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The ponzi is so big that it is impossible to raise rates without it all collapsing.


I don’t think 15-20% is a hard and fast rule. It really depends on how much pain there is for the elite and also for bank share prices. Last house price decrease was not associated with a sharemarket crash or correction so it was allowed to run its course.


That is a good question. We have all seen the farce over the last few decades where Governments have done everything they can to prop up house prices in Australia. It would be a brave person that would bet against Government intervention if prices started declining significantly. My guess is that they will do everything they can to prop house prices up.


That is true. The cure for inflation will be population QE. It worked pre Covid and put downward pressure on wages and hence costs and prices for everything except investable assets.


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Reus's Large MEMBER

Extend and pretend, kick that can while they still can


Rates won’t rise until after election.
RBA will be happy to “see through” 3.5%CPI


More extend and pretend.

House prices are no issue when even a disabled kid can buy one.



I can remember it was around 2009 when my ex-GF who as earning $200k pa, and was freaking out at the thought of a $400k loan. It is amazing how quickly the debt mindset has changed.


Fark me. Those two look like theyll be partying like it’s 1999.


God bless Denmark!


Norway too. I guess they’ve realised the game is up and are letting it rip.

Considering these are poster child nations for the left not sure how the lockdown loonies will tract.


Will they ever be able to raise the rate? I don’t think there will ever be a significant increase in the interest rate without a widespread financial collapse triggering it.


It is not just an EZFKA thing either. As the Fed reserve raises rates watch financial crises spring up on every corner of the world. I doubt that they could get more than two or three rate increases in before everything turns pear shaped.

But don’t worry BlackRock will be there to purchase all of the mortgagee in possession sales.


RBA’s wording is consistent with what I have been saying about no sustained inflation without wage inflation. We know Gov will open up the borders to make sure wages don’t rise.

I am sure RBA will do a token rise or two so they have something to cut later on. IMO the punters who have bet big on 1.5% rate rises over the next year are dreaming. I hope I am wrong.

ASX 30 Day Interbank Cash Rate Futures Implied Yield Curve


You are not wrong.

A fly in your ointment

Biggest MoFo’s are those that gave their children for trial and testing phase, followed by those that will actually jabbadabba their under 5 kids with a treatment that has less effects than D Lewdo Smith on public opinion against an ailment that is so invisible that parents are unable to know kids are infected.

Lunacy will continue and no one will be held accountable. Particularly not in the jabbadabbastan. The only judgement and conviction that may come is the one at the crossroads of afterlife. If.


And these parents are proud as punch offering their children up as sacrifices to this experimentation. All under the mistaken belief that they will protect grandpa and grandma. We are watching potential infanticide and the majority are completely unaware.
I would fully support reintroducing capital punishment to deal with the people who caused this.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Yeah I am getting to the point where I think fcuk them, let the place burn to the ground and if people want to kill their kids then so be it, but if they come for my kid then there will be issues

Aussie Soy Boy

If the unvaccinated are being held responsible for any bad outcomes, then so should the vaccinated.


Some of these people are so twisted that they will blame the unvaccinated for the damage they will have done to their own children.
Here is an opinion piece in the West today. This person is a complete creep. I wonder if it is Ben O’Shea writing under a pseudonym.

Aussie Soy Boy

By McGowan’s own admission two vaccines only give 4% protection.


I know but some of these people are so invested in this that they think 4% is good enough.
They justify it to themselves even when they get the disease that it would have been worse if they weren’t vaccinated. No proof is needed. Based on pure faith.


The amount of chumps who’ve gone full retard is astonishing.

Bring back punches to the face. Go the biff.

A fly in your ointment

Malone makes some good points:


The plus side could be the complete eradication of all progressive genes from humanity.

Aussie Soy Boy

I think the US make 4 rate hikes this year and that will be enough to tame inflation which is only 6% despite all that has happened in the past two years.

Aussie Soy Boy

If anything we get deflation over the next 12 months maybe 0% inflation.

DLS predicted deflation last year and got it all wrong got massive inflation.

Anyone know his 2022 prediction.

A fly in your ointment

I must admit that he’s been consistent.
It is easier being wrong than right but his views have a huge benefit where choices are binary.


Hes still predicting deflation this year so you might want to adjust your position


Chris Joye predicting house prices will rise a little further and then could fall as much as 33% if rates rise by 1% without strong wage growth.

Interest rates Australia: the future of house prices is in the RBA’s hands (afr.com)


Stevie is a homo