2021 ABS Census data shows “Scientism” as fastest growing Australian religion

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has revealed that “Scientism” is the fastest growing religion in EZFKA as a result of the 2021 Census.

The religion has seen a huge surge of growth from 2020 onwards, with the Church of Pfizer identified as the largest growing denominational sect.

“Lord Fauci and his local EZFKA Saints Swan and Coatsworth have seen a record number of worshippers in the past 18 months,” Professor Nerd Nerdison said.

“Scientism believers can be easily identified by their blue face coverings, chastising of non-believers, inquisition of public health order commandment breakers and ritual of injection of the body of Pfizer.”

Nerdison said although the data was not yet complete, the government should look at future considerations for potential sectarian violence between Pfizer, AZ and Moderna sects.

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Face/Off. Trump is still in the White House


It’s pretty obviously latex “tab” over how ear

his nose also looks completely different to other photos


I mean the image is fake: not a photo. They stuck “Getty” on it to make people assume it’s real.


Is it ?

do you have the original ?

im actually shook right now

Last edited 2 years ago by Coming

Is it ?

that’s my theory


Why would you believe the image is real more than not real? Do you have any proof at all it’s not tampered with?


It is a bad photoshop. Here is a very recent video. At 4:26 you can see that side of the face.

Biden Gives Remarks On Administrations Response To Recent Wildfires – YouTube


This isn’t the same event – could well be the “normal” Biden here and a body double at the other

the point is that he doesn’t look “normal” in the Twitter photo

have you got the original photo or video ?


oh I see. The claim is for a body double. They have exactly the same ear.

A Google Images search for that photo only shows up in Twitter and forums. No official media outlets.

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Agent 47

FWIW I saw two videos on this topic the other day. One where a guy goes through a lot of historical photos of Biden and points out he has detached ear lobes in some photos and detached in others.

Another one where a Hollywood make up and special effects professional shows what he can do with masks and current tech. They do a mock up of Trumps face and it’s 99.9% accurate.

I’m not saying this is what’s happening here, but im currently convinced the guy must have doubles or something similar given his mental state and his refusal to answer questions or do certain things in public appearances.

Agent 47

Scientism in action. My God the retards came out in force today at MB:


Travis Howarth

Yep, we all know the worst offenders on there. Sad to see so many people who believe themselves to be ‘above’ manipulation so easily condemning their fellow humans to a painful death (and prior to that, total social and economic exclusion) with a sense of almost glee. I still don’t get how they equate people refusing an untested (no phase 3 or 4 clinical trials, using new never used before technology) and not particularly effective (non-sterilising, short lasting) vaccine with deserving a painful, lingering death. But they do.

They aren’t rational, they aren’t humanist and they aren’t applying logic. It’s the modern Inquisition except with an even stronger sense of self righteousness. I’m almost certain though most of them were the same people who couldn’t ‘understand’ how 1930s Germany or Bolshevik Russia or Maoist China ‘happened’ and probably imagined themselves ‘heroically’ resisting the authorities.


So now Leith says

There is more to life than avoiding death.

it’S the closed parks that dun it!


Wasn’t he until earlier this year part of the zero Covid cult like the people that frequent the site? I recall last year he was advocating a longer lockdown in Melbourne to eliminate Covid. You reap what you sow.


Was probably fair enough last year and H1 this year, but enough is enough now with the vaccines. Just open up and move on.


The problem is it doesn’t work like that. Peoples thoughts and opinions are “sticky”. Whatever you tell them first has far higher acceptance than a contrary thing you try to tell them later.
Hence spin doctors getting ahead of the bad news…

Last edited 2 years ago by bjw678

No – Leith was saying enough was enough last October during the last Vic lockdown. He’s stated he supported the first lockdown, until we knew what we were dealing with and to give us time to prepare, but has been against all the subsequent ones. DLS continues to hide behind the sofa though.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

Lines up with my simplified picture of the world where Davo is the polemicist and Leitho is the pragmatist.


Sure, but Leith was pushing hard for elimination in September last year even if that meant lockdown for longer. So he advocated and got what he wanted, but then complained in October about being in lockdown. 🤷‍♀️

Chinese Astroturfer

I feel everyone should assess the level of risk they want to accept and it may involve sacrifice such as passing up job opportunities, learning to live with less.

Most people are very impulsive and will almost always take short term gratification such as being able to go to a pub or restaurant with dozens of other vaccinated superspreaders than spend a summer or two staying home or just having some drinks with a few mates on a sunny day in a backyard.


After seeing the direction of climate science and its solutions and now Covid responses, I have well and truly left scientism. The thing that made me leave was arguing with someone about carbon offsets and correcting him that they are actually not offsets merely a slight reduction in the rate of change.
As for Covid watching rules that were not science driven (yes LVO missing out on parks) and to the benefit of mates has made me especially sceptical of science touted in the media.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Someone mentioned this before, but is it coincidence that the economy was teetering on the edge late 2019 and needed some “QE’ to get it going and along came a “virus” to print money for and a “vaccine” to take away rights of the masses with.

Or another way of looking at it, have the elites gotten tired of pedo snuff parties and decided to mess with the world in general by releasing a virus and capturing the QE that flowed from CB’s and then did their best to turn the general populace into NPC’s or worker bots.


I mentioned the coincidence. Mid September 2019 repo rates spiked big time and a few commentators suggested one or more financial institutions imploded as per GFC. It is estimated the virus first appears 2-3 weeks later in early October. China also included a strange “pandemic” clause in their US-trade agreement.


There certainly is a lot of vigour to the efforts to save and perpetuate the existing wealth and power concentrations.

this is something that we could always count on.

how premeditated this whole thing was… I’m not too sure.

Last edited 2 years ago by Peachy

I am not saying they did or didn’t. I’d imagine some fairly major civil unrest if the financial system was bailed out again, and of course at the expense of poorer people and in favour of wealthy people.

Virus, bank bailout, wealthy people even wealthier, helicopter money to shut up the plebes. Voila. It is plausible.


yes Freddy. I agree that it’s plausible.

Reus's Large MEMBER

I would not put it past the elite to do this, seems like everyday is becoming more like some movie, Elysium is probably not far off the cards but rather than a space ship it would be gated communities in …. wait that has already happened in CA …

Chinese Astroturfer

China was in big trouble late 2019, companies putting things in motion to move supply chains out of China, tariffs starting to bite, economy teetering, Trump headed for a landslide victory in 2020.

So now that the world is opening up again and with the current supply chain issues from Chyna, there is a good chance that things are going to head south for them again, especially if they get blamed for the whuflu which seems more likely everyday.

Besides the fact that the QE stimulus shot is fading now that countries are coming out of lockdown, it will be interesting to see how this whole mess plays out over the next while


The solution to cheap money is even cheaper money. QE will be back in some form or another.