Sally Capp plans to revitalise Melbourne CBD’s economy by preventing the unvaccinated from spending any money in it

Melbourne Mayor Sally Capp has announced that unvaccinated individuals will be banned from entering any City of Melbourne facility and from participating in the Melbourne CBD’s economy.

After footage of empty shopfronts in the Melbourne CBD circulated online, Capp defended criticism that this was retarded and essentially akin to racial segregation.

“I may have spent the last two terms destroying Melbourne by approving poorly constructed apartment towers, the homelessness epidemic and allowing Uber Eats riders to ride on the sidewalk, but that’s beside the point,” Capp said.

“This is all part of revitalising the CBD and trying to re-attract those small businesses that were completely wiped out under my tenure. What better way to do that than banning a huge portion of their customer base?”

Capp will announce more measures next week.

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Who cares about the CBD economy? The activity is now in the suburbs. Local eateries have been going well even considering lockdown. Why would anyone want to catch a crappy sardine Metro train that will be canceled/delayed to the city to work? Melbourne is a hell hole and has the self interested self serving leaders it deserves.


Who cares about the CBD economy?

The people of import. The people who matter. The people with money.
What the plebs want or care about is irrelevant. Let them be locked down again if they step out of line.

Last edited 2 years ago by bjw678

Bjw has demonstrated an excellent understanding of EZFKA concepts, both foundational and advanced!



I have a lot to learn then


Don’t worry, it’s a journe, not a destination 😉


It’s all about the WWBTR principle.
What Would Benefit The Rich.


Heh, Capp is keen to bring in the overseas replacement consumers ASAP.