Australian YIMBYs admit they’re just a proxy war for open borders

As the YIMBY meltdown continues on Twitter as a result of only moderate mocking and pressure, the mask has come off this astrotrufed, developer front once and for all:

Exhibit A from Melbourne YIMBY Jonathon O’Brien:

Exhibit B from Auckland YIMBY Stephen Hoskins showing the passive-aggressive, rent boy energy:

It’s obvious he has a subcontinental fetish:

And then of course there’s Exhibit C from Peter Tulip who now is being called out by an even worse individual in Abul Rizvi:

The worst person you know just made a good point.

It’s been obvious for a long time to the 5 readers of this blog that this whole movement is basically just a proxy war for open borders. The YIMBY movement has been around pre-COVID but has never really been at the forefront of the conversation until, at least in Australia’s sense, there was a decent public pushback and questioning of immigration. 700k invaders a year will do that.

Now it seems that the mask has formally come off and any and all discussion of immigration from these clowns is by default in bad faith.

It’s obvious supply can never even make a dent, will just create perpetual shortages, increase defect riddled sky ghettos and all the rest. It’s also interesting to note that aside from immigration, there’s also never any talk of the infrastructure investment required to support such bulldozing of Australia’s architectural heritage and densification stupidity – that’s a topic for never. Tripling the amount of residences on streets designed for a third that many with sewage systems built a century ago, is just one example of where that is headed, not to mention parking – just walk stupid, why do you need a car?

Good tweet in summary:

Keep hammering them.

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there should be no yimby thread on twitter where they are allowed to discuss their shitty ideas amongst themselves without being bombarded by people like us constantly

accounts EZFKA, philip john brown, stewie etc are doing the lords work but we need more and we need to hit them more often


They are useful idiots that the media now loves. LVO gets interviews on Sky News, but little else. Compare that to Super Sized Me Demographer and you can see it is a losing battle.

A fly in your ointment

by then they will also absorb the idea of no less than 1% annual immigration intake as a lesser but necessary evil.


1% annual immigration intake will be 50 million people in 2073

A fly in your ointment

and they would’ve done sfa as any political party which touches immigration is doomed. Will be eaten alive by the swathes of savvy RE investors


Liz getting bloodied in the comments. Hadn’t seen her name pop up in support of the YIMBY bandwagon yet, but I suspect it’s because she has government funded public housing for her and her dozen children and wouldn’t trade it for a sky ghetto box.


she just posts and never clicks the notification button methinks, she never responds to anything anyone says to her

her job is to spruik not to debate/discuss


At the rate we are going SAP will get 8.56 percent of the vote by 2073.


Lol. SAP will never get more than 1% of the vote. Let them keep preaching their mathematically correct number of migrants and their aversion to causing offence to anyone. At this rate, they will barely change their hundred odd people that vote for them.


I half suspect they are a jewish psy op. Actually, 52.756% they are a jewish psy op.


Don’t think I will be signing up for joining Musky’s data harvesting operation anytime soon. Burner phone maybe.
Might have to reboot the CIS membership to ask Tulip some hard questions in person.


While I agree with the points made by “Heinzy Guderian”, its worth noting that IRL”Fast Heinz” Guderian not only had a great nickname, but was also one on the Wehrmacht’s greatest Panzer commanders, a committed Nazi and a personal military adviser to Hitler.

Out of an abundance of caution, I would be reluctant to quote or retweet Herr Guderian. Maybe he should change his twitter handle to something less controversial like, I dunno, “Heinrichy Himmler”.


Next you’ll be saying we can’t dress up like Nazi’s at fancy dress parties!

Kudos for you for knowing who he was, I just had to wiki him to find out who he was an his exploits.


Libs really want you commuting and living the squished up gook life. While they swan about Vaucluse and Mosman and act like very important people that went to private school.

Wtf I like the left now.


CBRE are so called experts and want you in the office.
In other breaking news: my barber says that I need a haircut.


What’s the zones opinion on the cause of all this asbestos turning up in mulch around Sydney. Criminal behaviour or incompetence?

A fly in your ointment

why not both, then mince it with some fat stupidity and you get a 5* explanation


Oh, almost certainly criminal.

Very likely some dodgy mob of Pakis/Chinese/whatever discovers their premises/new house/whatever is riddled with asbestos, so quietly removes it and dumps it at the green waste disposal facility where it gets mulched, spread all over parks where children play, and here we are.

Its the sort of shit you’d expect in a third world country, and as we’ve imported large quantities of the third world, that’s what we also now are.

As I’ve mentioned here, I recently drove past an Indian woman shitting in the street, so third world action no longer surprises me.


Probably not far off the mark.
I do wonder if the over-the-top nuclear waste type reaction to it has been self-defeating.
i.e Legacy unit businesses that are supposed to be ‘specialists’ in the stuff, but every time I see a removal site with more warning signs than a military base, the actual precautions seem quite basic.

We had some in some in a bathroom ceiling render, but probably had 10+ coats of paint locking it in. As long as you’re careful removing it without undue breakage and dust creation, what is the real risk? It’s not the same as those who were exposed day in day out cutting the stuff for a decade.

Disposal sites should be cheap/easily accessible.


anyone who existed in the 20th century was exposed day in day out as cars spewed it from brakes and clutches…


It sounds like EPA knew about the retesting scandal back in 2019. I hope they are forced to answer to ICAC.


What is it with Australian legacy units and asbestos?
They put it on or in everything.
Every damn project in this country is held up by it.

Some of the serpentine types are OK a long as it is bound up and not broken, but ultimately good to get rid of it long term.


And we’ve now replaced it with similar fibres that will probably end up almost as bad for health and far worse performing at the end of the day


People throwing fibro pieces in the green bin because otherwise you gotta get the full ET plastic greenhouse setup to have it disposed of properly.


It costs $30 just to go to the tip now. I don’t blame them. Must cost way more to dispose of asbestos.


Must cost way more to dispose of asbestos.

The ET shit is only a mild exxageration, Full disposable overalls for all workers, air purification, cleanup afterwards, to remove a single pice of fibro. Then it has to be wrapped up in multiple layers of plastic to prevent fibres coming out, then presumably they just throw it in a hole.


That Hoskins guy… wow.

If you preference high immigration/low housing supply over low immigration/high housing supply that makes you a supporter of the current status quo – which sounds a lot like the NIMBYs these guys profess to hate.


Fark this is funny, that Teal Hag “put your mask on!” posts about some pissant nothing she’s going to harp about but never change, gets absolutely fucking ratio’d


What does it say when that temperament is a “paediatric neurologist”?
Presumably the intelligence is there for the profession, but then you watch an interview and wonder if you watching a Dr or a patient.
No wonder the kids are so messed up, these professions need to leave them alone.
Far more damage was done to them with ‘masking’ than any covid risk.

Agent 47



rip david irving


Agent 47

Not dead apparently.


according to twitter he is

Agent 47

On the news this morning, the QLD Popo commissioner quits amidst the crisis in “youth crime”, and FUCK ME DEAD, they show a series of images of white boys doing criminal shit.

Of course, no blacks ever commit any crime any where. What a pack of lying cunts the media are.


has there been a documented case of a white kid stabbing a grandma in all of australian history


There was that cop that zapped the old lady in the nursing home.


kinda not the same but ig fairly bad



Agent 47

Good riddance to that diversity hire.

It’s not just her, so called nationalist Pauline Hanson also refusing to call it out.


Victoria Police has never recovered from their ALP Government diversity hire disaster Christine Nixon as Commissioner of Police.

An absolute whale who worked hard to drive down all standards.

Then later in a classic for her tenure she went out for a haircut and lunch all day uncontactable as people burned to death in the Black Saturday bushfires. Labor rubbed it in for the families of the dead even more by appointing her to the Bushfire Recovery Commission. Fark…

the arborist

British people views on immigration 50 years ago. Pretty much the same as today.


This chap got something to say bout it.


This is a bloke.

Prove me wrong.


Canberra version of Big Mike.


Pretty standard higher IQ female legacy citizen. Throw in some 4th wave feminism and yeesh.


Who is he/she/it?


Doctor’s wife, went to private school in Toorak, then went full Chardonnay Socialist by becoming Mayor of Dandenong etc to now be Minister for Home Affairs and Cyber Security.

Bullied a colleague to death a couple of years ago, but the damage she will do to EZFKA will be huge.