Scott Morrison says that upcoming Australian social credit scores “will be much fairer than China’s”

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has defended accusations that upcoming social credit scores being proposed for Australia will be “a clone of Communist China.”

In the face of criticism that Morrison was being a complete hypocrite on China, Scomo stated he had taken the complaints and considerations on board.

“I understand the concerns that digital COVID certificates and vaccines are a blatant trojan horse for overt social credit scores and increased surveillance however, with the guidance provided to us from Davos and our own experience is that we will be applying that great EZFKA principle of the fair go,” Morrison told a packed media scrum.

Under the plan being drawn up, purchases of investment property and sizeable property portfolios would reflect a higher social credit score. High levels of personal debt would also increase one’s social standing as well as social activities such as consumption of sportsball, discussion of property at bbq’s and money spent on alcohol. Those with modest savings, bonds and bitcoin as well as those in productive industries would be severely punished and possibly banished to the regions.

The scores would also give preferential access to migrants looking to dive into the high-rise market and added scores for remittance of profits back to their country of origin.

“Wage theft is another great pillar of EZFKA’s success, so we will be making the plan accessible for those job creating migrants to come here and send their profits offshore.”

The plan will go before parliament next week and already has bipartisan endorsement from the ALP.

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i’m pretty sure that china’s social credit system has been massively overblown by the western media anyway. it’s not even in most of the country and where it exists it isn’t particularly onerous, at the very least it’s no different from the “unofficial” channels of social destruction that exist in western countries such as cancel culture, firings, censorship/unpersoning by private organisations and communication platforms (such as macrobusiness). what’s the difference between being fired from your job for saying the n word and being thrown out on the street to starve to death vs being chucked in a re-education camp by the govt.

Agent 47

There’s always one guy that writes an essay in response to meme/satire.

It’s bang on. I’ve lived and work there, it’s in it’s infancy and the point is there’s no difference to the corporate system of censorship we have and the government one there. There used to be a blurred line and or separation and now there’s none.

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no i know, i wasn’t arguing w/ the article just re-affirming the point it made against the logic of ppl like dr smithy and the macro crew.

Agent 47

Ah gotcha.

Agent 47

LOL. So true.

The D4


COVID Passports as our route back to freedom is beyond parody. Like claiming that ‘these chains are your route out of slavery’. What’s not to love?


So it turns out EZFKA has a “satire” section? That’s neat!

Good post Timbo – in my opinion this is not really satire: you have very accurately listed the circumstances that are and will be rewarded by the EZFKA government (property, indebtedness), as well as those that are and will be punished (savings, non-property assets) as well as the punishment, being banishment out of quality living locations.

Agent 47

Satire is the new news.

Miguel de Sousa

I don’t get it? What’s different to today?


An admission?


Exactly. People already avoiding me at parties as soon as they find out I don’t own an IP.


“Under the plan being drawn up, purchases of investment property and sizeable property portfolios would reflect a higher social credit score.”

This is so true, especially if you extend ‘social credit score’ to ‘social status’ more generally.

Amusingly Reusa is the only sane person in the MB forum who recognises and understands this correlation.


Not only Reusa.

Also dumpling, jumping jack flash, too.

Some of the blokes with “179” in their name too (what’s up with the 179, btw?)


yeah, the 678 is the way to go!




The supercar was still in the two spots at 5.30pm, with one person leaving an angry note on the windscreen. Some sushi was also thrown at the car.

i bet you that it was a looser that threw the sushi. If he had only stopped wasting his money on sushi and bought a house a ten years ago, he’d be the one driving the supercar, rather than being a povvo looser.


Not a bad pseudo Reusa improv.

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is richard pusey out on bail again?


Good ol’ Dick Pussy. Surely his father knew. Like that commercial Callum Murray.

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Solid Gold!
(well, wonky Bitcoin may be a better reference)