Matthew Guy says he’s confident of delivering another ALP victory in November election

Victorian Opposition Leader Matthew Guy says he’s confident of giving Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews another term in government at the 2022 state election.

Guy credits kicking out Bernie Finn, blocking all his voters on social media and gagging any known conservatives still within the Liberal Party as the credit to losing his second election in a row.

“We haven’t been able to lay a glove on Andrews the entire 8 years and COVID so I’m pretty confident of handing him another term in government,” Guy said

“If there are other actual conservatives still in the party, they need to leave immediately. There’s no room for that in a moderate party.”

Guy says he’s talking Scott Morrison’s strategy on how best to fuck up the election and is considering hiring Yaron Finkelstein as his chief advisor.

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Agent 47

Andrews will win. No shock.


That is pretty much locked in. Even with a collapsing health system, corruption and a faltering economy, he will easily get in.


he looks like zelenskyy


He is from Eastern Ukraine.


lmao fr, i didnt know that


anyone else notice aussie cossack deleted his vids

his last 1 was him getting arrested again

Agent 47

He breached a suppression order that’s why he was arrested.

Fuck him. Just another opportunist grifter.


I swear that Tim Smith is on Dan Andrew’s payroll.

Martin Bormann

This bloke and whoever is opposition leader in QLD are fucking hopeless bi


Due to Equity and Inclusion diktats, Mathew Guy will now be known as Mathew Person.