Harry Triguboff celebrates after Meriton wins contract to build luxury apartments along Gaza foreshore

Meriton boss Harry Triguboff has cracked open the champers after being awarded a contract by Benjamin Netanyahu to cover the Gaza foreshore in Meriton apartments, following months of carpet bombing the existing buildings to shit by the IDF.

Triguboff enjoyed a glass of bubbly with Jared Kushner and Larry Fink, toasting a new partnership and to the future of shitty apartments in the middle east.

‘This is a great deal for me to continue smothering the surface of the planet in high rise shit, although being in Israel these will actually be built to code and housing locals, unlike my Sydney garbage,” Triguboff said.

‘’Those YIMBY idiots Tulip and the rest weren’t getting any results, god they’re retards. I have Minns bought off already but they can’t hide their furry sexual degeneracy.”

Triguboff stated he had no plan of returning to Israel as his daughter wasn’t interested in taking over the business, but mentioned Frank Lowy and Mark Liebler had expressed an interest in penthouses Ion the Rafah waterfront.

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gaza = yimby paradise right now. think of all the rapid urban renewal and land clearing going on that will allow for expedited rezoning and upscaling

Gruppenführer Mark

You forgot to mention that the development will be undersigned by Larry Silverstein Insurance Pty Ltd

Gruppenführer Mark



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the arborist

Let’s all celebrate this utterly stupid and pointless life which ended so stupidly and pointlessly.

Tributes have flowed for Danielle Whittaker, the ‘passionate’ and ‘trustworthy’ woman who died of a drug overdose on Good Friday.

Celebrating her 40th birthday on the Gold Coast with six close friends on Friday, Whittaker ingested a cocktail of drugs that sent her into cardiac arrest.

Known as a ‘Shamanic medicine woman’ on her social media, Whittaker proudly worked to ‘build an army of courageous, empowered, soul driven women who are here to create change and make magic’.

Her work revolved around New Age spirituality.



dumb retard dies



Poor white female liberal. Those ones are usually cooler. They don’t read much so dont read clem ford etc and would rather watch mafs than the ABC. Good for getting your virginity out of the way.


In other words “Childless middle age woman turns to drugs and childish ‘mysticism’ in order to fill the void in her life.”

There is a lot of that in working women nowadays and there will be more to come.


AWFL gets nogged by squatter nogs.


They are getting punched in the head in NY too lol.


Nogs are basically distilled social entropy…. sprinkle it on a high trust society and watch it collapse.

Agent 47

One of those new 90,000 tradies building homes in Melbourne



“A Man”. I knew, even before I clicked the link, what the ethnicity of the man would be.

Agent 47

Police response took 20 mins.

Concealed carry could have ended this and future re offending in about 2 seconds


I don’t like the US situation, where any fucking idiot can carry a gun, and many of them do.

On the other hand, the complete disarming of Australian citizens is utterly reprehensible. Law abiding people are completely helpless in that face of savages armed with hammers, machetes and guns.

I believe that properly trained and qualified and regularly recertified citizens should be able to go armed in this country, along with sensible precautions like zero blood alcohol while armed etc.

A fly in your ointment

TV types… the “attack” rather looks like the cotton picker was being owed for something and not a terrible attempt of hijack.


I just reported a hate crime on the Scottish police website


I said Humza Yousaf is a colossal faggot and a sand nigger fuck


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