Mark McGowan announces next goalpost shift set for February 5th

WA Premier Mark McGowan has announced the next date for moving the goalposts on border controls will be announced on February 5th, 2022.

McGowan says he remains committed to gaslighting the population, and that three months was ample time for a slew of new variants and excuses to extend the border closure beyond February.

“First it was 70%, then 80%, now 90%. Wait until you see what I have in store for them in February,” McGowan said.

“The WA public have proven themselves as comfort-addicted retards and as long as they’re kept distracted with house prices and football, no-one cares. They’ll keep voting for me.”

McGowan has also granted WA Police full authorisation to execute anyone within 1km of the WA border.

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Agent 47

The border is never opening.


As someone in WA, I really hope the border doesn’t open. But it will. They will let in COVID because it’s the only way to let in all the cheap labour to undermine the FIFOs and keep the 2nd rate unis doing the mostly useless stuff they do.


I don’t blame you. But the population ponzi needs to keep going.


fifo drogues are gunna cop covid coz vax is hopeless junk and then the shit hits the fan. …stuck on site locked down in the donger?
onsite riots r us


“….as long as they’re kept distracted with house prices and football, no-one cares.”
🤣🤣wait ’til the afl does a cricket australia and sez fk ya WA, shove your stadium