Morrison relieved new Australia Day Awards are here so he can memory hole last year’s Grace Tame clusterfuck

EZFKA PM Scott Morrison has expressed his relief at the upcoming EZFKA Day awards for 2022, as an opportunity to forget about giving Grace Tame the Australian of the year.

Morrison stated that the slow-motion car wreck that was Tame and her Twitter account would soon be hopefully forgotten.

“I really should have known better giving a victim with an axe to grind a national award set aside for actual achievement,” Morrison said.

‘I clearly learnt nothing from the whole Rose Batty thing. I’ll let Kevin Rudd handle all that shit.”

The awards are set to be the ‘wokest ever delivered from a non-ALP government’ and to feature the least amount of straight white men ever.

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Agent 47


Wonder which African ‘community leader’ will be receiving AOTY this year.


tame was never raped at all imo, shes completely full of shit her story is total b.s. the guy and her were in a consensual relationship the entire time.

Agent 47

Same with the Brittany Higgins story imo.

As an aside, the whole desk wanking sounds like it was a couple of homos that allegedly did that. I mean, what straight guy jerks off and allows his mate to film It?

Total bullshit in my opinion.


i think theres more of a chance that higgins was raped i’ve seen the guy who allegedly did it he looks like a date rapist to me, smug “lad” type nerd who wants to be like the big boys. tames story is total b.s though.



angry incel phenotype


nah cuz most incels would never rape anyone, they are usually meek/timid and completely harmless, theres two types of rapists, football player type aggressive rapists who hang around nightclubs and smarmy slimy narcissist rapists who work in offices and shit, this guy was the latter


to me the higgins one didn’t sound like rape at all

They were both heavily intoxicated, she “blacked out”, then they fucked
She woke up in the morning embarrassed because she’s fucked the office dipshit


ya very possible, and man oh man what a dipshit he looks like, grinning tool


It was. IIRC the desk wanker was outed by some other bloke who he’d rooted and rejected and been stupid enough to share the footage with. It was in the Canberra Times…Graham buggered Steven and then broke his heart, and Steven in a fit of jealous rage emailed the video to them.

All vile, degenerate bullshit, and pretty typical, as you might expect.

Agent 47

Little surprise it was kept quiet. Can’t have the rainbow crowd being painted as perpetrators instead of victims.


Nah, pretty open and shut case with Tame.

He was 58, pleaded guilty and later went back to jail for having a stack of child pornography. She was 15, so clearly below the age of consent. Tame also autistic too which would go in her favour. Higgins case much less clear cut, but yet to go to court so we’ll have to see how that plays out.

Funny thing is that Morrison probably didn’t expect that he’d be embarrassed by what otherwise looks like an autistic bogan Tasmania woman. With the new wheelchair tennis player coming out about the NDIS, he might have made the same mistake.

Chinese Astroturfer

The thing that strikes my mind after reading about Grace Tame’s journey last year was that in her press appearances and photoshoots, her nipples are often very prominent. Quite distracting lol.

As they say, old habits die hard.


shes a total attn whore this is all about fame and career advancement to her.


Please provide a source


I’m not seeing it.


Rising interest rates and falling asset prices is unaustrayan.


There are other levers for asset prices and watch them be enacted. Why do you think they want 200,000 warm bodies by June?


Yes. I have previously stated that sustained inflation can’t happen without wage inflation, and that it won’t be permitted to happen.

I am already hearing of dodgy hiring practices in govt departments. Filling vacant permanent roles with foreigners WFH in their home country. This is achieved via consultancy firms and breaking of the rules for outsourcing discrete pieces of work via a tender process.


Given that we no longer invent stuff, Australian of the Year is likely to just go to activists and sports stars.

Agent 47

Called it.

Had a look at the list and it’s chock full of sportsball.