Weekend Links, July 03-04, 2021

Welcome to the Weekend Links for July 3-4, 2021. So this week there was a problem. The long and short of it is, EZFKA Weekend Links has been trying to add more AusPol. Because AusPol has implications for most of the peeps who frequent this spot.

But, this is a problem. There is so much crazy going on worldwide, who has the time to track it all. But in the immortal words of Hyman Roth in The Godfather, “… this is the business we have chosen”.

Hyman Roth is probably my favorite character. As I get older, I find Godfather II to be far deeper in meaning that Godfather I, the lack of Marlon Brando being the only major negative, but we can’t all get what we want.

Much interesting happened this week. But given the utter fear porn which has been the hallmark of every government since the pandemic, one upside is the quality of counter culture art making the rounds.

The nurses tiktok video will remain a lasting memory of the utter callousness of the medical profession.

Another example of counter culture art which caught my eye this week.

~~Conspiracy Theory Of The Week~~

So I’m going to try to do a conspiracy of the week. This week, our man Bill Gates (or a image cropped double) is sending out SOS signals to the rest of the Satanic Cabal. How do these people communicate you ask?

Ohnoes… they know about my involvement with funding Covid! Whatever will we do?

Obviously this is dissected within minutes by various misanthrope collectives across the internet. Resulting in:

Of course, he was not the only notable communication. Also making the rounds was the below. Donald Rumsfeld died this week, June 29, 2021 according to Wikipedia. But did he though?

According to Wikipedia Rumsfeld died on June 29, 2021. Did he though?

In a world of ubiquitous surveillance, its comforting to know even the elites have to resort of communications like this – after all, what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

~~Rottweiler And Baby Sing… Badly~~

But they steal hearts anyways 🙂

~~Culture Wars~~

I had a great interview of a French General calling out the Jewish dominated media. The (((anchor))) nearly had a fit. Unfortunately it’s already been memory holed.

So instead… its hilarious. The SJW’s on the school board were torn a new rear end by this man. Bless him.


Please watch this video, where the leftist scum shut down everyone opposed to their contemptible death cult. Fuck these scumbags. Warning: This video will make you see red.

This was quite a good read – The Demonization of the Unvaxxed – by Karen Hunt – Break Free With Karen Hunt (substack.com) – I think folks will enjoy it.

Children are the vessels into which adults pour their poison…

Salman Rushdie, Midnight’s Children

Also… the wimmez cannot catch a break at the moment. Who knew? I mean, just stop complaining about being raped already. Jeez…

~~Have You Ever Wanted To Be A Giant~~

Now you can… the bit where he uses the windmill as a boomerang is amazing!


I’m a big fan of John Cadogan. Some of the best of what it means to be Australian, imho. Worth a watch.


~~ Ohnoes ~~

~~ John Adams Fighting The Good Fight ~~

~~And Martin North Takes A Victory Lap~~

~~Written In The Stars~~

Aries 7:33 Taurus 20:44 Gemini 32:34 Cancer 44:44 Leo 55:58 Virgo 1:07:46 Libra 1:19:57 Scorpio 1:32:03 Sagittarius 1:44:21 Capricorn 1:56:36 Aquarius 2:07:20 Pisces 2:20:34

You know you want too…

~~ More Covid Shenanigans ~~


Chinese protest CCP in Melbourne. Media ignores it.


Its a charming old cottage in Portugal. They rebuilt it!

~~WW III~~


You know how last week I was panicking about the Russians in the Pacific – The Pacific Is Crowded With Unprecedented Number Of War Games | ZeroHedge – apparently I’m not the only one. In addition, Xi is Xi Gives Blistering Taiwan “Reunification” Speech, Vowing Foreign Meddlers Will “Get Their Heads Bashed” | ZeroHedge clearly not happy.

~~Especially Goddamn Terrifying~~

Its a scary Billionaire Funds South Dakota National Guard Deployment To U.S-Mexico Border | ZeroHedge world out there. We are already at private armies in the US, as in existing state assets are being turned private.

Which is understandable because reprisals against Trump have Charges Filed Against Trump Org And CFO Alan Weisselberg | ZeroHedge already begun.

~~Have A Good Weekend Everyone~~

~~And What’s This~~

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Another quality construction project.


It’s the EZFKA way: dubious landlord behaviour in not declaring rent, hoping to kick out unemployed tennant


On Martin’s DFA video, I have to say Robbie Barwick has really done a fantastic job – both with the banks/Australia post issue as well as getting action against the proposed cash ban previously.


box hill translates literally into “phd hill” in chinese

the eastern suburbs of melbourne sound like a truly horrible place


The east isn’t so bad. West Melbourne is much worse as there is hardly any infrastructure and few public transport links with everyone getting stuck on the West Gate each morning. Was reliably informed that the most dangerous areas in Melbourne are the West (Footscray) and South East (Dandenong), which is incidentally where most of the Sudanese youth gangs are (eg. Apex gang) as well as some organised crime hotspots.

A few years ago there was a Sudanese Vietnamese gang war out west – this kind of thing happening is unheard of in the more established eastern suburbs.

And again from out west last year – the cops can’t seem to do anything about them.


As Indian friends have told me, if you’re Indian, Asian or white in those areas you will get targeted.



its sad how therer’s barely anywherre in australia anyone would actually want to live in, and those places are so exorbitantly expensive you’re not able to anyway. most of sydney is like this as well, either so expensive it’s beyond the reach of nearly everyone or a hellhole.

Agent 47

Magistrates in Victoria are softcocks.


The opening post in the second link was deleted (probably out of shame), but where there’s a will there’s a way:

“We have had a tenant in our property for nearly 4 years. It was clear from the outset that this would be a private, cash only arrangement which was fine with the tenant when she signed the lease. However recently the tenant approached us to sign a rental certificate for centrelink and informed us she has been collecting benefits from centrelink since losing her job mid last year. Is there any risk that her claiming benefits will flag anything with the ATO? Just trying to find out what we might be liable for if we agree to signing the rent certificate.”


Oh, that landlord thread is a good one.

seems like one of those landlords that Mike posts about. But a bit of a rookie/newbie.

I’m a big fan of John Cadogan. Some of the best of what it means to be Australian, imho. Worth a watch.

Shishkebab, if he is the symbol of what it means to be an Aussie, the nation is flucked.
Cadogan style is piss on everything, buy a Mazda, nothing is good, all are bad. I tried, seriously, I tried to watch his rants in the past and i felt dumbflucked for days afterwards. It is a galloping gish sheetshow no one tries to debunk because: “The amount of energy needed to refute bullisht is an order of magnitude larger than to produce it”


You think I should give another Weekend Links movie recommendation DjenkA?

By all means, yes.

There is nothing as mind stimulating as a discussion on topic where not all parties agree but stick to values of discourse. You’ve sure shown you can and you like it too and I am happy to engage in a healthy conversation about anything, particularly when there is something to learn.
I can only wish I had more time at disposal to concoct a deeper and broader response every time.


Thanks mate.


Never heard of John Cadogan before, his shtick doesn’t seem too offensive. That said I have only watched the above link, not sure if he goes off on a tangent beyond cars on a regular basis, but I like that he’s at least out there using whatever profile he has to draw attention to Friendly Geordie’s producer getting arrested – he’s certainly spent more time talking about it than any other msm head that I can think of. If that draws the story into circles that would otherwise be unaware of it, that’s a positive as far as I’m concerned.

Edit: only watched half the link but mainly because I was already over the facts and not too engaged with his style.

Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie
Agent 47

I like Cadogan. Can go overboard but he’s a straight shooter especially on EV’s.

i like some of his vids but he rants too much, overboard on the verbiage

Verbiage is a good word.
Perhaps I cannot watch him because every almost-true factoid he says I feel the need to debunk and then 1-2min later it is too many of them my head explodes. Brandolini ‘s Law in effect.


I do like him, but I’m not an engineer. I do coding and have a basic BSc, so I can’t really fact check his points, but he seems pretty legit.

And I like his dry humour, and stirring. And his obscenity too obviously.

If I was ever going to buy a new car, I’d think about going though him.


I bought my Navara Ute new in 2015 with John’s help. I ended up paying $5K less than the best-and-final offer from the local Nissan Dealer in Canberra.

YMMV, but well worth it for me.


Well done again on the Weekend Links T!

Wishing you all a great weekend.

Interesting headline ⬇️ Something about karma and all that.

Screen Shot 2021-06-21 at 20.58.59.png

Yeah likewise T looking forward to working through them


Also vax meme:

Screen Shot 2021-06-16 at 19.44.53.png
Agent 47

Spot on. They are the new vegans.


Two attempts at building home made planes – very different outcomes:

Kenyan man’s Attempt To Fly Home Made Plane Flops Again

Had he succeeded he would have been ‘the “firstest” African to build a locally assembled aircraft’ (outside of South Africa).


Finish man’s attempt to build a home made plane:

“Tiira was operated on skis and was powered by a 50 hp Volkswagen van engine and had top speed of about 70 knots. It had no instruments or ailerons and “had to be driven like a car” with only with rudder and elevator control.”


Edit: The full reddit link is well worth the read !

Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie

meanwhile: “I turn Fridge Compressor into 4 stroke Engine


Lol, that came to me in one of those suggested YT videos.
The change is so drastic, it is unrecognisable from the source material.


That was super cool – my daughter loves watching youtubers turning hand towels into towel bears, this is probably the middle age autist engineers equivalent.

I bet it is something that Boomergineering would get excited over and probably make. Someone should copy him the link, he needs a new project after building himself designer bike cranks and sprockets.

Stu the cucksta

I am gay for Stewie.

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Editing comments again stewie, you weak as fuck piece of shit. Grow a backbone you gutless cunt and let it stand.


I suspect you’re gay for me too.

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Totally bro. I’m so gay for you, been at home all evening fisting myself over the thought of your attention.

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You’re a chick?
Cool bro


Ur gay

Yes I am gay and I enjoy gay times.

I mean if you’ve never been gay for Stewie, have you even lived?

I’m not pedo, just gay. As gay as a bird singing a song

I can understand how people could be gay for me, I mean they are only human and well, I’m just irresistible – frankly I have trouble not being gay for myself too.

To put your mind at rest I am above the age of consent and my avatar only reflects the innocence of my soul.

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Cool bro, I am not homo, just gay, like golden gaytime iscream.


I know how much you appreciate these low brow responses lol. At least stagmal might get a laugh


I use to wet the bed.

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…actually I still wet the bed. That’s why I’m still single 🙁

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I am a cunt, but I don’t like cunts.

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When the doctor said I didn’t have worms anymore, well that was the happiest day of my life.

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Seriously dude, you’re such a triggered bitch lol


lol – I’m drunk and stoned and laughing at you.


What? Stoned? You’re taking chimp drugs and chimping out?


…as much as I would like to engage in some simulated public sex or jump with glee upon the destroyed remains of a police car, alas, I have too many white genes in my genome, so I had to settle on the traditional white boy reaction to ‘chimp’ drugs…. slowly being absorbed by the couch, while occasionally trying to telekinetically move the left over pizza from the fridge to the coffee table.


Now I’m going to go and watch Rick and Morty, then if it isn’t sufficiently funny I might come back and get ‘triggered’ some more!


Only loosers smoke weed and watch cartoons man. Grow up.


holy cow


Serious question – what if do them separately?


Is anyone actually going to read the Reddit link I posted? I thought it was an interesting story. 🙁


Was a nice story.
The man had some perseverance, respect!

Guess he could’ve gotten a licence and rented a Cessna every now and then but where is the fun in that?


Yeah I thought it was fascinating – looks like he is up to version 4 !! lol

The I thought the African attempt was funny… I’ll be damned if you can’t laugh at stupidity wherever it is found. Even to my untrained eye it looked massively over engineered in terms of steel pipe framing and those wings looked way too stubby and short.


He is asking for funds and technical cooperation so maybe you could help him out and make him ‘the firstest’. 😉

Last edited 1 year ago by BING!

Oi T, what’s broken in your brain to keep posting all this retarded conspiracy shit? Every weekend links there’s more 4chan esque deluded conspiracy crap. Are you mentally ill and actually believe this tripe or just trying to drum up conversations?

Last edited 1 year ago by Coming2
Agent 47

How’s China involved in enforcing Fizzer on anyone?

0 reported side effects from Sputnik 5 but it comes from the dark side of the moon so nope, Fizler it is for everyone.

Agent 47

Meant in more general terms. A lot of the myocarditis stuff is affecting US soldiers. Im convinced the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan is mainly for a confrontation elsewhere and or civil unrest at home.

Anyways interesting nonetheless.


@Peachy, that stewie cunt is such a bitch lol. Can’t believe you let that cunt run rampant around here editing posts like this when they aren’t even offensive.

The bullshit he spews here vs what he edits out….. lol


Seriously dude, you’re such a triggered bitch lol


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Only smooth brains smoke reefer dude.


Evident by your performance tonight….


I could smoke a pound a week and I still wouldn’t resemble the smooth brained cue ball that I knock around the EZFKA comments section with glee.


Hypocrisy seems to be your forte, seen you in MB comments disparage drug use many times yet you partake?! Hmmmmm one rule for others, another for precious Stewie lol


I disparage meth and smack, but only because I’ve seen what it does. I also disparage those who can’t handle their drugs, especially in public – be it beer, bongs or blow.


Why can’t we all just get along?


I’m willing to abide as long as stewie stops editing comments. I thought this was the censor free zone. If this isn’t what you’re referencing, my bad.

So you don’t like one non menstruating person in the bar therefore you piss on everyone in the bar?


Ur gay

I’m now offended.


I was being a little bit facetious, because it seems to have gone a little further than group hugs.

But, I’ve got sympathies for what you say, and what stuey says.

I’ll add more tomorrow, but there is tonnes I don’t agree with either of you guys either.


Was waiting for you to add more but I guess you got busy.


I realised I didn’t have any more.

I am just a conflict avoiding personality.


You know the rule W@ffle, well for you there are acshually two rules:

1. Don’t insult my wife – doing so causes me to Edit your post. You don’t even have a girlfriend, so I’m not going to try and explain it to you other than saying somethings are important to people… a little like that time I implied you had an Oedipusian relationship with your mother and you started to cry and threatened physical violence on me; and

2. Stay in your lane. I have noticed you have been chiming into my conversations with other people lately. I’ve tolerated that while you’ve been civil, but your tendency to verbally ‘chimp out’ is the only thing that tempts me into replying to a cue ball like yourself.

Insult my wife and I’ll edit your post. Insult me and I’ll happily throw mud and rocks at you all day long.

stu the limp wrist bean counter

you weak kunt

I’m not convinced – do you have any evidence to support this proposition?


Censorship man, it isn’t cool. Thought all you mob hated censorship?!

I saw you edit a post, laid the wife bait in multiple posts to ensure you’d edit those too just to point out your hypocrisy.

You act smart and high and mighty but this editing shit just shows you out to be a basic bitch and hypocrite to boot.

Fuck you’re an idiot lol.


I saw you edit a post, laid the wife bait in multiple posts to ensure you’d edit those too just to point out your hypocrisy.

OMG! You laid those wife bait posts out to ensure I’d edit them and I just walked into your ingenious trap? Well I never…

You act smart and high and mighty but this editing shit just shows you out to be a basic bitch and hypocrite to boot.

Dued, it was hilarious, accusing me of being ‘triggered’ and then running to tell Peachy how much I sucked, like some 5 year old off to tell the teacher. Fuck I had tears of laughter! Laughter! You are way better value than old Seinfeld episodes.

Seriously you are carry on like I am conducting this grand conspiracy of post editing, instead of deleting offensive comments about my wife. But apart from that you can call me names all night and I won’t bat an eyelid. Indeed I invite you to do so, we are in lock down down here in Sydney and I have nothing better to do than blow spitballs at you all evening.

The only reason this infuriates you is that it is something I can hold over you, some tentative form of control over your freedom to post whatever the fuck you like, and being the insecure bully you are you don’t like that – it burns you up, AND THAT is why I love it.


I’ve decided to adopt a “Don’t Touch the Poop” approach with this guy.

It’s odd because he has provided some interesting perspectives at MB, but he seems to want to hang around here, abuse people in the most grotesque terms and (cardinal sin) not contribute anything worthwhile. I haven’t seen a single post of his here that hasn’t just been “yooz are all cunce”.

Stewie tha limp dick accountant

King tard! No one cares about your silly musings. Now that you finally understand what a joke MB is, I hope you don’t pollute the comments here with your stupidity. Ya dunce! 😂


Who are you? Why does stewie get so triggered he always edits your posts?


His post get edited you useless tard because he posts offensive comments in relation to my wife, it is the only thing that caused me to edit any post. He use to post regularly at MB under an assortment of names, but I will always fondly remember him as Maggot.


I’m ensuring this place isn’t an echo chamber. I’m doing you a favour lol.

I’ve thrown is a bit of real commentary here when there’s something worth it but all this conspiracy 4 chan shit and fringe race theory isn’t worth real discussion in my opinion.


You’re a hypocrite man, nuff said.


I hope not this is hilarious


It looks like China really is Anti-EZFKA.



Robbie Barwick waving the China flag again.



To secure staff, employers are getting creative, offering higher pay and free accommodation.Mr Newcombe paid $4,500 to put one of his chefs in a hotel for two weeks then lost him to a business in Rockhampton offering $65 an hour for an all-expenses paid fly-in fly-out chef, another chef left after being offered a $200,000 salary for a gig in Byron Bay, and he was out-bid for front-of-house staff by a local rival pub offering $60,000 a year — almost $31 an hour.


Exclusive: Morrison ignored chief health officers’ advice


In Monday’s tense national cabinet meeting, held as nearly half the country went into lockdown due to the spread of the Delta strain of Covid-19, the country’s chief health officers urged Scott Morrison to dump its commitment to AstraZeneca.

The Saturday Paper has spoken to several people with direct knowledge of how the emergency meeting late on Monday unfolded. There was a sense of panic and frustration from the prime minister, who also grilled the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC), the advisory body for chief health and medical officers, about making vaccines mandatory for aged-care workers.

“They wanted AstraZeneca abandoned,” one source says, “but Morrison wouldn’t do it.”

Instead, the meeting heard that a national no-fault indemnity scheme was now ready to be deployed. It would cover GPs who administered the AZ vaccine, which has been linked to rare blood clots, to people in age groups for which it was not recommended.

The drug is approved for use in Australia by the Therapeutic Goods Administration, but its guidelines for delivery have been written and rewritten by the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI), which is co-chaired by two eminent professors, Allen Cheng and Chris Blyth.

At the time of the national cabinet meeting, ATAGI’s advice was clear: the AZ vaccine could be used in adults aged under 60 where Pfizer was not available and “the benefits are likely to outweigh the risks for that individual and the person has made an informed decision based on an understanding of the risks and benefits”.

Now, with a Commonwealth indemnity scheme in place – which Health Minister Greg Hunt says covers both the GP and the patient in the event of serious complications or death – the federal government had a solution for an emerging problem.

Entire batches of the AZ vaccine are due to expire within weeks and months.

“They were worried about the optics of doctors having to throw out lots of AZ stock the feds had bought,” one source tells The Saturday Paper.

“But at the meeting [of national cabinet] there was no discussion about encouraging people to go out and get the shot.”

This version has been corroborated by other sources at the briefing. By his own admission, Morrison used the meeting to badger the AHPPC and get agreement for mandatory vaccinations of aged-care workers despite failing to deliver the program as agreed.

Last edited 1 year ago by Gouda

Prominent Left politician in Germany argues the left has been co-opted by a middle-class academic elite which has little interest in workers, is obsessed with identity politics, political correctness, minorities & intolerance of those with different views


Calling the Albatross…

Agent 47

I’m afraid I’ve been exposed to extremist content.


Yeah…I support strong social security, public health, worker’s rights, nationalisation (versus privatisation) of key infrastructure, publicly funded free education etc etc…I’m a traditional leftist and natural ALP voter.

But because I’m not woke and feminist and pro-trans and gay marriage and other social justice bullshit and I’m anti mass-immigration I’m seen as some sort of right wing extremist. Even my leftie partner calls me a Ccrusty conservative. I doubt I’ll ever vote for the ALP ever again but it’s nothing to do with being a conservative.

Jeez it shits me. I dunno how Ermo manages to keep from punching someone at his branch meetings.


Yeah, like I’ve gone from Che to Benito in 15 years, but I’m pretty sure my beliefs haven’t changed.


The perversion is that Labor have become a Third Way political party. That is socially-left and economically-right. They are the ones who have become more right wing.

The sanctimoniously woke supporters would have no idea they are supporting right wing policies like the privatisation of education (HECS), deregulation and privatisation of banks, privatisation of the pension system (superannuation), FTA to undermine wages, etc.


That’s because many of the new left have jobs in these organisations. They run the HR departments and many of the white collar jobs. Take a look at LinkedIn, they are trying to out inspire and outwoke each other. The other day, I saw the wokest people justifying Amazon not paying income taxes.

Agent 47

That latest piece from Timbo is fucking gold son.

Kudos if you’re reading this.


Key Witness Admits Lying About Julian Assange, a Major Blow to U.S. Extradition Case, Yet Western Media Ignores This Development



As we have pointed out since Media Lens began in 2001, a fundamental feature of corporate media is propaganda by omission. Over the past week, a stunning example has highlighted this core property once again.

A fly in your ointment 🇺🇦

For prosecution part I do agree.


Aussie PM’s refusal to back WikiLeaks’ Assange is ‘morally bankrupt’ says MP in Oz who also tells US & UK: ‘enough is enough’    

When “forces of evil” and “recalcitrant states” have to report on democracy and freedoms decays, “free world” is long gone… if it ever was

Last edited 1 year ago by A fly in your ointment 🇺🇦

Brazil, better known in the west for shemales and soccer is now up in arms protesting against Bolsonaro over alleged corruption and vaccine profiteering.

He could learn some lessons from our great leaders in generating compliant EZFKA units.



C’mon man!

It’s cuz they iz poor ‘n oppressed!

Screen Shot 2021-06-10 at 01.36.43.png

Any views on Bitcoin?

For now it seems to be stuck in some weird consolidation pattern.
Technically it should still go up to ~T45k region.
If it keeps going down from here without any major up move first would shatter confidence I think.

After topping in 2013 and 2017 it took more than a year to bottom out with massive percentage swings in between.

At the moment there still seems to be strong support at ~T30k:

Screen Shot 2021-07-03 at 13.57.15.png

Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy is up 70% since May.

TradingView has this to say about MSTR:
“MicroStrategy, Inc. engages in the provision of enterprise analytics and mobility software. The firm designs, develops, markets, and sells software platform through licensing arrangements and cloud-based subscriptions and related services.”
Does it still do any of this? At this point it’s more a leveraged YOLO Bitcoin fund.

Binance is in the cross hairs of regulators, how long can they keep running from country to country?

Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world and ~4x larger by volume than number two.
Being scrutinised by regulators in:
And not allowed to operate in Cayman Islands.
That’s big I think, if you can’t even set up there.

But nice to know that Binance founder Changpeng Zhao is good at making friends and will end up on his feet soon, or knees…:

Screen Shot 2021-07-03 at 11.55.19.png