Australian men line-up to cut their balls off after government mandates castration

Men around EZFKA have lined up outside clinics in major cities to have their testicles removed, after the Australian government mandated castration to stop the spread of COVID.

The mandate came after Australians didn’t realise that the goal posts would keep moving and that this was always going to happen.

“Given the actions of most Australian men the last 18 months and their tolerance of tyranny, they really have no use for them anyway,” EZFKA Prime Minister Scott Morrison said.

Local Melbourne man Dave Callahan said it was imperative his fellow Australian men get the chop.

“There’s some selfish men out there that are keeping their balls. You’re putting the community at risk. #Getcastrated and stop the spread.”

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Reus's Large MEMBER

Aussies must the most compliant bunch that I know, not sure if it was always this way but I think that excess of rules about everything has ruined the rebel in too many.


I’m curious to understand this aspect of our culture better also. How did we go from the larrakin type country in the 70s to nanny state with laws for everything? Did the lawyers and judges just ruin everything undemocratically via increasingly prescriptive tort law, or is parliament to blame via statute, or is there more to it?

I’m reading bullshit jobs by Graeber, only halfway through, and I think there is a link in the financialisation of everything in the early 80s onwards that he suggests was a key factor of bullshit job creation present.

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The first question is was it really that much different in the 70’s?

or is parliament to blame via statute, or is there more to it?

Parliament is to blame, but with the support of enough of the populace. It’s the end result of a slippery slope of a little less risk here, a little more safety there over and over again and you end up where we are.


Well I’m only in my early 30s however from my understanding, it was. Far less laws on everything, no financialisation of everything. More common sense and less statutes, greater personal accountability with also strong social systems.

Also no mass importing of millions of conservative eastern cultures that easily submit to authoritative regimes.

Really any libertarian today would have been pretty at home back then.


Also no mass importing of millions of conservative eastern cultures that easily submit to authoritative regimes.

An awful lot of italians came to australia post WW2 and mussolini.
We were mass importing europeans in huge numbers then, in the more racist White Australia times.
The change in composition probably has more to do with changes in europe between then and now than anything else.

The other stuff, probably partially true, but given how different my personal experience is of the 80’s and 90’s to some of the stuff I see written about it, I bet the same is also true of earlier times I don’t have experience of directly.
According to history gladys will be a saint deposed by evil vindictive people.


At the risk of sounding like “that person”, mass water fluoridation of Australia’s tap water began in the late 60s / early 70s.


so did feminism and the entry of women into the workforce and positions of power.
Given women are less prone to risky behaviour than men it certainly is more likely a cause then flouridation…


they dont need em anyway

A fly in your ointment

Well, give ir take few, most will not have them anyway


Will cutting the balls off be enough to get rid of the toxic masculinity?

Or does an inch need to be taken off the shaft too?


“John Barilaro was at the front of the queue, following his resignation from the NSW parliament…:


Worried about ICAC or think it’s all going to go to shit after opening up?
Given 3 people have resigned in a few days…