Melbourne man who bullied you into wearing a mask to ‘stop killing grandma’ completely fine with her freezing to death due to gas prices

A Melbourne man who bullied countless people into submitting to mask and vaccine mandates, has expressed his indifference at scores of pensioners freezing to death this winter due to gas prices.

Rob Willis, from Northcote, stated that pensioners unable to pay their gas bill due to inflation and domestic gas policy was not his problem and that ‘greedy boomers brought it on themselves.’

‘Everyone needs to mask up and do their bit. It’s all for the greater good to protect the elderly,” Willis said.

‘If grandma can’t pay her bill then that’s not my problem. These greedy boomers should have saved more for retirement instead of buying all the houses.’

Willis said that pensioners should simply switch to renewables to heat their home and the problem would be solved.

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Israel, the most vaccinated in country in the world, is experiencing another wave of the plague.

The obvious solution therefore is to propose that people start lining up for their 5th jab in the space of a year of the laughably named “vaccine” that didn’t work the first 4 times. Because This Time it Will be Different, or something.

Bourda and the rest of the the marvellously wealthy Pfizer execs must be laughing all the way to the bank.

Agent 47

Don’t look Now, Justin Bieber has facial paralysis. I wonder what could have caused it.

No refunds.

A fly in your ointment

it is sad that ‘sads’ euphemism is used for what everyone knows is not coincidental to a forced medical treatment