Alex Hawke to add ‘Indian Scam Call Centre Operator’ to Australian Skilled Occupation List

Liberal MP and Immigration Minister has added ‘Indian Scam Call Centre’ to the EZFKA Skilled Occupation List, after lobbying from Indian Prime Minister Modhi during recent free trade deal talks.

The move comes as unprecedented demand for scam call centre operators fleecing senior citizens for cash continues, with Indians unable to operate efficiently from overseas.

“This will allow the mass importation of scammers from Punjab and other Indian provinces to continue the EZFKA tradition of theft,” Hawke said.

“These guys have currently been stuck outside EZFKA performing their roles, posing as the ATO or Home Affairs. It’d be much more efficient to set up their operations here, so they can send their funds home via Western Union. This is EZFKA.”

Hawke will also be providing access to QR code check-in data to Indian students as part of the agreement, for data mining purposes.

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Agent 47


That last paragraph is spot on. The amount of scam calls I get from Harpreet Singh claiming to be from the ATO has gone up exponentially during the whole check in thing, and I don’t even check in.

Someone somewhere is doing something with all that data.


Someone is applying the XGBoost algorithm in Python to this data to create the social credit score.

Agent 47

Yep. Exactly what this has all been about.


Explain this for us slow ones?


yo has macro capitulated? i’m looking at all their articles now and the comment sections are always open, have they finally figured out that locking down their site and banning everyone willynilly is bad for business or what.

Agent 47

Maybe it’s a temporary reprieve I d9nt know.

But yeh, banning paying members is a dick move and a terrible business decision.

I did peruse some of the comments there on weekend and not much has changed. Usual Skippy nonsense, Sweeper ALP astroturfing and generic LNP bashing/covid fear porn.


I can’t see subscriber only articles, still get the x words remaining thingy


He won’t need to. 1000 medical staff were fast tracked into EZFKA. If more people quit, then they’ll mint a more visas. The elite in EZFKA, never have to wear the consequences, the deplorables on the other hand wear the cost whether they like it or not.


He won’t need to. 1000 medical staff were fast tracked into EZFKA. If more people quit, then they’ll mint a more visas.

i think that’s most likelincorrect. Just look at the actual dynamics over there:

Labor costs in the industry have soared, and hospitals struggled to retain enough nurses, technicians and even janitors to handle higher hospitalizations in recent months

“If you get certain healthcare facilities that don’t require it, those could be a magnet for those people who don’t want the vaccine. They’ll probably have an easier time attracting labor.

none of this stuff applies in ezfka – labour costs have gone pretty much nowhere in decades. Precisely because the visas keep getting minted.

incodentally, the healthcare industry is heavily on the immigration teat, from GP clinics to top tier hospitals.


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This one is very tasteful!


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Tweet of the year