Based South Australian town doesn’t want to be replaced with Indians

Following on from Indian real estate agents ripping off their brethren in Australia, the locals have had enough in SA:

‘A South Australian regional council and business chief have condemned a local act of apparent racial vilification involving characters from The Simpsons.

Alexandrina Mayor Keith Parkes said the incident occurred last week, when images of Apu — a character of Indian heritage — and several other cartoon figures from the popular show appeared in a prominent part of Goolwa.

He said they were seemingly targeted at a local family that ran several businesses in the district.

Mr Parkes said the cutouts were swiftly removed by council workers, and described the episode as “very disappointing”.

Disappointing for who? The ABC? It’s incredibly based and accurate.

Yes, I’m sure these Indian businesses are all above board, not paying cash-in-hand, reporting all sales accurately, observing all local OHS regulations, using local labour and not exploitable fellow countrymen or just literal slaves.

Anyways on it goes, the usual story of mass migration-led replacement happening in the EU and the 5-eyes nations continues.

As others have pointed out, at the behest of the billionaire class that brought them here Indians have essentially penetrated many Australian industries and brought their brand of cultural nepotism, in-group preference and next-level corruption with it. Aged and Disability Care are probably the worst from my experience, but the ABC will never mention that.

Australia Post is also rife with Indians on student visas working full-time as delivery drivers (sorry, out sourced subcontractors) and are partially to blame for the poor performance and decline of that service. But hey, throw a woman who actually wanted a national post bank and services under the bus for a couple of watches and all is forgotten.

The demographic problems of this 50-year, Australian cultural suicide policy are starting to really appear with venom. It’s also bad in Canada, the city of Brampton is basically now minority white because so many Indians have migrated there. Sweden and France are demographically fucked and the UK now has first generation grooming gangs becoming almost endemic. They basically want to turn every country into South Africa at this point, unless course is averted and fast.

Anyways, good on this South Australian town even if it is just a small act of defiance, regardless of what the cuckold Mayor says. Bitching about it online isn’t going to change us back from an economic zone into a country, neither is voting at this point.

More of it, please.

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my absolute fav was that Bogan Affair story with that guy who put up the nazi flag in some rural victoria shithole and somehow there was a holocaust survivor right down the block lmao what are the odds of that


there are way more indians in australia the census data is telling us, mikeMBs numbers are way more on the money


The thing that astonished me at work was the number of Indians working in the Defence Department, and associated 3 and 4 letter agencies. The numbers in the department are astonishing. Almost entirely civilians of course…these fuckers don’t want to go in harms way.

These people were immigrants, often with thick accents, who’d come here, achieved citizenship and then penetrated the innermost levels of the department.

I will not be remotely surprised when one or more of them are ultimately exposed as foreign intelligence officers.


its juyst unreal how many there are everywhere you go. you can take the census data at face value or trust your lying eyes

i think you are seeing so many of them in virtually every position regardless of whether they can even speak basic english or not because they’re all being paid dog shit under the table money. it’s labor undercutting to the extreme

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Agent 47


The Iranians working at DSD and DIGO was a real WTF moment.

Chinese everywhere too.

Agent 47

Did a stint in India and China in a former life.

Both are basket cases, but I would go back to China if I had to. India no way, total shithole of a country at all levels. My wife could walk down the street in China and not get hassled outside a few beggars, India she couldn’t leave the house unless I escorted her and even that was fucked.

Anyways, they do have nukes and an IT industry which is something EZFKA will never have and should, I’ll give them that. Everything else they can keep.


I think the caste system is the major cause of the place being rooted.

My partner of many years ago went there and observed that the high caste people treat the lower castes like shit, and the lower castes, who do most of the day to day drudgery, take every opportunity to get back at the upper castes via doing shit work, providing poor service etc. The result is that people at every level despise and hate those above and below them.

As long as the place is dominated by the caste system, which is forever because it aint gonna change, the place will be a complete fucking third rate shithole.

The really good news is how we’re importing that bullshit here via their invasion of us, along with the corruption, nepotism and all that good gear.

Max Payne

The really good news is how we’re importing that bullshit here via their invasion of us, along with the corruption, nepotism and all that good gear.

Very true –


I’d say the main problem with the display is that the Apu figure should be talking about a convenience store not a car wash. Shocking accuracy!


A shame we can’t order these online and put them in every neighbourhood in the country.

Chad thundercok

typical mb phag. How hard is it to print out some pictures of apu?


Well I’ll give it credit for being a more well planned bit of graffiti than spray painting “China die!” on a neighbour’s garage door.


I have fantasy about hotwiring one of those digital displays on side O f road with #NOCHINA


Here’s a genuine question. Why are most Indian blokes soft and flabby looking with medium sized beer guts? I’ve never seen such a paunchy bunch of loosers in any other ethnic group. Is it some hereditary thing?


That’s a bang on observation. That or creepy super fit.

Agent 47

Their diet is heavy carb and low protein. Also not massive on high exertion sports (e.g. cricket) and love a smoke.

There are a few that do workout but most don’t. Unhealthy shithole of a nation.

Aussie Soy Boy

What fantasy world is this where every white tradie declares all this income lol? Fuck me.

Agent 47

Cool, now do Lebos, Asians and Indians and justify why we needed to import that problem on top of what we already had.



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