Prussia Gate

I came across this body of work yesterday evening. To say that I was fascinated with the volume of information, historical references and connections to today’s politics and policies would be an understatement. It is overwhelming, and I only made very small inroads into the writings.

I am not vouching for the writers’ character, accuracy or logical conclusions, but nevertheless found it worth my while. Hope you will find it of use.

Premise of the story: Prussia, a most formidable force in Europe, never went away after WWII, but disappeared from the radars and is ruling the world through its shadow control. Now, we have all heard similar stories about Illuminati, lizard people, English Royals, you name it, but Prussia – this was the first!

Here is the Table of Contents.

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Thank you !

looks amazing


You also want to look at miles mathis – Updates ( – look for the post on klaus schawb, fascinating stuff.

but yes, the princes of orange were among the first taken over by the (then) khazarian folks, and they used that to go through and take over most of european peerage.

its also why its the euro aristrocrats who have paid for most of the social degeneracy being pushed for a few centuries.