What’s it like?

Some brief notes on the covid experience.

This is the covid-classic experience, not the newfangled omicron version (if that even exists as a matter of fact, rather than as a creature of politics).

1 – infectionnilnilnilnil
238 degreesslightly sore throat
occasional cough
poor sleepelevated pulse
ill feeling comes in waves
339 degreessore throat
occasional cough
poor sleepelevated pulse
tired, hard to get out of bed
mind unclear
438 degreessore throat getting worse
occasional cough
poor sleepelevated pulse,
tired, hard to get out of bed
mind unclear
538 degreesVERY sore throat
occasional cough
v. poor sleepelevated pulse
tired, hard to get out of bed
mind unclear
body aches
tingling in extremities
637 to 38 degreesthroat improving
occasional cough
sleep improvingelevated pulse
less tired
mind clearing
sense of smell disappears
sense of taste disappears
737.5 degreesthroat much improved
occasional cough
sleep improvingelevated pulse
out of bed but fatigue easily
mind clearing
837.5 degreesthroat OK
occasional cough
sleep much improvedelevated pulse
out of bed but fatigue easily from everyday tasks
9-12as day 8 as day 8 as day 8 as day 7

Overall, the first few days are a mild lead-in, days 3-5 (inclusive) were the most acutely unpleasant, feeling profoundly ill. Thereafter it’s a gradual recovery, feeling a little better each day.

Interesting thing about this bug (compared to the normal flu) are:

  • the feeling of unwellness seems to come in waves, with times when one feels quite well for a number of hours… followed by onset of strong symptoms again
  • the ‘lows’ of the illness are not as bad a a bad flu (when one is completely incapable of getting out of bed). So a bad flu is more acute, but this is a slower, longer-burning thing
  • ibuprofen doesn’t work on the fever; paracetamol does
  • there is some persistent nasal congestion, which hayfever antihistamines help relieve
  • the elevated heart rate feels alarming and, I speculate, contributes to the constant fatigue feeling
  • the unclear mind/brain fog does seem to linger -in a lighter form- much after the illness otherwise clears
  • likewise, the ease-to-fatigue lingers for multiple weeks after the illness clears

It’s not something one wants to have again, but also not something to be afraid of.

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Chinese Astroturfer

Did you roll up your sleeve Peachy?

Terry Roughbottom

Can you give us a rough idea of your sex , age and any health issues? I know this is a big ask, but it matters.



Roger Thistlethwaite

Men can breed till death. So female under 50?


i thought you’d be menopausal for some reason


With a handle like yours that really is a big ask!


According to an earlier article on this site (taken down?), anyone who gets vaccinated has no balls.


Anecdata…my niece caught some version, probably Delta in Sydney pre Xmas. She’s vaxed but I dunno when. She’s young, fit and manages a gym. Pretty crook for 2 weeks, now fine.

Our youngest son and his GF both have some version and they’re a bit crook but nothing noteworthy. Vaxed in August. He says he felt worse after getting his second jab.

Very good friend at work and his wife and brother (visiting from overseas over Xmas) all have it. Vaxed about 6 months ago. Bit of a sore throat but otherwise feeling fine.

Two other people at work had it over Xmas. Felt unwell for a few days, now fine.

klarse holl

More anecdata, my uncle 92 years old (turning 93 this year), aunty 89, cousin 56 years old. All three antivaxxers hence they didn’t get vaxxed, all three caught delta end of November last year. My uncle and aunty were sick but functional for just over a week, my cousin was very sick for nearly two weeks, hospital sent her home to be very sick, or didn’t need to be there, don’t know those details.

We all thought my uncle and aunty were gonners, especially since my father said, “your uncle was smoking and drinking from 14 years old”.

They all recovered. My uncle hasn’t smoked since his mid 60’s, still drinks a bit.

Chinese Astroturfer

I think they’re giving unvaccinated people substandard medical care.


Substandard can be better than standard in wicked times.

Reus's Large MEMBER

mmm, makes me think that I did have it back in late October, very similar symptoms to that, never got tested though so might have to have a antibody test or something.


My experience has been similar thus far, though no trouble getting out of bed. The myalgia and joint pain has been pretty miserable but managing with nuerofen. Only other symptom I have that you haven’t listed is short of breath, like I feel puffed out if I start to exert myself more than walking to the kitchen. I hope that doesn’t last.

Oh and my symptoms are worst at night and when waking. Can relate to the poor sleep, I woke at 430am this morning with fuck all sleep. My family members also said they didn’t sleep for days.


The being locked in a room in isolation for a week is worse than the illness too!


Just have to fill in the boredom and occupy myself. I’ve just spent the last few hours watching a guy degenerate on twitch lose nearly $1m USD playing online slots. Fascinating to watch him get shittier and shittier talking to his chat lol


I’d watch cats in tractor accident videos but otherwise I hate cats. They are cunts of things.

Only soyboys and women like cats. I bet that W@F has a cat or two.

Last edited 2 years ago by DictatorDavid

Jeez that’s harsh.


Fourth night was the peak and two days later I’m feeling almost normal again.

I had a visit from Dan’s special “police” yesterday also known as authorised officer. Just checking I was home and then asking about who else is in the house. I was pretty blunt tbh, coming to my house while feeling sick and questioning me (all the same questions that had been answered online already)


Don’t get me started haha!

I’ve been saying for a while the past two years have been for nothing and the virus is just going to run its course regardless.

I’d love to know which variant I had because I wouldn’t describe it as “mild” and I the wax did nothing for me.


Anyone fancy some extra curricular activities?

comment image

A fly in your ointment

my daughter and I have following symptoms after being as close contacts as one can be to a C-positive person (no results on test as yet):

0. both fully vaccinated with vaccines, but both UnAmputated and the rest of the popular Un’s-de-jour (I hope that was not to convoluted to be UnDerstood)
1. feeling of UnSpecific UnWellness closing-in as the day UnFolds
2. temperature raising slowly, headache sets in
3. apparent sweating increase, as on a soggy day (no confusion there that the sweat is from illness)
5. Raspy throat, random impulse to cough a single blow
6. body temperature increase up to 39°C in the evening (I brought the temperature down to be just under 38°C as I find high temp as beneficial for immune system)
7. the next morning I had a feeling in one eye as if it was open stuck on the pillow, my daughter had a bad-ass voice but not the Godfather style
8. we both had the raised temp 38ish for about a day and high temp 39ish for approx 1 day
9. as of tonight, after normal temp in the last 30hrs temp is low 36.2°C-36.4°C and barely sweating (now it could be the soggy weather)
10. daughter’s sore throat is almost gone (we washed it a few times with the red wine vinegar as the anti-septic)
11. my sore throat is still ichy and ticklish, feels a bit swollen but not much of the problem, I sterilise my throat regularly with a VSOP cognac (apparently XO works better, Double distilled Slivovitz is reportedly the best)
11. my eyes still feel as if I dived in the ocean for hours with open eyes (no mask)
12. our 3 months ago fully waxed infector had similar sequence of symptoms and is asymptomatic now (leading by approx 5 days)

  • No report on test since Monday hte 9th. I we test negative, it can only be a false negative. I ticked “close contact” on registration card so probably pushed it at the end of the processing queue. TBH, I only care for pcr result from the perspective of not-the-fear and the practical use of it. Symptoms is what matters.
  • Another person in my household has 0 symptoms and is negative (semi-isolated from us)
  • We semi-regularly took D3, Zinc, C and other vitamins in moderate qty, begun with max dose of supplements since the onset of symptoms and on max-naturals particularly on Vit C (sauerkraut, pickled red peppers, citrus etc)
  • I consider us to eat healthy (fresh vegies etc), being wogs the Mediterranean diet is our base diet. BMI for me is probably a bit increased (~80kg vs. 70kg ideal) and my daughter is spot on.
A fly in your ointment

Some things I try to not say and then I combine sarcasm in the choice of words. This can be confusing.
UnInjected with any of the emergency approved injections – is a simple translation.
I consider a definition of vac cine as defined since inception up to 2 years ago

Test came negative.
This means only 3 things:
1. Extreme close contact cannot produce infection / Omicron is not contagious
2. Pcr test is/are guesstimate
3. I am the Superman and I produced an Superoffspring also immune to everything but kryptonite.

Only one answer has a dose of plausibility.

A fly in your ointment

My sister and neice whom actually shared the same cabin in a mountain resort for a weekend did not spread it to one another. Neice got sick towards the end and had 4ish days of severe flu thereafter just the loss of taste and smell.
FFWD 9months later (September 21) my sister had it, it took 3 days until she returned to work on advice from from doctor (you ain’t got no symptoms and you rest negative). We suspect she was asymptomatic until the end phase.

The plot thickens, after a day in the eye of the storm yesterday (felt quite well), the temp this morning went down to 36°C and now it is 38.5°C. I feel worn out as what is probably comparable to Virginia after a long weekend in royal company on an Island. Train wreck.
Courtesy of Samsung SpO² enabled phone, O² swings from 91-94%, and contrary to popular belief by my daughter’s grandparents, I do have a heart and it is racing like Ben Johnson on steroids 110bps).
Daughter seems OK. A but if sore throat heard in voice.

We did another testing today, pcr mob told me to do Rapid antigen instead.
We see what happens. It can be just a bad flu?!?!

Please don’t wish me well, it makes me evacuate the stomach the Family Guy stile when this is done online to a total stranger and I don’t have a puke bag. I’ll get well.


A fly in your ointment

Nah, you can wish it, that was qiite a bit cocky.to say. Tnx anyway.

Apparently 90% is lower acceptable limit but this is cnditioned with the accuracy of the SpO2 sensor and I reckon it is 5% ish off so i have 85% 😉
Since this morning, no well, just a high temp. I can cope. Ibuprofen and paracetamol don’t help much for headache.
I guess it would be better if I was t o take the temp down but I am pillfobic…

A fly in your ointment

Being a fly in everyone’s ointment… few good good person left around

SpO2 does show 97-99% most of times last week.i brought the body temp down below 38°C and it measured 95% just now. I think high temp reduces oxygen exchange.

Dunno what were the correct numbers, I think bad vi rus is 80% or less O2 whilst resting.

Positive pcr still pending

A fly in your ointment

Results came in and the Faucci-Flu is confirmed.

No bravado there, I just confirmed to be a healthy toxic male with good levels of testosterone since I became whimsy and cried for mum the moment I felt sick.
With regards to the temp, apparently the safe spot is about 39°C for adults and I can notice weakness is rapidly ramping up when temp goes above. The rationale as to why do I allow high body temp is that it assists immune system to fight the virus (your immune system is raising the temp for a reason). After a half a day of 39ish °C it felt great to bring the temp down (I had to as it was going to 39.5°C. Ibuprofen seemed to work, Paracetamol was ineffective.
Today, 38 and a bit, feel manageable. Loss of liquid through tiny but persistent sweat is immense, I drank about 2L and not much went through kidneys.

So far – all is good, it seems to be “Just a bad flu”(tm).
I am unsure previous released variants would’ve yielded the same results, it is academic at this stage anyway.
I have not regretted once for not being jabbadabba and that thought of “what if…” went through my mind.
Not every person’s immune system is the same… maybe I’m lucky or maybe everyone is lucky but official narrative tells them otherwise…


I have read that gargling away disease fighting mucus from your throat is a bad idea. Not specific to Covid. Just bad in general and also linked increase chances of throat cancer.


Mucus in the throat can transfer the virus down the lungs.
I doubt there us anyone that has gotten cancer from flushing the infected throat with a cheap, let alone fancy Cognac.
OTOH liver cirrhosis is one side effect if flushing it a bit too much.


I know someone unvaccinated in their 40s who is in hospital after coughing up blood. Otherwise mild symptoms. And that is kind of the point. It is “mild” unless you are one of the unlucky ones that ends up with damaged lungs.