said.

‘They all are hardworking representatives of the Australian people and not the local stooges of the wealthiest banking families in the world, meeting at Davos every year to determine how to make themselves wealthier. That’s just an outrageous conspiracy theory.’

Craig Kelly has pleaded with people to vote for him, as he’ll at least subverted by the WEF after the election.

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Australians deserve what’s coming over the next 50 years.

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The ‘beta’ testing since 2020 proved we’ll do as we are told. We’re already behind enemy lines.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Sarah Hanson Young is one so make sure that you don’t vote for the Greens

Agent 47

Voting is meaningless at this stage.

Obviously not much talent if they recruited her.


always thought that scwab guy looked like rupes

Agent 47

Here is bragging about how he has Canada parliament by the balls. Schwab is just the public face though. It’s rothschilds and the rest personal think tank.


This is too close to reality to laugh at…. I believe Klaus even named that horse faced Jacinta as one of his rightechous goyim. The thought that she was going to act in NZ’ers interests, especially in regards to housing or mass migration, was always laughable.

Agent 47

As soon as that wave of Trudeau, Ardern, Andrews, Made in, etc archetype of leader popped circa 2014 I had a suspicion it was more than a coincidence. I also think that Abbott, Turnbull and Scomo being elected was a real spoke in their plans as the ALP/Greens basically align with the WEF lockstep and at full speed.

Not that voting really matters anymore, and the LNP are having their conservative base and balls cut off from Turnbull onwards.

I am genuinely curious to see how the normies handle this as it’s now a case of active denial about who is really running things. My 2 cents opinion.


Preferential Voting with Marbles! How to stick it to the Major Parties this election!

Agent 47

Meh. We’re past that stage. It only ends with some of them strung up.

Reus's Large MEMBER

That dodgy data showing that the vaccines are the real killer not the virus ….


If a nobody came up with an idea of a global, unelected, unaccountable and closed society you would be shown the door. But somehow the elites have done this and they want to cement themselves as the new global nobility. The rest of us are serfs. Welcome to the new Middle Ages.


It is interesting in various Sci Fi works that either deliberately as a warning ala 1984, Blade Runner etc or accidentally e.g. Dune, many authors and directors always seem to paint a vision of the future as one where democracy is either there in name only or is totally replaced by some sort of techno feudal dictatorship


A lot of it is already there in Plato’s Republic… including the foundational noble lie….

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Your assertion being democracy is the noble lie I take it?