“Australia needs to consider conscription” says government allowing China and India to invade through the front door

Defence Minister Richard Marles has stated that he believes Australia may need to institute the draft in order to defend itself, citing record low numbers in the military.

The calls come as the Australian government facilitates the largest invasion and occupation of it’s lands by foreigners from primarily China and India, calling it ‘immigration’ to the tune of 700k invaders in the last 18 months.

“It’s clear that Australia can’t meet it’s defence recruitment needs and is in dire straits of being able to defend itself despite record sales of property to foreigners,” Marles said.

“I don’t believe it has anything to do with spending the last decade demoralising our armed forces – whether it be taking patches away, renaming units to PC names, forcing the jab on everyone, having Jewish journalists like Nick McKenzie hatchet our special forces or just general promotion of females and homos everywhere. This is just conspiratorial nonsense.”

Marles said however that the current strategy of importing the enemy so we don’t need to defend against it, was sound policy and praised Clare O’Neil and Andrew Giles for their performances.

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Damn. Great stuff.


I spent nearly a decade in the post-Vietnam Australian army. I wouldn’t do it now.

the arborist

Armed forces are affected by the ‘modern audience’ syndrome. Most advertising, recruitment and entertainment is done on the assumption that the average person is woke as fuck and most likely LGBTQIA++++.

So much power and authority is afflicted with an infectious strain of woke. If left untreated, it will kill the host society. Lets hope the white antibodies kick in soon and eliminate the disease.


People tend think that the views of majority are represented by the views that they come into contact with the majority of the time. Elites should know better, but they don’t. When they come into contact with reality they call people deplorable. Then they go back to their safe zone.


Yes – I want to die to defend the right of any POC from any shit hole country to come to Australia to compete for housing and jobs…. that is definitely something I’d be prepared to die fighting for – not.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, at this stage the main enemies Australia face are located in Canberra and I’d happily go to war with them over any other nation in the world.


Never a truer word was spoke.


Yep. It’s the enemy within that is the real threat. It’s a cancer.


Just another brick in the wall:

Norway Warns ‘Russia Is In A Stronger Position Now Than A Year Ago’
The head of Norway’s military intelligence unit, Nils Andreas Stensones, said, “In this war, Russia is currently in a stronger position than it was a year ago and is in the process of gaining the advantage.” He added that Russia “could mobilize around three times more troops than Ukraine.”

Weapons production delays continue in the West. Currently, orders placed for 155 mm shells take one to two years to be delivered. Adding to Kiev’s problems is a severe troops shortage. President Zelensky appears unable to address the manpower shortage as Ukrainians are beginning to protest future conscription programs. 

Stensones explained that Russia does not face the same challenges, even in the face of a Western economic war. “Moscow is tackling sanctions better than expected,” he said. Moscow’s industry can now produce enough munitions, combat vehicles, drones, and missiles to enable its troops to “maintain their war effort all year.”

Denmark’s Defense Minister Troels Lund Poulsen made a similar statement last week. “Russia’s capacity to produce military equipment has increased tremendously,” he explained.


Gruppenführer Mark

Thank you for posting this. We had a chat with stagmal about this very thing the other day, and my statement

Problem is, serious weapons have already pretty much run out (tanks, artillery, air defense systems). Ammo is low, reportedly ~2 months left for artillery shells and air defense missiles. 

elicited this response

allegedly but ill believe it when i see it

Well, Norway and Denmark are pretty much saying what I was saying.


I don’t fundamentally disagree with what these people are saying, however I think one should be wary of the timing.
It seems a little convenient that, all of a sudden, there is concern being expressed about Russia’s sudden good fortune in this area.
Not so long ago many of these same people were assuring us that Russia was on the bones of her arse.
There is no doubt that the West has underestimated the resilience, determination, and national unity of the Russian people……let’s face it,they’ve had plenty of practice at staying alive over the years.
But it seems to me that all this hand-wringing over Russias prowess has come at the same time as a rather large aid package for Ukraine looks like going belly-up in the US House of Reps.
Some of this “Russia resurgence” talk may contain an element of hopeful lubrication for the passage of that bill.
I know…it’s hard to believe that Western leaders would lie to achieve a political objective, isn’t it 🙂

Gruppenführer Mark

Of course it serves the political purpose. Ukraine is a factor in US presidential race, Trump uses it against Biden, so Biden needs to drop it like it’s hot to ensure big Mike has a shot.


It must really sap the motivation and impair recruitment when you can find plenty of images of shitmasters ripped open like a can of sardines on Ukrainian front lines.