Jacqui Lambie in isolation after testing positive for demonic possession

Australian Senator Jacqui Lambie has been ordered into isolation this evening after failing a test for demonic possession.

In one of the greatest heel turns in Australian politics, Lambie gave yet another maniacally unhinged rant in the Senate in defence of discriminating against Australians despite previously supporting the right to choose. Scanners detected that Lambie was again possessed by demonic entities and told to isolate.

‘I can confirm that Senator Lambie is possessed by Satan or one of his other archangels and has been told to isolate,” a spokesman for Parliament House said.

“She’s never been the same since she sold her soul. The sacrifice ritual at Pfizer HQ a few months ago really pushed her over the edge. Normally we don’t have a problem with demonically possessed MP’s as that is the standard, but Jacquie is making it way too obvious.”

Lambie is apparently under the care of Baphomet until further notice.

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Her about turn has been amazing!

Agent 47

She absolutely lost it. She’s sold Out, question is how much?


Reus's Large MEMBER

My guess is that as she is vaccinated, she has now been told what is in it and has been bribed with the “cure”, that would explain the level of crazy and the NT guys almost in tears.

Agent 47

I’m starting to think some of them are grappling with their conscience ( however small) and this is projection.

genuine fear and lashing out at everyone else


not just her, google what the NT guy said today, hes fucking nuts, absolutely insane human lol

Shae The Burmese

He looked like he was going to burst into tears. What’s with these unhinged politicians?

Chinese Astroturfer

Labor are scum


I thought at first she was bought but then whom would’ve paid money for ‘that’???

Shae The Burmese

Is there a rabies pandemic?

Agent 47

Seem like it. Between the premiers and this cow it seems to be only affecting public servants.


Christina Keneally wasn’t far behind. Talking about extremism in the most peaceful large protests this country has ever seen. Absolute hysteria.


Nah. Just gaslighting. These people lie so much they can no longer tell the difference.

Agent 47

How long until one of them just shapeshifts into Satan on tv? I mean, I actually think it’s plausible at this point.

Reus's Large MEMBER

I looked her up on FB to give her a serve and found I was 10k people late to the party, my guess from the comments is that she will be out come next election so what ever she sold out for had better be worth it, the people in the comment section were scathing of her speech.

Agent 47

Yeh she got absolutely wrecked. If I was Tasmanian I’d never admit to voting for her.

Chinese Astroturfer

Ugly fat dole bludging single mother. What a disgrace. I will not be lectured by the Devonport bicycle, by someone who is so deficient as a parent that raised a crackhead..

Agent 47

Devonport bicycle lol

Love it how she tries to play it tough but who the fuck would be scared of her? Maybe some low T beta.

Michelle Johnson

the vaccine makes people angry because the vaccine is the virus