Covid Meme RoundUp 27 July 2021

So normally I stay in my lane, specifically the Weekend Links. Which I’m happy to do. The problem is there is too many Covid meme’s, and I can’t fit all these into the Weekend Links.

Hence, Covid Meme RoundUp! Gather around, gather around children. But first, some caveats:

  • I actually think Covid-19 was something shady out of a military lab somewhere, probably the Wuhan Institute of Virology, but could also be the closed facility at Fort Detrick.
  • My guess is shady went down, and somehow it got out. Maybe intentional, but probably not totally intentional.
  • Of course, admitting this would be tantamount to a declaration of war, either against China or the US. Which no one can afford anyways. So we have the lock downs against who know what, with everyone lying their backsides off.
  • Once it was out, the race was on to weaponize the narrative. By different factions, for totally different reasons.

Which gives us… meme’s! Lets go…


Apparently the un vaxxed line is super quick – who knew?


BLM getting slammed for support Cuba’s government, so they blame covid…

I’ma go Greek on your ass!

Bit shit to be honest.

Everyone is weaponizing Covid for their own purposes.


Two gunshots to the back of the head, suicide. Like like Epstein, or McAfee.

You little rebel you…

Queen Of Hearts?

Queen of Smarts!

Yep – this actually happened!

That is weird!

Could it be… bots!

You know it!

Sounds about right.

Nurses fighting back…


Have a Good Day everyone!

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There was also an attempted assassination of Madagascar’s president (who had also refused to participate in Covid vaccination)


Keep an eye on Brazil too…


You think they might try to off the Brazilian leader?

is he anti-vax?

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Regardless of your personal stance on lockdowns, Gold Standard Gladys is showing us what happens when wokeness rules public policy.

The refusal to clamp down harshly as cases spread throughout jimmy grant suburbs means we’re going to be dealing with this shit for months. 50 people at a family gathering, have any charges been laid there? Imagine if that had been a white family.

And a great collection T!


The alternative explanation is that Gladys is quietly letting it rip. Deliberately through those suburbs, whose inhabitants can’t be blamed by the media.

separarely, do you reckon these photographed dudes are vaccinated:


That was my initial take on this outbreak, that the whole thing has been engineered to push people into vaccines. Given the hubris among the NSW government I’m sure they thought they could pull it off in a controlled fashion.

Someone asked today at the press conference if any charges had been laid in that massive gathering, of course the answer is no! We can’t punish the poor jimmy grants, that would be racist!


Based on today’s news conference the strategy is going to be to vaxx our way out of this outbreak. Seriously WTF? And apparently some vacced nurses have tested positive now but they were only recently jabbed? So the vaccines “work” but only after a while, and then after a while they work so well that third jabs are already in the process of being introduced.


The only strategy they have long term is vax, or hope. The only other long term option is let it rip, or attempt limited spread but that is a tightrope you probably can’t walk, or eradicate forever until you mess up at some point and end up at let it rip anyway.

Gladys was all about relaxing restrictions and back to normal until a handful of cases and it was lockdown instantly so she is clearly all talk and “managing the population” rather than honest intentions.

Not much point listening to what she says because they turn in an instant the moment something changes.


Same happened in Melbourne last year. The CHO publicly apologised and said no fine will be issued.


Does the more you get vaxxed buy you more social credits?



Screen Shot 2021-07-27 at 11.35.02.png



Third jab is already coming, welcome to the future!


I can’t say I’ve read the original book, ‘The Marburg Virus’ or the re-released version ‘The Virus’ from 2020, however I first came across the story of Boris’s Father’s book in early 2020, as the virus was initially emerging BEFORE it was considered for re-release, and before it was memed into being about using vaccines for population control.

I like apolcolypse fiction from Zombies through to Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’ so I specifically went off to find some reviews and found they were all pretty much were all in accordance with these later fact checkers found:

Contrary to the claims made in the Facebook post, after reading the entire novel AFP Fact check found no references to “the government releasing a deadly virus into the population as a cover for population control”.

The book revolves around a fictional epidemiologist, Lowell Kaplan, who attempts to track down the source of an outbreak of the highly infectious and deadly Marburg Virus, after a woman dies from the pathogen in New York

…with the added fact that the reviews I read made clear the novel was apparently also exceedingly boring.

Consequently I never bought the re-released version from 2020 “The Virus”. It is possible that the original “The Marburg Virus” might have been different, however there are enough old book shops around that I would have expected an original to emerge by now.

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Landlords in EZFKA take notes

Screen Shot 2021-07-27 at 11.40.59.png

If those vax stats are real no wonder none of these new tech vax’s have passed the approval process.

Never mind the coincidence and spoiler alerts (instead of conspiracies), the TV show is great, one of the best in the history of TV shows.


In the vein of classic movies, I observed ‘Logan’s Run’ is now on Netflix. An interesting flick – the stylizations are pure nostalgic 1970s. It also makes extensive use of models instead of computer effects… at times it felt like watching Thunderbirds!

A fly in your ointment

LOLz, I’ve seen that movie in what used to be daytime television programme for kids during winter dchool holidays in early 80’s. Still remeber the sunny weekday with snow covering everything. Towards the end of the movie, the power went out and the rerun-ad-nauseum has not been invented yet. Donkey years later, in Seth Efrica I lived nearby an old video rental shop that had the strangest rare movies on the shelf, inclusive of Logan’s Run. The tape was worn badly but it was usable. I luved it. 10+ years of suspense have at last finished.


I was expecting Peachy with another MBLOL MPLOL thread.

Large Member

Yes yes yes, did you see the BS MPLOL there today, fuck me they keep on at it like a 6 year on and Santa, we all know that MP and Santa don’t exist but they still believe ….


Sorry mate, I haven’t been reading their musings.

my present thoughts on MPLOL are that it could come in.

But, if it comes it, it might be calibrated to keep prices at levels that correspond to ~2% interest rates, while actual interest rates proceed to head lower (to 1% or whatever). (That’s the “LOL” bit)