The Great Replacement: The ALP’s World Economic Forum stooge Clare O’Neil is going to open Australia’s borders

Wasn’t hard to call but it’s begun:

“The Australian Border Force has intercepted the second asylum seeker boat since the May 21 election.

At least 15 Sri Lankan men have been deported under Operation Sovereign Borders – after entering Australian waters by boat earlier in the week. The asylum seekers boarded a government charter plane early Thursday morning from Christmas Island – which landed in Colombo.

Senior Sri Lankan military officials say the Australian government needs to employ a new strategy to deter asylum seeker boats.”

Yeh the turnbacks aren’t going to last long at all. There will be the usual bullshit about ‘unable to cope, muh human rights’ and they’ll be flown to the Australian mainland asap. Too bad human traffickers in Indonesia aren’t listed on the ASX because there’s money to be made in the next 12 months.

Predictable that this will also be the excuse (Sri Lanka economy bad because signing up to the Belt and Road Chinese debt trap and stupid farming practices were totally Australia’s fault). Those Tamil family con artists being granted a visa on the back of a tearjerker media campaign despite every court in the country telling them to fuck off, has only worsened things.

The boats will trickle at first and then the waves will start, this is all by design to destabilise every western country – take your pick – US southern border, Canada, EU, UK channel crossings etc and now Erdogan is threatening Greece with more migrants if they don’t demilitarise islands off the coast.

It’s all part of the Great Replacement. Here’s a brief explainer if you still think that’s a ‘conspiracy theory’ and are swallowing copium by the bottle:

Horseface across the channel and DLS’ best mate is also wanting to soften Australian deportation laws for NZ criminals:

“But when someone comes here and essentially or hasn’t even really had any connection with New Zealand at all, has spent their entire formative years and grown up here and have all their connections in Australia and are essentially Australian, sending them back to New Zealand that’s where we’ve had the grievance,” she said.”

If you’ve lived in a foreign country your whole life, spent more than a year in jail as per the law and never sought Australian citizenship and the legal protection it offers for stuff like deportation, that’s your problem. This is a very slippery slope we’re getting into. Jabcinda has lost control of escalating gang crime in NZ and now it’s our problem apparently. Larry Fink must have strong armed her after her meeting with him last week.

Anyways, take a look at our new Home Affairs Minister, Clare O’Neill:

2019 Young Global Leader – Clare O’Neil, Australian politician. In 2019 she was considered a frontrunner for the deputy leadership during the 2019 Australian Labor Party leadership election.

What a surprise. A WEF stooge posted on the border at the exact time as the Great Reset. You know what’s coming next.

Have a look at her bio. Just screams ALP battler working class. Some of my favourite snippets:

O’Neil was elected mayor of the City of Greater Dandenong in 2004, aged 23, becoming the youngest female mayor in Australian history.

O’Neil was born in Melbourne in 1980, the daughter of prolific Australian publishers Anne O’Donovan and Lloyd O’Neil. She undertook her VCE at Loreto Mandeville Hall in Toorak, where she later served on the school council. 

She stated that while she believed “government should not be building great tariff walls or controlling the big macroeconomic levers”, it did in practice provide “the platform on which our businesses compete – and win – globally”

‘In 2007, while studying in the United States, O’Neil worked as an intern on the New York Stock Exchange

O’Neil previously lived in East Melbourne, outside of her electorate, but bought a house in Oakleigh in 2020.

Ah yes, a privileged, private school girl from a wealthy family that’s worked in public office most of her life. Like we don’t have enough of those in parliament and I’m sure she thoroughly enjoyed the diversity of Sudandenong when she was mayor (and never stepped foot in there outside her office. East Melbourne and Oakleigh are long commutes after all).

Don’t worry, there will be impotent rage from the gatekeepers at Sky News Australia who have been nowhere on the front door migrant invasion of the last two decades. As long as Australians are replaced legally then who cares, right LNP?

All I can say is if she was Vietnamese her name would be Phuc Dat Bich.

Happy to be wrong, but in reality buckle up for more social cohesion chaos.

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Of course she is going to try to open teh gates as wide as possible and as soon as possible. They all are. Because growf.

but that great replacement story as laid out by that blonde with those small eyes – that’s pretty out there stuff. Rather risible.

Much easier to explain by omitting the conspiracy and just acknowledging that

  • people from shithole countries want to move to non-shithole countries
  • the wealthy leaders of non-shithole countries benefit from the growth in local aggregate demand (but are insulated from the costs)
  • the non-wealthy plebs of non-shithole countries include enough bleeding-heart Karens to allow this to happen

These basic incentives explain what’s happening pretty well

Agent 47

I used to believe that but a deeper dive shows the profiteering is secondary. They’re all factors but you don’t see this same push to Korea, Taiwan and Japan for good reason. Same with Poland and Hungary closing their borders and forever being targeted.

As Stewie has often commented, mass migration and multicult is a millennia old silent weapon and we’re just living through the latest version of the spiritual war that’s been going on for centuries. In the current context, it’s a deliberate attempt to dilute nationalism against globalism ie EZFKA.


that blonde with those small eyes

Ooooh you bitch.


Did you listen to Barrie Wiess Peachy? She said Juices are culturally compelled to ‘Welcome the stranger’ When you look at immigration councils and those lobbying for immigration, they are overwhelmingly Jewish lead organizations.

Those cultural values, however noble they may appear to the person uttering them, is fundamentally toxic to the underlying society being forced to ‘welcome’ them all. Most Jews know this.

Most Jews also operate under a double standard, it is a fundamental aspect of their religion. Every aspect of the Torah has a double standard in it – the standard you treat a Jew and the standard you treat a non-Jew. Likewise with their ‘Welcome’ the stranger – they know that it is harmful, yet they cloak it in a false morality that only benefits them and the stranger…. just like when they welcomed the Muslim invader when they threw open the gates of Toledo.

Western society is elite lead. The values that are pushed by our media and picked up by our politicians (at least those that we are allowed to listen to) are all echoes of what very wealthy businessmen and their “Institutes” formulate. The rich men of Australia? Triguboff, Lowy, Stokes and Murdoch – the first 3 are Jews and the last’s mother is Jewish, so technically he’s a Jew too.

But we have rich Goyim like Cannon-Brookes and Reinhart, I hear you say…. okay so what are their cultural values? If they have no culture, i.e. are happy little atheist’s that have been educated by Jews at Unversity or made to read their books and philosophy, if their Institutes have lifted their entire philosophy from another’s cultural well, like the neoliberal IPA, then what does it matter if they are notionally ‘white’ when every other aspect of their thinking is drawn from Jewish globalist values?

People may wish to move from shit-hole countries – they have always done so. The difference is previously we had an elite that was composed of the same cultural and ethnic background as those they ruled over, and those elites, responding to the people who were threatened with replacement through imported resource competition, would take a stand to limit or prevent it, least they themselves be replaced by a rebelling lower class.

Honestly human history has been a continous story of one culture trying to project and ensure its values are pushed forward into the future, at the expense of another groups. I think it is incredibly naiive to think that just because we have computers and motorcars that those forces have ended, and that believing they are continuing is some form of conspiracy theory.

It isn’t a conspiracy theory or paranoia, if they are really out to get you. The Torah has rules for every aspect of Jewish life, from what food to eat to what time of the month women have to visit the Rabbi to allow them to inspect their underwear. To me it is incomprehensible that the Torah doesn’t have specific rules on the treatment of non-Jews… I’ve read various texts on how a Jew should treat a non-Jew, and honestly compared to other rules in the Torah like bringing your panties to the Rabbi, I’ve found them a lot more believable.

We are being replaced and it is being done to us by very rich elites simply following their cultural values, and whether they simply believe they are doing good to ‘Welcome the Stranger’ or for more nefarious reasons, they are doing incredible harm to our societies, and it is about fucking time they were publicly called out for it.

PS: Apologies for my absence, I’ve been having some computer and internet issues.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie
Agent 47


Don’t know if you also saw this earlier in the week Stewie? Just Jews using foreign Intel services and state police to spy on Australian citizens and get them locked up because anti-Semitism. All the asinine chest beating about China when we have it happening in Caufield.


No didn’t see it but it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. A consequence of lobby to pass antisematicism as ‘hate’ results in hate laws being enforced against those who have legitimate grievance with Jewish culture and the effect it has on plural Western societies of predominantly Christian cultural backgrounds.

Honestly if you want to see what Jews real opinion of ‘Welcoming the Stranger’ is, compare how Jews in Israel treat immigrants and those seeking asylum.

‘Welcoming the stranger’ is a completely costless cultural value for a Jewish disporia residing in another nation – it isn’t their social capital they are calling to be given away, nor is it their cultural values that are likely to be in any way substantially diminished as a result of importing a large number of culturally non-aligned immigrants.

On the contrary it makes them stronger and more united with those new immigrants in terms of facing and changing the existing cultural values of the country that is hosting them. Essentially ‘Welcoming the Stranger’ isn’t a moral action by Jews, it is immoral virtue signalling encouraging other groups to give away their social capital and place themselves at a disadvantage.

Jews historically haven’t been hated because they are involved in Usury, although that did provide a great deal of community resentment in the same way greedy ‘bankers’ are viewed today. No, Jews have been hated and expelled from multiple nations, because their cultural values, honed from thousands of years of trial and study jotted down in the Torah, tells them that behaving in ‘this way’ is in their best interests.

The one thing Jews were probably the first group to become aware of, is that the game that needs to be won ISN’T about becoming the biggest empire – as the Roman, Babylonians and soon to be Americans will tell you, it is about being the culture that lasts the longest.

The vast majority of their cultural values are about ensuring that their values come to dominate any society they reside in – every aspect of the cultural war the West is currently engaged in, from Feminism to LGBT rights is a result of the conflict between Jewish values, or the values they desire in their client states versus traditional Christian values.

If culture really is a Egregore or a Gestalt entity like Durkeim envisaged then if as an opposing culture, or gestalt entity, the cultural values you pick up over time will be those that strengthen your core group that seek to project those values forward, while weakening those groups that have values different to your own.

That is why so much effort is placed by elite leadership to ensure that no other competing global consciousness arises, other than Jewish consciousness as represented by their approach towards MultiCult, Mass migration, Neoliberal market placed economies, and Byzantine legal and social rules that strip social narrative and control away from Democracy ergo the majority, and instead see that power is shared culturally across population groups. If you want to see how “Democracy” works in a truly MultiCult nation, then failed states like Lebannon are your best examples.

These truths have been known for centuries, however for the majority of the time the ability to access them has been very limited.

Firstly the analytical framework of economics tied to gestalt entities based around culture, simply hasn’t existed – it was difficult to explain the linkage in a rational economic manner, between economic resource competition and cultures competing for them. Much of the ideas around gestalt entity behaviour, like Emil Durkheim’s theories are actually drawn from Occult concepts like Egregores.

When you dive into Occult beliefs and look at what they tried to achieve in a rational sense, at a time that lacked understanding of things like economics or behavioural science is that their “Magic” really is about simply getting people to do what you want. While Black magic is about getting people to do what you want, when it goes against their interests and are actively harmful to them.

Getting the Western people and cultures to agree to replace themselves, to price their children out of every having children of their own, of encouraging terminator aspirational lifestyles, like LGBT, are all fundamentally against the interests of any gestalt western entity – it is black magic.

The other thing you discover when you look into the “Occult” is that the source of nearly everything in it is derived from the Jewish mystical sect of Kabbalahism or the Kabbalah. The implication that I took from this is that Jewish cultural has intuitively known many of these truths, in terms of social manipulation, for millennia. Kabbalah is also the source word for Cabal, or an illegal group of companies extracting super-economic rents by illegal, co-operative behaviour. This is not a coincidence.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie
Agent 47

+ many.

Most of them are Khazars anyway which makes The whole Ukraine thing even more intriguing. The ADL stance of mass immigration in the US vs Israel spells it out.


Is this what Telstra really means with the “We’re bring our call centres home” ads?

Agent 47

Good screed Timbo.

Good to see another Henrik and Lana fan. Red Ice TV is great, blackpilled but great.


this is how the govt will offset real estate losses from interest rate rises; supply will be choked


I’ll just take this opportunity to urge everybody to buy guns. Lots and lots of guns. And beaucoup ammunition.

I own 3 semiauto pistols (I was at the range today) a bunch of revolvers, and more long guns than you can poke a wooly bull at.

They’re great fun. Every home should have at least one, and preferably a dozen or so.

Mark my words.

Agent 47

Waaaaay ahead of you.

Started stockpiling ammo last year when I saw this coming. Some calibers have doubled in price. Will get worse after July 1.


Yeah. I have large quantities of rimfire for my rifles, lots of AR2209 and AR2206h, projectiles etc for my centrifuge rifles and enough ingredients to make about 10000 9mm, .38 and .357 rounds for my handguns. So enough for a couple of years of regular shooting. After that, who know?

Agent 47

I have enough for two years but Yeh. I think it’s going to slim pickings after that. Enough deer rounds for a few tough winters if needed though.


How many bullets are needed to kill a deer? Is one big one enough, or do you need a couple?

Agent 47

Explainer for rookies:

Basically you need minimum .270 in Victoria to do it legally although a decently placed .243 will do it. I prefer .308 as my calibre of choice.

You’ll still get old fudd cunts whinging that if you use 308 or 300 Winmag that’s it’s cruel and inhumane and whatever.


One big one will do the trick, if properly placed.

My deer rifle is a 98 Mauser action chambered in 6.5×55 Swedish.

Agent 47


6.5 Swede was the hipster calibre for a while. Everyone would tell you they shot it without asking. Good calibre though.


You’re a lunatic


Interesting analysis. Tell me more.


Lunatic can’t understand why own post is lunatic stuff, checks out.


90kwbeast FFS. Lolz. You sound a lot more like a Citroen 2CV to me, or a Honda 90 step through.

Don’t be such a softcock. Put down your soy latte and cut off your man bun. Buy some guns. Learn how to use them. They’re useful tools and it’s a useful skill.


Useful to what possible end? There is no need for guns in any civilised society for the average person.

Agent 47

Society is not civilised, it only has the pretense of civilisation. It’s also only six missed meals away from being very uncivilized very quickly and we are into that territory now.

I’ll give mine up when the Davos crowd ditch their 24/7 armed security and the canberra class lose their AFP CPP and PS details.

Adam Eichman

Hey LS, I saw a rossi .44 lever rifle for sale the other day. As a general rule is .44 harder hitting than a .357?

Agent 47



Yes. Much more so.


I’ll add that I have a Rossi levergun in .357 Magnum and it’s great. Light, accurate, fast handling and reliable. It can also be topped off in use via the loading gate without taking it out of action in any way.

Out to 100m the .357 out of a rifle hits like a train. The .44 is just more of the same.

Adam Eichman

Thanks guys. I you-tubed some vids of the Rossi .44 firing and it looked and sounded impressive.


“Happy to be wrong”

So far, none have had a claim to asylum, so have been shipped back. That’ll change any day now.

You’re not wrong.