“Unvaccinated will not be able to use hospitals” says Andrews while announcing second state-funded injecting room

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has issued a stern rebuke to those wishing not to take the COVID vaccine, while announcing the location of the state’s second tax-payer funded injection room.

“These people are a danger to the health care system and I will not have our medical staff at risk,” Andrews told the press conference at a Melbourne CBD construction site.

“You’ve made a selfish decision not to get a jab and that’s fine. Just know that you aren’t entitled to put other people at risk.”

Andrews made it clear that the second injecting room would “respect the privacy of those affected by drug addiction.”

“With another injection room, you can inject your recreational drugs and assault nurses in a safe environment, without fear of stigma or ostracization.”

Andrews also announced Ambulance Victoria would be increasing its callout fees in the CBD area and adding a special ‘overdose levy.’

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Chinese Astroturfer

Deny treatment to all the homosexuals that got AIDS from choosing to have unprotected sex in their anus.


fuck this one is so good – I didn’t even think of this angle

Mentioning all the obese, smokers, drinkers is too obvious a hypocrisy to be satirical

Also no mention of dan andrews taking up an ICU bed because he was pissed and fell down stairs

Another good comparison I was thinking of is – what if Dan Andrews said he will no longer treat suicide attempts
Why isn’t that a selfish decision

Chinese Astroturfer

Good point.

People who CHOOSE to kill themselves should be at the absolute back of the queue.


This is great – seems cheaper and less painful than a vasectomy for the boys!

but I wonder why birth rates have not collapsed all over Africa where the drug is commonly administered?

do they still have a couple of unwormed specimens getting around and “servicing” whole villages/towns?

Chinese Astroturfer

It’s always a bad thing to take a medical treatment it’s a last resort when there are no other options.

Ivermectin has years of data as well. These COVID vaccines about 9 months of data and a couple months from a hurried stage 3 trial.


yes male fertility is almost irrelevant on a population scale

only female fertility matters

hence the incel situation


While our population is barely making replacement fertility full stop is mostly irrelevant. 10-15 children was not unusual pre birth control.


Yesterday Chris Martenson did a video on Ivermectin toxicity:
Ivermectin Toxicity Reviewed – YouTube

I only watched it briefly. The gist of it is otc cough medicines are much more dangerous than Ivermectin. That is not to suggest Ivermectin is of any benefit at all in fighting Covid.