“Don’t blame migrants for Australia’s housing crisis” says Indian landlord exclusively leasing properties to other Indians

An Indian on a student visa in Melbourne with several investment properties has fired back at people blaming migrants for the housing crisis, after admitting he only leases to other Indians.

The rebuke comes as rental ads all over Gumtree and Locanto reveal hundreds of properties in Melbourne and Sydney available for lease, but only to “other Indians.”

“Actually sir, don’t blame me for only renting to other Indians sir it is common cultural practice to be a slumlord. These white scum deserve to be on the streets for what the British did 80 years ago,” landlord Ashwinder Singh said.

“Indians will happily live 20 to a room and no-one wants an Indian landlord. I will rent only to any other Indian, except any of those Khalistani scum or Shudras. They’d get triple the rent plus I’ll take a percentage of their pay.”

Singh said he planned to buy another 20 investment properties in Tarneit and Truganina and thanked Albo for letting him get a piece of the Australian dream.

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Agent 47

Gold and true. Gumtree is loaded with them.

True story, had Indian landlord when I worked in New Delhi years ago. Awful, but didn’t have it as bad as some of my other colleagues who were constantly hassled for ‘maintenance payments’ when no maintenance was required and claims they weren’t paid when they were.

Or one of my female colleagues who awoke one morning to find her landlord in her kitchen at 6am shirtless and wanting to ‘inspect her bedroom’.

Gruppenführer Mark

What possessed you to work in New Delhi if I may ask? Not trying to stir you up, just curious.



brucey looking pretty happy because he’s about to get PAID

hanging out with Turnbulls nephew though?

does make me wonder if he was in on it from the very beginning , and it was all a deep state conspiracy from day 1

get rid of scomo , get money for him and Britt etc etc

plus someone wealthy obviously footing his legal bills

there a lot of unanswered questions

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Agent 47

It was obvious the whole thing was election influence interference two years ago.

No one is going to jail over it though. Best you can hope for is the Fitzsimons-Wilkinson dynasty having to sell their house in Wentworth.


Isn’t all media basically election interference?

90% is driven by Left leaning jacks, told their narratives by the Chief of Staff for the Labor muppet seeking election.

Dan Andrews’ crew of carpet munchers basically dictate the articles daily to the Age and ABC and the other legacy media, then threaten them if they dare say anything else. The “journalists” don’t even hide it, their Tweets are the lamest pleas for free ALP membership you will see

Corruption scandals, lying and covering up about his wife nearly killing a teen on a bike, Hotel Quarantine messages on private Whats App messages, it’s all hidden then spun by the subservient media. Can’t get any more interference than that.

The other 10% is whatever pleases Rupert, waffled out by hacks on the centre and right.


Come crap in our street!


Last election Dan Andrews gave the street shitters $10m and didn’t even have a project for it, straight cash handover.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the IOU he’s handing to some Silkh.


Seeing as Albo and EZFKA is determined to import hundreds of thousands of single men from India, here are some handy stats to note:

Rapes annually = > 35,000.

Sex trafficking against minors = ranked 7th worst in the world.

Instances of Kidnapping & Abduction of Women to compel her for marriage annually = 15,615; instances against minors = 3,117.

Note, India’s National Crime Records Bureau has stated their estimate is that 71% of rapes in India go unreported.

Conviction rate for those charged with rape in 2019 was 27.8 %.


As long as they make good neighbours to single male incels with social anxiety, keep ’em coming


I had an Indian shit bastard landlord once. When I left, he replaced the fucking boundary fence and took it out of my bond the fucking dog.

I appealed to the rental bonds authority and those useless fuckers only gave me half my money back.

They’re garbage people from a garbage country.


I had a French Landlord do something similar to me…. he lived in a nice Sandstone Terrace in SW1 in London. He learned the meaning of the words “revenge is a dish best served cold” when I used red concrete paint to express my true feelings towards him on the entrance to his palace about 18mths later.


Lol James looks pretty latte lefty and woke to me. Sucked in.


Sucked into being an upper middle class white man

I’m sure he really regrets that


Damn now I’m butthurt because nepo babies.


This is Melbourne, but with more violence and more Africans. Welcome!


Remember that it is illegal to buy the smaller self-defense baseball bats. You have to buy the full-sized ones.

comment image

A fly in your ointment

Ah, Tombo in his full swing again, exposing and casting the light on effects whilst (ignorantly) obscuring the real reasons behind the excessive immigration (Aus overlords replacing the Convict class with rice eaters).

this is entering the the stupidity galore turf.
if anything a gunga Din renting out slum style to other gunga dins is keeping more propadees available for rent to others. Take every bunking family from one slum house back to the market and suddenly that’s 10 houses less available for rent.
if anything I’d support slumming for willing to slum.


Timbo cartoon

Agent 47

– Facebook memes
– Incoherent rant about EZFKA PRISON WARDENS
– ‘Don’t blame migrants because I’m a migrant’
– Kvetching about Timbo

Yeh usual shit from Budget Skippy.


tbh i think skippy is the budget fly in your ointment

A fly in your ointment

oh tnx,
a droplet of honey in an ocean of bile

A fly in your ointment

1. what’s Facebook?
2. Incoherent? Indeed. A 12yo kid Sid the same
3. wut? when ever did I say that? blame anyone as you prefer, begining with me, if that makes your crack a fat
4. Kvetching ? Do you really see my post as such and not a an alarm before it is too late for both you and me and Timbo too?


It is true – if you want to know the #1 reason why Albanese sucked CEO dick and flooded us with record immigrants, it was to feed the Australian Banking sector, because the 4 Banking CEO’s practically ordered him to.

When your business model is a ponzi, anything that threatens the continued expansion of growth represents a threat to your continued existence.

Our Banks “reserves” and capital aren’t there to protect against bad debts, the banks know (as do EZFKA members) that their main assets house will NEVER be allowed to depreciate, beyond the band required to give the illusion of a free market.

No, the Big 4 Banks reserves and equity are there to protect against the Banks meeting at least “System Growth”. This is the systemic background growth that they expect in the economy to ensure that their profits are maintained – it is IMPOSSIBLE to achieve without our mass migration. Our banks reserves and capital are there to protect them against the system failing to deliver the immigration needed to keep our credit bubble inflated, like what we experienced over COVID.

The Banks don’t have to worry about bad debts. The RBA has been shown that it will continue to inflate houses, and banks have shown that they will allow non-viable home owners to capitalize their interest and principal shortfalls into the existing loans because their underlying assets – homes – are expected to continue to appreciate.

This is why we had to have “catch up” because it allowed the credit system to “catch up”. Like all ponzis it is necessary that the base (population) continuously expand. Any failure to do so will immediately endanger our banks – without cleanskin credit expansion, our ponzi banking system will collapse on itself, just like Europes, just like Japans, and more than likely China’s too.

Albanese, like all Australian politicians, sucks banking CEO dick because their superannuation and our ponzi economy absolutely depends up it. In our “Democracy” they can never allow it to collapse…. it is the most important game of pass the parcel in Australia (and most of the ‘West’ for that matter).


If the migrants are so great and above criticism then why is what the EZFKA PRISON WARDENS are doing even a problem?

Just plays into their narrative that the only reason anyone would oppose immigration is a chauvinistic preference for their own over “rice eaters”.

Last edited 1 year ago by No1
A fly in your ointment

If the migrants are so great and above criticism…

this is the usual wrong assumption. Critic addressed at those that criticise immigrants is assumed support of immigration. As stupid as leftards calling everyone they disagree with a nazi or fascist.

…why is what the EZFKA PRISON WARDENS are doing even a problem?

In addition to above, it is a problem because they pluck you, me, your daughter and your son and your wife and your grandchildren and their offspring (mine too)… and that includes immigrants of later days.
Aus Overlords (wardens) are replacing your class of ezfka units by rice eaters and you want to focus not on why/whom/how but on slumming tendencies which are revolving only around gunga dins… be my guest. It will just pacify your class into inactivity, limit it to rants on blogs which will assist your replacement even further through inactivity where matters. Go and try to vote your way out of this, if that makes you feel better (see the meme above). Being pacified is what wardens want from your class and Timbo articles are a school example on right thing aimed at the wrong direction serving that particular pacification interest.
Nothing short of street events Paris style will fix excessive immigration. It takes a tiny bit of gray matter to see that but if vantage point is obscured by clouds of -phobia…. well… suit your self.

Just plays into their narrative that the only reason anyone would oppose immigration is a chauvinistic preference for their own

this is the case even here with some whom would not oppose excessive immigration from “correct” ethnicities
when your anger is diverted at wardens and only at them, focusing on anything but the source of rice eaters and their body features, (poor) habits and their customs but rather on impossibility to integrate the 1-2% annual increase in population perhaps their narrative will become toothless (also separating from those that are indeed xenophobes).
When you and your class decide it is worth pulling the rug under wardens feet and go out on the street to make that change happen, perhaps a change will come. Judging by the jabbadabba rate, there is no testosterone to make that happen ever. When asked, 100% of propadee owners will not oppose excessive immigration if that means their RE will lose in value. Fluck it, it is your class of ezfka units fault we are here where we are for riding the wealth steamboat and ironically it affects you the most. In the end wardens will take your propadee from your class for minor defaults and your class would end up being only useful idiots.

Agent 47

Summary of above bloviated sperg:

> Aussies are cowards but I didn’t even have the courage to go to the lockdown protests so it’s everyone else’s fault they aren’t fighting for me (it’s not really my country so I don’t care)
> Australia is fucked but I’ll remain here and tell everyone else how much smarter I think I am and continue to benefit from current scenario
> Usual refusal to accept that everyone on this blog including Timbo, Peachy etc al has acknowledged ruling class is the problem but migrants are also an added problem, because that would mean admitting you’re part of the migrant problem
> Timbo lives rent free in your head

A fly in your ointment

If your cognance summs up to above, then no wonder wardens want to replace your class with lesser idiots.
Everyone is entitled to assist in ruining their country, inclusive of you.

Agent 47

Usual story, no real argument (because you don’t have one) just some passive aggressive shot because as usual you’re way out of your depth on the topic of immigration.

Demographic replacement and behaviour of ruling class is discussed literally daily on this blog. Neither are off limits, only YOU want to restrict/deflect discussion of imports because as previously mentioned it includes you and your hatred of working class/convict class Australians.

A fly in your ointment

damn, your cognitive deficiency is far greater than infinite.
you have no clue who’s running this country. LOL, “ruling class”.

each time you buy nikes netfliks, replace that 5yo car with a new one, turn on the telly on any channel or buy Pana Dole pain killer instead of no name brand you dig your own hole deeper, and you have no idea how come.


So we can’t integrate these numbers

We will just get the standard Reddit/vested interest responses. Build more. Build to rent. NIMBYs bad. They drive down wages? You need more socialism.

If we pretend the migrants are all golden children so as to never talk about anything but OVERLORD CLASS then we’ve got zero chance of cutting their numbers.

People aren’t going to call for cutting the numbers of angels coming in while every vested interest screams we need them

Last edited 1 year ago by No1
A fly in your ointment

no matter what one says on wherever “social” or media or literally anywhere will make the replacement slow or stop.
Critical mass on the street will make that change overnight. For critical mass build up, going against the RE wealth illusion (needs new migrants to be kept clinically alive) will yield no results. Focusing on new immigrants will pickup labels of all kinds. A blue pill fix is the only thing that would work. Convict class are the only ones that can do something substantial (wogs not far behind them) but that can be done only by uprising. When Seth Erica’s were slapped with introduction of toll on Jo’burg ring road (built long time ago), they took their voice to the street. To date there are not many that pay for it and don’t give a ship for invoices being sent. That kind of rebellion van stop excessive immigration. You tell me how can convicts go back frpm emasculated pacified mindest to their Ned Kelly mode and the uprising will happen

if one brought 1% of new chinks from one end if Chinkstan to another, they would not integrate. It is simply impossible no matter if they’re curry munchers and slum theur life.


They have literal tent cities in the US and no one is taking to the streets. No one is going to risk it all over bland economic problems like 200K perfect angelic migrants is too much for our infrastructure but 100K migrant cherubs is manageable for us

A fly in your ointment

25k migrants is manageable.
0.1% can integrate (not assimilate) in existing society without overload and with most benefits for both. That was about the historical intake that worked well, before the Y2K which saw 2K migrants a week (4K now).

yanks don’t rebel because the 200k barbarians at the gate relative to 350mil fat slobs is like sfa, not even a ripple. Less than a sustainable and beneficial number of 25k migrants in Aus.

wardens wants your anger and focus aimed at immigrants as it makes it an easy effortless task to smear everyone with natsi-fashist dung and shut the conversation. Throw in real natsi-fashist hiding behind the “concern over their lebensraum” and that dung is mixed with human fecalia (thus they become useful idiots).
Any conversation in that direction is doomed to fail massively and further entrench their position..

As is at the moment in the Aus and western world, the only way that overlords cannot control and smear but will work long term against the excessive immigration is to begin deconsumerisation of oneself and removal of all the the antennae from all your tv devices. it works twofold: it makes one live frugal life needing less thus easier to endure through any depression which will occur the moment consumerism dies. Once the consumerism dies, there is no permanent growth and it restricts the oxygen overlords have. It is a form of passive anarchy.
The other way is street justice (active anarchy). Not in this lifetime in Aus.
I am open for other ideas.


Holy fuck too long did not read

A fly in your ointment

I know.
it is my way of filtering trolls



Truly the most autistic part of MB

Every day they spin doom based on some white elephant African mine or Chinese apartment buildings

Every day iron ore keeps on trucking


lmao this is 100% true

Agent 47

Pilbara killer any day now. Two more weeks!



A fly in your ointment

doom 18 months from now?


She should sue the Government…

Good to see where Your ABC’s loyalty lies too.


Great news. I wish there was more of it.

Agent 47

Conditions of their student visa is enough money to support themselves through at least first twelve months of study.

What a shock (a) she’s full of shit and lied on her visa application and (b) the ABC journo who wrote most of the story is an invader.

Gruppenführer Mark

Or other states can emulate the great state of Western Australia!

Because of my superior leadership skills and our economy remaining strong, I authorised a $1,500 grant to cover increased cost of housing for each international student in the state.

I also authorised another $1,500 grant for each international student already enrolled to study here to learn English from an approved provider.

Hail me!

Agent 47

Not good enough Marko.

At least one free IP per student visa or GTFO.


a silver lining to the inflation / housing affordability crisis


They think they own the place now. 20 years ago unis were still teeming with them but they at least acted like guests.





Yeah, but any progeny you have with her is likely to result in an over shoot in terms of mean reversion.

(although that particular Asian chick in the above photo has a face like a pound puppy).

Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie


Agent 47

The usual story applies – once a demographic reaches a certain percentage to feel comfortable and starts forming political blocs the country is in deep shit.

Aussie Legacy Unit Grub

Ugly Asian that’s why she is over here the parents know they can’t marry her off


It’s because they will be PRs in 5 years time anyway, every temporary student is a future PR just not as far down the pipeline. Hence the entitlement.

Last edited 1 year ago by The90kwbeast
Aussie Legacy Unit Grub

8 Asians living in one flat would be quieter than one legacy fuck living on his own in a 4×2 house. Legacy units are grubs.



West Melbourne train stations have become a great place to die

We are unable to confront the problem because that would imply that Dear Leader Dan can do any wrong, which he can’t

Agent 47

Clock started on token sentence appearing a few days later admitting gang/drug involvement and/or (b) Africans.


Dan will roll out his bitch Shane Patton and the usual ‘community leaders’ to claim it’s unfair to tell the truth about these animals. On the ABC news in 3, 2…


Based. Might have a curry tonight actually.

Agent 47

This one a couple of days ago was apparently done by a Thai bloke on a student visa.



Vic Pol coward says “ the man and woman who died were just in the “wrong place at the wrong time”.

Nice one grub, so no one’s to blame then? Close the file genius.

EZFKA road deaths will sky rocket with these migrants flooding in, and the lame Leftard media will wonder why.


Why would he waste his career over some normie dross? 95%+ of people vote for it.


If only there were some warning signs that he might not be mentally stable…