New report finds Daniel Andrews apparently unable to re-hire unvaccinated nurses instead of paying HECS of nursing students

A new report has found that the Victorian Government is unable to re-hire unvaccinated nurses to solve the hopsital crisis, for some arbitrary reason based on science – according to CHO Brett Sutton.

The report found both Daniel Andrews and Matthew Guy were both unable to re-hire unvaccinated nurses in favour of seeing them punitively crushed and replaced with cheap migrant labour asap.

“I will be using the bullshit jobs Summit this week to lobby for as many nurses from India and the Philippines as possible. The Great Replacement must continue,” Andrews said.

“I’m just disappointed I couldn’t get Victoria Police to shoot these unvaccinated scum for not complying. They didn’t follow the science.”

Andrews is also looking into moving ESTA’s 000 call centre offshore to India.

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phuck nurses and medical professionals

no sympathy for their whining, they get paid heaps as is


Yeah why don’t they do something useful like Human Resources or finance or something




not saying they arent useful but its not like they dont get paid quite a bit, i dont believe for a second nursing is actually that hard anyway given all the bimbos ive known who have gone into it


Ok mate let’s see who are really critical workers

it isn’t the Irish girlies holding the slow/stop signs that’s for sure

why don’t you do it if it’s so easy / over paid ?

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its not over paid

its paid about right

every nurse sez otherwise; every teacher also says otherwise inc my parents who were both teachers

both were just very neurotic people who were easily stressed by everything (not just stuff related to work)

teachers also claim endlessly how much of their jobs took up their lives off work and they were working round the clock even after they got home

i grew up noting my parents never actually did anything or very much out of work so i always suspected this was SOB “i want more $$$$” talk

many of my teachers would just sit around all day reading the paper while they handed out worksheets to us lol

i always thought it looked like the coolest job ever

nursing is harder than teaching obv but the point still remains, nurses/teachers are in the same whinge-bin class

but sure brb just gonna go get (another) degree for 4 years to prove a point on the internet

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for the record the notion of “critical” work is mostly bunkum given an economy is an interconnected system

nurses would be worthless without excavators to extract the metals needed to build hospitals, create medical tools, etc.

excavators would be worthless without fuel

and around and around it goes

b.s jobs do exist but virtually all productive jobs are as reasonably ‘essential’ as each other; nurses are not special

i think you could make a case that garbage men and sanitation engineers, plumbers, etc. are more important to society from a public health perspective than healthcare workers bc their effects on preventative disease reduction, which is way more important than treating some 75 year old lung cancer patient so they get to live another 2 years before carking it

imagine living in a society where people dumped their poo poo and pee pee out the window bc there was no toilet to flush it down

dont have to imagine it it was the reality 150 years ago

the great leaps of life expectancy (and quality life expectancy) were made through sanitation and hygiene

teachers are definitely a b.s job to a great degree tho

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Nah I’d rather be working FIFO in a mine for 200k a year than wiping some demented racists arse for 80k

that’s just me though?


same but who the fuck can get those jobs lol i love how they all pretend theyre just up for grabs ay then you put in your res and nah no call back

most roasties would never do a job like that though and you know it the notion of having to live in some shithole mining place for 2 weeks on 2 weeks off would be unplatable to their brains

dont want the job dont get the dough


Why do you have to be a roastie?

nobody stopping incels from doing it

youd probably get some pussy? nurses will fuck anything that moves

love those women , impossible to replace even the philo ones you’ll be grateful when you’re sick 

we need to value the caring nurturing urge it’s the only thing that matters at the end of the day god forbid you get sick

love you and love my crazy nurturing women
Obviously there’s also a need for the autistic kings like you and me too l, but we need each other never forget


i mean most women are never gonna fuckin work on a mining site in shitholesville WA not even for $500,000 p/a

that’s why those jobs pay more than nurses

my friend works on a mine site up at mt isa and he’s always telling me how they’re trying to get women to work up there but no one bites

honestly easiest way to get one as a guy might be to get a sex change op

Last edited 1 year ago by stagmal

Ok and how many men are working as nurses ?

we need each other – can’t exist without


idk, but most men dont wanna work on a mine site either; that’s the deal

its just the competition within the small group of men who do is great enough to drive wages in those roles high


one Involves value for China
one is for your comfort as you’re dying

you are too young and stupid to kNow which one really matters


i intend to live forever


You’re still young and stupid

it’s coming for you faster than you realise


gotta live forever – or die trying

never give up the struggle my man


How old are you ?

by the way you talk I’m going to assume <35y

your own mortality/vulnerability is going to hit you hard in the next 10 years
like the boomers who went through Covid

life is very fragile


ya im 28

ik what you mean bro it blows huh

i don’t want to face the potential for non-existence so i hope/cope i will never have to

Roger Dickings

The secret is – realise you’re going to die, but plan like you’re going to live forever.


most roasties would never do a job like that though

I want to know what (who?) roasties are!


trust me

u do not


I Googled it……don’t think I’ll ever use Google again.


One of those lollipop sign girls hit the bonnet of my car after I refused to stop. After copping some more abuse I pointed to her sign which was being held around the wrong way.

Agent 47

The issue of grad positions is just as bad.

Fuck all positions for local nursing grads so they often head to the UK.


Really? I’d have thought all graduates get snapped up quick smart by savvy hospital administrators!

Agent 47

Funniest thing Is, my sister in law (sacked for refusing jabbed) had to go to Ireland after graduating because she couldn’t find a grad spot in Australia, even regionally.

While Australia imports Irish and UK nurses and doctors ( along with the rest).

We are not a serious country, sorry economic zone.

Roger Dickings

No they don’t, you silly Xerson.


I’d have thought all graduates get snapped up quick smart by savvy hospital administrators!

Nah, Peachy….your’e getting confused with rental properties being snapped up quick smart by savvy investors.

Different….but far more important.

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