Lismore man who lost everything in floods glad family of illegal migrants getting everything they want

A man who lost everything due to the worst floods in years in Northern NSW says he’s just glad that a family of illegal migrants from Sri Lanka are being helped every step of the way.

Chris Carnegie, from Lismore, lost his house, small business and all of his possessions in the flooding and has been living in a tent for weeks with no assistance from government or anyone else.

“Yeh I’ve been living in a tent for the last two months and insurance won’t payout, but I’m sure glad a family that were found not to be refugees seven times are getting money and accommodation when they need it,” Chris said.

‘I don’t know what I’m going to do but it’s great to see the media, especially the ABC, really forget about us working class regional Australians, in favour of some opportunistic third world scam artists backed by activist lawyers and stupid progressive white women.’

“I’m glad those same women were so supportive during the floods with their tweets. But now Scomo is gone, so it’s not Albo’s fault and we’re now about six current things old.’

Chris said he was looking at flying to Indonesia and identifying as a Sri Lankan so he could get on a boat to Ashmore Reef and claim protection so he could get some assistance.

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Agent 47

All five members of the rent a crowd from bileloa showing up to greet them on the ABC was hilarious.


I heard they didn’t exactly have the entire town turn out to welcome them back.

Knowing rural townships as I do, I’d say the overwhelming support for these grifters from the people of Bileloa that we keep hearing about is complete bullshit made up by the ABC and the Guardian. I imagine most of the punters there would like them to fuck off back to where they came from, just like every other normal Australian does.

Agent 47

Rent a crowd. Bileloa is dirt poor.

As Timbo quite accurately pointed out, it’s a few progressive white women who gave a shit, no one else cared.

7 appeals was hilarious. You don’t even get half of that many appeals in most criminal cases.


This is a fucking brutal piece. But a great way of highlighting that the business of government involves the allocation of scarce resources

even in “good times”, when the resources aren’t particularly scarce – they are nonetheless limited.

so for every commonwealth games stadium you build – you are allowing so many people to remain homeless. For every light rail/rail tunnel though bubble you insist on, you are leaving a couple of hospitals unbuilt, etc….

How can you have pudding if you don’t eat your meat?


Encapsulates the reason the plebs don’t want immigration. We pay the price.

The elites are happy with it, because they receive only the benefits.

It’s been quite the job they’ve done to make it about “fairness, diversity, woke, rednecks”….it is simply class war, and plebs voting LNP, Labor, Greens, teals, supporting MSM, ABC; watching the project, pro immigration unions, need their heads read.

Such a dumb country.

Last edited 1 year ago by Totes

We will end up taking a lot more Ukrainian refugees (Stagmal is correct with what is happening there) and a lot of Sri Lankan refugees. This will be against a backdrop of 1% vacancy rate in EZFKA. Looks like Chris will be living in a tent for a lot longer. He is right no one cares about the working class.

I somewhat feel sorry for the people in Lismore as the government keeps rebuilding in the same spot that floods rather than rebuilding on higher ground. Lismore will likely flood again in January/February 2023.


An ex partner of mine lives outside Lismore. Her sister retired and moved there last year and to my disbelief bought a house in the flood zone. That went about as well as you’d expect, and sister is now traumatised and on anti-depressants.


The government is not the one building on the same spot, and if the government/insurance keeps paying for a new house for you every decade or 2 why wouldn’t you keep building on the same spot.


No, but the government is allowing them to build there again and as you said paying them some disaster relief.


if the government/insurance keeps paying for a new house for you every decade the govt are encouraging building on the same spot …no surprises


Yes, the incentives seem pretty clear.

but wouldn’t the insurance companies decline to insure, or charge crazy rates?

or is that the point – gov pays anyway?


Unfortunately yes, gov pays anyway.
bjws’ first rule of losing your home while uninsured.
Make sure hundreds of other people do as well so the government will help.


Got to say I don’t have any sympathy for the flooded cunts either

they shouldn’t have bought / built in a floodzone

lesson learned


Lesson learned? Hardly. Anyone living in Northern NSW or Southern QLD knows that Lismore regularly floods. Yet every time it floods I hear the moaning that we need to do something about climate change.